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Enthashara´s Tales ORPG 1.3.3

Submitted by Avahor
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.


A kingdom without king

"...In a land of magic and mystery a kingdom falls asleep by unknown powers,
a kingdom without king.
The last king, the wise Albert died by the hand of a strange sick
while his heir to the throne, Prince Valkan is lost.
Three spirits, Three Forces, Three factions fight for the kingdom power
while voices in the chaos say secrets about the rise of an undead army
on the southern hills of Dhor.
Day and night, both seem to hear the nature's cry because the wounds
inflicted by undead march behind.
If Valkan returns... gloriously he will command the final war against the evil force.
Where is he?.. Is he really dead, as Henry thinks? what about you? what feels your heart?
What might you choose?..."


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Ekrom Army Faction Wolf's Fang Brotherhood
[​IMG] The first force “The Ekrom Army” is led by Baron Henry,
His songs says that they are
the legitimate defenders of the kingdom.

Faction bonus:+6147 HP bonus
[​IMG] The second force “The Wolf's fang Brotherhood”
is home to people called rebels. They are declared Valkan main supporters
and expect his return to claim the throne.

Faction bonus:+20% damage bonus
Ancient Core of Enthashara Order Blackhand Brotherhood
[​IMG] The third force “The Ancient Core of Enthashara”
former home of sages and arcane mages
always have declared themselves neutral,
but the voices says some of their hearts are
corrupted in the middle of the essence.

Faction bonus:Adds +6147 Mana bonus
[​IMG] There is another force...
a force that has never been known,
only fables tell about “The Black Hand Brotherhood”.
Some people believe that they are behind
the undead invasion but at this time
nothing can be trusted well.

Novice Class is the first tier character in game. This stage gives you the genre and race paths to follow. Plus in game, novice's area was created thinking on training grounds for new players with quests & tutorials about game system and gameplay experience [​IMG]

  • Novice male main attribute is Strenght. Can learn basic surviving skills.[Novice power][Windwalk][Chainlightning][Inner Fire]. Male novice allows you to choose between Warrior Class - Soldier Class - Magician Class
  • Novice female has same attributes as male but her path is related to female professions. Can learn basic surviving skills.[Novice power][Windwalk][Chainlightning][Inner Fire]. Female novice allows you to choose between Thief Class - Healer Class - Archer Class
  • Orc has same attributes as others but his path choice is related to orc race. Can learn basic surviving skills.[Novice power][Windwalk][Chainlightning][Inner Fire]. Orc novice allows you to choose between Grunt Class - Troll Class -Shaman Class (N/A)

Humans - Male

  • [​IMG] Warrior
    Class was created for massive melee damage dealer. His skills allows hero to devastate any oponent while he is recovering life. To reach Warrior class you need to complete 300 kills points (without level requeriments). His evoluting way is composed by:
    Warrior Class
    Knight Class
    Dark Knight Class
    Warrior main attribute is Strenght and mixes STR & AGI on his dmg's multipliers. Can learn: [War Scream][Vampire Groan][Phoenix Light][Frenzy]. When you complete 300 kill points, talk with the Warrior master located close to Velhilmen's Zepellin; you need to have loaded Ranging bear clothes set. To reach Knight Class you need to complete 900 kills points. To take the upgrading test you need to choose a faction to follow. Find a Faction master on Valdivia, Ekrom or Colddream cities, they will test you (normally you need to slay an Elite monster to pass the test). Skills enabled for Knight are [Relax][Sword style][Accuracy] To reach Dark Knight class you need to complete 2700 kill points, after that you must complete the Way to the oracle quest. Skills enabled for Dark Knight are.[Impale][Battle Expertise]. Final stage for Warrior is the option to choose Black Hand faction

  • [​IMG] Soldier Class main role is to be the big brother. His abilities give us a strong hero that can absorb main damage over himself, normally for first line of battle. To get this class you need 300 kills points (without level requeriments). His evoluting way is composed by:
    Soldier Class
    Cruzader Class
    Paladin Class
    Soldier main attribute is Strenght and mixes STR & INT on his ability effects. Soldier can wield Axes, Swords and Shields. his best weapon is a good sword with a high amunt of Lethal strike bonus, this will increase all his skill multipliers. Can learn: [Build Defense][Holy Light][Power Hit][Sacred Cross]. When you complete 300 kill points, talk with the Captain located at Velhilmen outpost place; you need to make alive a traveler from here to Velhilmen center. To reach Cruzader Class you need to complete 900 kills points. To take the upgrading test you need to choose a faction to follow. Find a Faction master on Valdivia, Ekrom or Colddream cities, they will test you (normally you need to slay an Elite monster to pass the test). Skills enabled for Cruzader are [Thorn Armor][Provoke][Vitality Assurance] To reach Paladin class you need to complete 2700 kill points, after that you must complete the Way to the oracle quest. Skills enabled for Paladin are [Protector][Martir's Fury][Battle Expertise]. Final stage for Soldier is the option to choose Black Hand faction

  • [​IMG] Wizzard Class role acts as massive Area damage and Support. His skills allows hero to devastate mass troops. To reach Magician class you need to complete 300 kills points (without level requeriments). His evoluting way is composed by:
    Apprentice Class
    Mage Class
    Wizzard Class
    Apprentice main attribute is Intelligence and mixes INT on his dmg's multipliers, Plus wizzard classes are buffed with staff bonuses too. Can learn: [Chain Lightning][Hex][Static wave][Frost Armor]. When you complete 300 kill points, talk with the Wizzard master located close to Velhilmen's Church; you need to collect some Magical Book' pages. To reach Magician Class you need to complete 900 kills points. To take the upgrading test you need to choose a faction to follow. Find a Faction master on Valdivia, Ekrom or Colddream cities, they will test you (normally you need to slay an Elite monster to pass the test). Skills enabled for Mage are [Flame Strike][Forked lightning][Frost Nova] To reach Wizzard class you need to complete 2700 kill points, after that you must complete the Way to the oracle quest. Skills enabled for Wizzard are.[Frozen Shield][Stasis Shock][Kula Dream][Meteor Storm][Battle Expertise]. Final stage for magician is the option to choose Black Hand faction

  • [​IMG] Description soon

  • [​IMG] Description soon

Humans - Female

  • [​IMG] Archer Class was created for long range damage dealer. Her abilities give us an accurate sharp shooter character reinforced by the use of bows with considerable amount of damage bonus. To reach Archer class you need to complete 300 kills points (without level requeriments). His evoluting way is composed by:
    Archer Class
    Ranger Class
    Dark Ranger Class
    Archer main attribute is AGI and mixes INT & AGI on her dmg's multipliers. Can learn: [Ensnare][Evasion][Power Shot][Marksmanship]. When you complete 300 kill points, talk with the Ranger master located close to Velhilmen's Outpost; you need to collect some Bow logs. To reach Ranger Class you need to complete 900 kills points. To take the upgrading test you need to choose a faction to follow. Find a Faction master on Valdivia, Ekrom or Colddream cities, they will test you (normally you need to slay an Elite monster to pass the test). In this stageRanger get the help of a hawk in determinated level. Skills enabled for Ranger are [Call Wind lord][Expansive Effect][Claymore Trap] To reach Dark Ranger class you need to complete 2700 kill points, after that you must complete the Way to the oracle quest. Skills enabled for Dark Ranger are.[Increased Range][Fulgore Bolt][Battle Expertise]. Final stage for Archer is the option to choose Black Hand faction

  • [​IMG] Priest Class role is main supporter. Her skills related to HP recovery, and positive buffs makes herself the ideal parner for expeditions. To reach Healer class you need to complete 300 kills points (without level requeriments). His evoluting way is composed by:
    Healer Class
    Priest Class
    Inquisitor Class
    Healer main attribute is Intelligence and requires enough amount of STR & INT to increase her skills effects, plus Healer can get staff bonuses effects. Can learn: [Holy Light][Holy Radiance][Blessing Fire][Soul Awakening]. When you complete 300 kill points, talk with the Minstreel located at the entrance of Velhilmen's Church; you need to collect some Healing herbs set. To reach Priest Class you need to complete 900 kills points. To take the upgrading test you need to choose a faction to follow. Find a Faction master on Valdivia, Ekrom or Colddream cities, they will test you (normally you need to slay an Elite monster to pass the test). Skills enabled for Priest are [Slow][Silence][Dispel Magic] To reach Inquisitor class you need to complete 2700 kill points, after that you must complete the Way to the oracle quest. Skills enabled for Inquisitor are.[True Sight][Unfaithfull Revealed][Sentence][Battle Expertise]. Final stage for Priest is the option to choose Black Hand faction

  • [​IMG] Slayer Class was created for Lethal Damage dealer. Her Abilites allows hero to aniquilate any oponent surprising to back after into the shadows. To reach Thief class you need to complete 300 kills points (without level requeriments). His evoluting way is composed by:
    Thief Class
    Assasin Class
    Iron Slayer Class
    Thief main attribute is Agi and mixes STR & AGI on her dmg's multipliers. Can learn: [Blood lust][Cloaked walk][Stealth][Poison strike]. When you complete 300 kill points, talk with the Thiefs master located into the Velhilmen's Graveyard; you need to pick up a treasure Chest to pass the test. To reach Assasin Class you need to complete 900 kills points. To take the upgrading test you need to choose a faction to follow. Find a Faction master on Valdivia, Ekrom or Colddream cities, they will test you (normally you need to slay an Elite monster to pass the test). Skills enabled for Assasin are [Agressor Style][Strip][Silent Edge] To reach Iron Slayer class you need to complete 2700 kill points, after that you must complete the Way to the oracle quest. Skills enabled for Iron Slayer are.[Knife Storm][Dart Return][Destajador][Battle Expertise]. Final stage for Thief is the option to choose Black Hand faction


  • [​IMG] Berserk Class was created for Assaulter role. With the help of his inner wolf, Berserk can make combos increasing his final damage bonuses. His skills allows hero to devastate any oponent while he is jumping to another target. To reach Grunt class you need to complete 300 kills points (without level requeriments). His evoluting way is composed by:
    Grunt Class
    Champion Class
    Berserk Class
    Grunt main attribute is Strenght and mixes STR & AGI on his dmg's multipliers. Berserk classes can wield Shields, Axes, Swords and Daggers. Can learn: [Berserk Impulse][Tacle][Bravery][Shadow Claw]. When you complete 300 kill points, Take a zepellin ticket to Ekrom (from Valdivia) and find the orc tribe Elder; you need to talk with Velhilmen's pvp master to get the test. To reach Champion Class you need to complete 900 kills points. To take the upgrading test you need to choose a faction to follow. Find a Faction master on Valdivia, Ekrom or Colddream cities, they will test you (normally you need to slay an Elite monster to pass the test). Skills enabled for Champion are [Shadow Bite][Intimidating Presence][Unbreakable Spirit] To reach Berserk class you need to complete 2700 kill points, after that you must complete the Way to the oracle quest. Skills enabled for Berserk are.[Sword Dance][Brutal Break][Overkill Combo][Battle Expertise]. Final stage for grunt is the option to choose Black Hand faction

  • [​IMG] Description soon

  • [​IMG] Description soon

  • [​IMG] These items are formed by -creeps and monsters- dropped parts, like recipes. example:Raging Bear Recipe Set, that needs:[Bear boots][Bear Claws][Bear Hide][Bear Mask]
    When completed, you get [Bear Clothes Set]. It help's to improve the management of reduced inventory. Boots, rings, dress, etc, all can form part of a set.

  • [​IMG] On Enthashara's Tales you can fight with axes, swords, staffs, bows and daggers according to the class that you will choose. Any weapon class has 12 sublevels, refered to level requirements for their use. Any weapon class has main bonus, and most of them are limited to hero class for use. Any weapon level 6 or higher can be imbued on Brok's forge with [Vampiric Essence][Poison Essence][Lighning Essence][Frost Essence][unholy Essence][Sharpened Edge].
    • Swords, symbol of honor, can be wield by Knight class, Paladin class and Berserk class. In the lands of Enthashara you will find two main type of swords. Two hand swords those have Cleave bonus [mass dmg] and One hand sword those have Lethal strike bonus [Universal dmg multiplier]
    • Axe, the barbarian weapon by excellency can be wield by Berserk class, Clown class and Slayer Class. Main bonus for one hand axe is Mutilation [maim target] and Cleave attack for Two hand Axes [Massive dmg]
    • Symbol of Wisdom, a staff can be wield by Wizzards and Priests, All staffs increase Magic effect of casted abilities and modify hero main attacks increasing damage dealed
    • Only usable by Ranger classes, bows heavily increase ranged skills's final damage and modify hero main attacks increasing damage dealed.
    • The reserved weapon as emergency choice, all classes have allowed to wield a dagger into their dress. Any dagger has Attack speed bonus modifier and some of them have critical strike bonuses.

  • [​IMG] When Etales begun every class had his own armor class reserved. From 1.1.0 version that limitation was removed and all armors are wearable by all classes. Perhaps mostly of normal armors are sold by merchants and their main attribute is bonus defense, in game, you will find enchanted armors with their normal bonus defense plus 2 - 3 attribute modifiers.
    Each attribute modifier have 3 subvariant related to the amount of stat modified: Increases - Strongly Increases and Very Strongly Increases, If you find an armor with triple attribute modifier and triple very strongly increase subvariant, it will be marked as Epic Item. Armor class follows next class lines.

    Life line
    Battle Line
    Slayer Line
    Magic Line
    Light Line
    Hunt Line
    The higher defense bonus v/s Armor Level. Modify: Intelligence, Strenght and Damage Reduction For first line high damage dealers; increases Agility, Strength and Life Regeneration For shadow assaulters, increases Agility, Critical dmg and Evasion For high caster hero, increases Intelligence and mana Regeneration, decreases spell damage For supporter rol, increases Intelligence, Life Regeneration. Decreases income ranged damage For ranged fighters increases agility, strength and max life capacitiy
  • [​IMG] In Enthashara you can find at least 12 types of shields equipable according to hero level requirements. Shields can be equipped by all classes except archers. Main attribute is Armor bonus, plus extra bonuses from enchanted shields. Enchanted shields are obtained by forge process and according to the element you can get active or passive abilities.
    Normal Shields list
    Diamond forge
    Ruby forge
    Emerald forge
    Saphire forge
    Onix forge
    Mixed forge
    The higher defense bonus v/s Armor Level. Modify: Intelligence, Strenght and Damage Reduction The higher defense bonus v/s Armor Level. Modify: Intelligence, Strenght and Damage Reduction For first line high damage dealers; increases Agility, Strength and Life Regeneration For shadow assaulters, increases Agility, Critical dmg and Evasion For high caster hero, increases Intelligence and mana Regeneration, decreases spell damage For supporter rol, increases Intelligence, Life Regeneration. Decreases income ranged damage For ranged fighters increases agility, strength and max life capacitiy
  • [​IMG] Wings can be accessed via collecting gems quest. From your jeweler each requester will check if you have enough amount to buy required wing. Except for gargoyle and lich wings those are obtainable via item drop rate. Main attribute is movement speed.
    +470 armor
    +72 hp reg/s
    +125 mspeed
    A holy blessed wings....
    Required level: 50
    +915 damage
    +161 to all stats
    +Strongly magic reduction

    The archangel wings....
    Required level: 75
    +8874 HP
    +100 Movespeed

    You can see light flame wings...
    Required level: 65
    +161 to All stats.
    Enables Avatar [Active]
    +6440 HP
    +161 Armor
    +644 attack dmg
    Required level: 80
    +264 armor
    +92 to All Stats
    +33% Dmg reduction
    A mighty and dark lich wings...
    +316 Armor Bonus
    +43 hp / s
    +36 to All Stats
    A magically imbued living gargoyle wing.


[​IMG] In your incoming journey you will receive some friendly helpers to complete your quest. Mostly of them have automatic movement and displacement, while others like summoned units must be controled by user. Your best friends in game are
  • The soul guard is your living pocket. Main information is accesed from this helper: quest registry, hero info. plus he can carry all items that are not supported by your hero [​IMG]
  • In game you can choose between 3 familiars: Wolf, Ogre and Succubus. They grow one new level per each 10 level of your hero [​IMG]

  • Slaves can be obtained via killing enemy units. When you slay some enemy unit there is a little chance of get his soul in retribution. Choose wisely because slaves are replace instantly if you pick another slave soul. [​IMG]

the land of enthashara you will find Shops of most common rpg types: Armory, Weaponry, Potions, Rare items and Smugglers. Mostly of Quest npcs must be activated via ticket click except for Main quest NPCs, they start talking you in mostly of cases.

In game you can deploy your own encampment pressing esc key. this deploy is composed by your tent, your book of stats and your jeweler
  • [​IMG] Your
    tent has two main services. it allows you to sleep for restoring damages and Extra inventory that can be saved. when you use your tent for sleep it becomes vulnerable.
  • [​IMG] In enthasahara experience your Hero can rise 6 Attribute: basic attributes are Strength, Agility and Intelligence. Advanced attributes are Mental Strength, Fortune and Constitution
  • [​IMG] Your jewerly box works a pocket exclusive for gem and fragments. In the battle some monster drop gem fragment. those are automatically collected into your jewerly box. completing 5 gem fragment make one entire gem. you can find entire gems in your way. these need to be clicked to be stored into your jewerly. Gem are required for forge and for buy rare items.


In game you have 3 ways to travel. [zepellins][activable gateways][Home town gate]​

[​IMG] In game you will find various type of enemies. [common creeps units], [Elite units][Black hand Mercs][Cicle Bosses][One shot Bosses]
Enthashar'a Monsters & Item Database

Skins:67chrome-Mr.goblin-Red Shift
Model:tarrasque-kitabatake-Mr. Bob-dickxunder-JesusHipster-Dcrimson-AndrewOverload519-WhiteDeath-Misha-Daelin-Cavman-eubz-Uncle Fester-takakenji-Wandering Soul--Grendel-AhhFreshWeeD--Avahor
Effects:jetfanginferno-SpyEvadingself-will the almigty-realien-judas167

also thanks to all people from xgm.ru that i cannot get their nicknames :/.

Latest Changelog (1.3.3)
This version, fixes warcraft 3 update mess with armor and some save issues.
- Armors now are loadable
- Saving systems works using preload content
- Made lots of terrains cosmetics changes due reforged akward visuals with some custom textures
- Tome of Anochecer now increases mstrength
- Disabled custom day/night lights
- Enabled night music intro
- fixed some boss perma death due player number reference change

Still there are lots of things that needs fix, they will be updated soon.

-Iveor Shadow Enabled skill dart Return.
-Recreated quest requirements for fallen class.
-Fixed Alpha wolf no loot on death, no respawn
-Fixed Viuda Negra no loot on death, no respawn
-Fixed Executioner Boss minions owner. Now all creeps and boss are allies.
-Reworked Stealth Attack. It has max trigger 41% chance. Triggered chance tests for 7 items from common to legendary in next order [50%-25%-12,5%-6,8%-3,4%-1,7%-0,8%]
-Added visual indicators for Dungeon Entrances, Shops and Relevant places/characters.
-Changed Berserk armor from Medium to Normal.
-Changed librarian owner to Enthashara


Main Changes
  • Fixed broken path route for saved codes after wc3 1.27b update, codes from this version are stored into etales\1.3.0 folder.
  • Special cast growth damage bonus has been decreased in 35% to prevent overpowered hits.
  • Increased chance of wanderers quest activation (25% each 45 secs to 33% each 40 secs).
  • Culvert ruined room removed, now you can access Valdivia's culvert from the river evacuator.

New Area

  • Changed the starting location for new characters to prevent non creeps spawing on tutorial stages. the new place is a village located beyond the undergound cave near Emerald port.


  • Increased Inner fire bonus from 5,7,11,15 armor to 20,24,30,40 armor, and 15,20,25,30% dmg bonus to 45,60,80,100% bonus dmg.
  • Increased Novice Power skill on novice by two leves (+25,+40,+60,+85)% aspd.


  • Default tileset changed from lordaeron summer to Ashenvale tileset.
  • Imported new groud tiles. Grand stone path, Dungeon stone path, these changes has forced some locations variations like the tavern access on Colddream and others
  • Increased minimap ping for some quests.

bug fixes:

  • - Bear boss respawn fixed.
  • - fixed bug a with Alpha male wolf boss
  • - fixed on quest rewards on wanderers quest.
  • - fixed some pings and description for ambiguous info on starting classes.
  • - Recreated Scout rescue quest trigger.


//[FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS]==============================

Removed bear LvL 22 from novice area north of Velhilmen
Removed furbolg LVL 29 from Velhimen southwest area
modified Iveor true form stages requirements. (life increased)
nerfed damage bonus for special cast (-30%)
nerfed Slow aura from winter Suit set (-30%)
Relocated 1st bandit gate to misha's area access.
Relocated access to deep stage on Haunted monastery.
Relocated Rats quest cellars, now it's on Velhilmen, Level allowed increased from 10 to 15. (increased amount of rats too)
Rebuilded Emerald port urban doodads
Removed Desert's king blink skill.
Decreased Mighty helm mana consumption from 250 to 50 mana
fixed Heromovepeed, you get 10% agility bonus to MS
fixed some wrong spelling text on items description
fixed an issue related to deliverer on Soldier class quest (unit stuck)
fixed an issue related to infinite Sylvan languaje quest.
fixed bug with gold amount on Guardian of Death gift
Fixed some wrong behaviours with holy radiance
fixed bandits gate quest. rewards added +16180 xp, + 44 reputation
Fixed an issue that makes mercenaries perma victim.​

New Place: Arcanist workshop, close to Velhilmen Zephyr ride.
New Area: Novice training Cave
New Area: Haunted Church hall
New Area: Kobolds Cave
New unit: Kingodm Herald. From 1.2.5 you can requests minor royal edicts from kingdom heralds, you can find them on Velhilmen, Valdivia and Colddream. Valdivia'sherald has Clash of Call event allowed too
Rock chunks now can drop gem fragments​

//[QUESTS & EVENTS]====================================
DestIny of Enthashara quest completition can no longer be requirement for Iveor's Destiny quest. Just is needed to activate the three altars.

A new Arcanist has come to Velhilmen, by request of Reinhard.
You must help him to build sublime fires.
Rewards: Experience and Reputation. Scroll of Hurricane (one per game)

The Kingdom has started a new Team battle season")
From now every hero is invited to enter into the game invoked by some player
The battle will start when teams be ready. First signer will be team leader to each side (owns a Titan)
Run to any nearby Pvp Master and claim your Team Key to participate
Teams will be balanced by members count to avoid overloaded groups
Players have 3 minutes to select a team, Event will be cancelled if teams aren't ready
Minimun team requirement for match is 2 vs 2 players

1- You will be teleported to teams battle stage where each team has certain amount of life points")
Battle Objective is decrease enemy team points to zero, killing enemy players (-1 point) Or killing enemy Titan (-6 points).
2- If you leave the stage during battle stance your team will lose 3 point first time. Battle stage doesn't count inner rooms or undergrounds places, entering here

means you leave the stage too, if you die out the battle It will be not counted as point
3- There will be special bonus stones spreaded into the stage, its number depends of players participating. Each stone destroyed will increase your team points by +2.
4- To make Titan alive and able to defend himself you must collect a certain amount of life values from killing spawned creeps into the battle area, value size is

directly related to creep level
Important: Battle team is an experimental feature that needs to be fully tested.
Its development requires enough information from feedback. if all works fine there will be extended Team events following this way.

RIGOR EXTREMA TAX, promoted by Katherinne, any faction hero death must be compensed with 2.9% own gold. (you lost 2.9% gold per death). This edict will be derogated when Katherinne dies.​

//[CREEPS & AI BEHAVIOURS]=================
activated AI beahviours for all creeps.
there are six type of Minimal AI behaviours​
  • Sneaker: Creeps keeps far from hero, scapes from him, If hero is nearby to die the creep will start attacking wounded hero.
  • Crazy: Crazy creeps will jump over the hero, and will pursue him until die.
  • Giant creeps: could jump in ambush state, You have a little chance of get stunned by them
  • Stinger: These creeps will jump over you and after a little moment they will jump far from jump. Drops gold money when dying. (work on creeps over level 25)
  • Aggresor: creeps will start attacking you until you are out of its range.
  • Cathaldo
  • Viuda negra
  • Katherinne
  • Death Revenant
  • Werewolf
  • Alphawolf
  • Banshee
  • Succubus

[Special Boss AI for banshee]​
New Banshee has 4 active skills

- Silence
- Frost Nova
- Soul destroyer
- Summon minions
1 + 1 minion per nearby hero
(Wanderer lev 41, 10180 hp, 4547 magic damage, can cast sleep)

Banshee has medium magic reduction and strong damage reduction

Banshee hero undead level 51
Hp estimated 210000
normal damage 14100
mp amount 36000​
[Special Boss AI for Succubus]
Sucubbus boss modifications:
Old name: akasha - New name: Anastashia

Anastashia AI enabled.
Removed automatic teleportacion. replaced by Sweeper Seeker. Akasha attack rate decreased from 1 sec to 4 seconds.
removed agility based. Increased mana amount to 40000.

New Skill: Lust Judgement
New Skill: Deadly Wings
New Skill: Massive Stinger​
[Special Boss AI for Desert king]
Removed blink Abilities
Disabled default creep spawn in DS's nearby Area. (it'll replaced by minion sumoning)
Activated Ai engagement for Desert King.
New skill Arachnatid jump: Desert king jumps over targeted hero, If Desert king falls over target's AoE, He will deal 5% hero's HP * 2.5 normal damage.
New Skill: Sand beam. Desert king throws threes beams on desired target. Damage equals to 5%hp each 0.3 seconds.
New Skill: Scorpions Nest. Desert King hides himself under the sand, then he will start spawning a random number minions behind him (Red stinger lev 46)
New Skill: Arachnatid meeting. Desert king calls Black scorpions to help him. number equals to count of nearby enemy heroes + 1.​
Changed Watery wave to Stun skill​

//[ITEMS 28/05/2016]===========================
[Enchanted armors]
Increased hero attribute bonus from amount of enchantment as the following table.
(applies to AGI, STR and INT attrb)
"increase bonus" before 1.2.5 = 10%, now = 15%
"strongly increase bonus" before 1.2.5 = 20%, now = 25%
"very strongly increase bonus" before 1.2.5 = 40%, now = 45%

New scroll Call of Hurricane
New scroll Armored Soul
New Scroll Call of Granite Golem
New Scroll Letter of the slayer guild Queen
New Scroll Fireball
New Scroll Mana Restoration
New Scroll Call of Meteor Storm
New Scroll Word of Necromancer
Scrolls can be obtained from creep drops and opening chests.

Archangel wings new stats: +915 damage , +444 to all stats, +Strongly magic reduction
Fallen Angel wings new stats: +444 to all basic stats, Enables Avatar [Active] (+6440 HP, +161 Armor, +644 attack dmg) Cost: 150 PVP Gems
Phoenix wings new stats: +8874 HP, +700 Armor bonus, +100 MSpeed Cost: 75 PVP Gems
Sanctus wings new stats: +470 armor, +210 hp reg/s, +125 mspeed cost:+60 Rubies, +50 Saphires, +40 Emeralds
Gargoyle Wings new stats: +316 Armor Bonus, +43 hp/s regeneration, +161 to All Stats
Lich wings new stats: +264 armor, +322 to All Stats, +10% Dmg reduction

Cookie: Healing value increased from 250 to 500
pot of greater healing: Healing value increased from 1000 to 2000
new quest item: Cristal bottle
new quest item: Sublime fire​

[Thunder chief]
Fixed a problem with bolt lightning dmg.
fixed MUI problem with linear bolt.
Changed lightning strike target point. Now ray falls down over the targeted point and run to hero direction.

Decreased Holy light damage to undeads to 50% (old damage was very imbalanced due non verification of special cast effects)
Sin Expitation Ancient target enabled.

sword dance damaged increased from 240% str - 160% agi to 360% str - 260% agi
wold bite damage increased to 300% str
shadow claw damage increased to 300% str - 450% agi

Enchantment will be available on next class levels.
Kills done by Force of nature summon will be counted as Hero kills.
Decreased Acid bomb coldown on Shaman (20 to 12 sec)
Increased Spirit touch Effect (from 400% to 600% INT)
Alchemist/Shaman Increased number of summoned units by Force of Nature. (+1)

Rebuilded Frozen shield for wizzard now It absorbs 78% incoming damage. drains 1 mana per each each 80 damage negated
Meteor storm can no longer deals damage to allied units.

[Dark knight]
Frenzy now gives armor bonuses
Sword style now deals Chaos Damage
New ability Deadly blow. DK releases a massive attack on next targeted unit.

[Iron slayer]
Knife storm skill now will deal 10% AGI x (7+ dart dmg) extra damage to any unit that is returning from the ability "Dart return" (old was 45 x (7+ dart dmg))​

  • Added a leaderboard for Clash of Call information (teams, Deaths)
  • Added some unit speeches in reaction to creep AI
  • Added Some Sound effect to Velhilment tavern for sublime fire quests.
  • Kobolds group now scapes kobolds cave, just to the south of Velhilmen graveyard's
  • Hero Encampment couldn't be deployed on Bandit gates.
  • Update death unit speeches for random field quests.
  • Changed Reinhard location to Town hall room.
  • Changed model for webs on Spiders Forest
  • New camera commands: -cr,-cl,-cu,-cd (rotates current camera to right, left, up and down)
  • new command: -rules: shows a detailed info about current rules for clash call

- reworked multiboard behaviours to prevent some desyncs
- Fixed some typos on units name
- fixed items name on vendors
- updated some skills & items info.
- Changed level to First portal guard to 51.

- Updated electrocute attack, target unit woke up
- updated kine storm combo with dart return.
- activated Iveor's destiny event
- Fixed Ankit speech after being discovered.
- Activated true sight on some bosses.
- Fixed an issue related to quest board that causes desync

- Rebuilded Info multiboard Behaviour to prevent zero division (source of bug)
- Activated pathing collision for carrion Swarm
- Activated UnitWakeUp for Hunger of blood on sleeping units.
- Fixed Orc set: Yughankar
- Fixed Oversized heroes filter that lose some amounts of stats.
- Redefined info on Personal quests pannel
- Changed owner of Forgotten chest item , from Andaira to Abyss keeper (Brok's mine boss)
- Activated mana cost on electrocute skill.
- Fixed thief's chest model that make item invisible.
- Increased cold down for Berserk Assault. decreased stun duration to 3 seconds
- Reworked dart return damage combination with knife storm

- Fixed a little exploit on novices (thanks to Jeri)
- Updated quest for Druid
- Updated quest for warlock
- Updated quest for Grunt
- Updated Stats reseter
- Fixed assasin coat behavoiur
- Updated oversized heroes filter

-fixed an ungly bug with Shaman

1.2.0 log (uncompleted, updating)

LastHope city was erased from the map, Now that area will be a Troll/Ogre encampment with an access from Velhilmen .
There are a least 3 new cities:
Varanger, located close to Lich portal, (spire guard is moved to north area) this city is on the way to the Eastern lands.
Taneryn, a small scorched village to the east
Ekrom player is removed from the game, all those units now are owned by Enthashara's Player. There are 3 enemies:
Bandits Syndicate, a big gang that controls way pass and some city areas.
Iveor Forces, the clasic Enthashara's Enemy
Irntu-Hell's Cult, A secret society that comes to invade Enthashara from the East.
crear velhillmen rumors

New hero Shaman
New hero Darkstalker
New hero ThunderChief

updated Zepellin travel cost
Update Chest drop item rate, now it's related to hero level.
gold bounty disabled, gold income now is directly related to fortune.

Rebuilded Static wave for Apprentice. now deals 3x original dmg
rebuilded chain lightning for apprentice 2x dmg
Overload weapon ability chance increased from 10% to 35%
Kula's Dream now deals 1-4 Hits (INT*3) damage per hit.
enabled staff effect for heal
enabled staff effect for Unfaithfull revealed
Soul awakening now enables critical hit
Healer skill holy radiance turned into Sin purification (single target Int damage)
Resurrection ability added to Inquisitor.
changed previous hero skill requirements on tier 2 (lev required down from 20 to 15, skip level down from 15 to 8 levels)

Enable Aotumatic pot use on high level pots if there's not slot available to load.
Legendary sets can not longer be dropped by Bosses
New potion of invisibility
new potion of Restoration
[New Legendaries]
Orc Set
Orc axe
Orc belt
Orc Boots
Orc shield

Elite Dress
Elite hands
elite helmet
Elite shoulder
Elite chest

Forbidden walord set
Forbidden walord chest
Forbidden walord hands
Forbidden walord helmet
Forbidden walord shoulders

Legendary Agnear
Legendary Agnear dom helmet
Legendary Agnear diam blade
Legendary Agnear holy stone
Legendary Agnear refulgent hilt

Legendary Angbaron
Zero flamberge
Zero ring
Zero kayryu
Zero vorpal blade

Legendary Enghart
Legendary Enghart nahiar horn
Legendary Enghart sun blade
Legendary Enghart periap holy esense
Legendary Enghart ring superiority

Legendary Excalibur
Legendary Excalibur chimaera hilt
Legendary Excalibur kalhadog
Legendary Excalibur light blade
Legendary Excalibur shinning gem

Legendary Kenar
Legendary Kenar featered grip
Legendary Kenar ethernal rub
Legendary Kenar etheranl shield
Legendary Kenar meicur circlet

Legendary Solvek
Legendary Solvek abyss tear
Legendary Solvek dark blade
Legendary Solvek demonic artifact
Legendary Solvek saryon sword

INTELOGO Anochecer
INTELOGO king emblem

Changed chat sizes
Reworked entire game info systems. Now all are multiboards
reworked Quest interfaz, now it's multiboard.

As you know, 1.2.0 comes with new hero attributes. Fortune (as LUCK), Mental Strength and Constitution. These attributes requires some deep game knowledge to use in

good mode.
they rise in same way that you rise AGI, INT, STR. But their effect is very different.
FORTUNE: Increases chance of deal lethal attacks,
Increases chance of find money from monsters & destructables,
Increases chance of enable Special casts.
in 1.2.0 version the gold income rate is very reduced. item tax return is 1/5 and gold from monsters will require Fortune.
CONSTITUTION: Increases amount of instantly restoration
increases damage dealed by lethal attacks. Instantly restoration enabled some HP healed when you receives damage.
Increases damage dealed by specials cast.
Increases chance of trigger instantly restoration.
Increases self control on altered states.

It's refered to the spells behaviour and works directly with your FORTUNE and MENTAL STRENGTH.
fortune determines the chance of trigger a special cast: the formula is [chance = %5 * Fortune]
Any special cast has levels those are determined by the formula [level = %(1 to logg(base,100+Fortune+Mstrength))] where base = 1.1 + (Fortune + Mstrength)/(1+Fortune)
basically you will see these effects more often when your Mental Strenght or Your Fortune rises over 100 points.
levels determine the amount of final effect from the ability casted. The chance's order from "easy to trigger" to "very hard to trigger" is: [1:inspired cast]

[2:Enhanced cast][3:Focused cast][4:perfect cast][5:Migthy cast][6:impossible cast][7:Devastating cast]. If your Fortune is higher than your Mental Strength you will

increase your chance of get Devastating casts but the final damage dealed will be very low. In other way if You rise your Mental Strentgh but your Fortune is low, your

specials cast will be rarely seen.
Not every spell triggers special cast. Only mainly those with single target/deals damage.
Special cast works more frecuently on High levels and recomended amounts are 50 - 200 points, more than this isn't recommended until you know what are you doing.

<Altered States>
in 1.2.0 version you will find taverns on main cities. In these taverns you can find drunken people, barwomen and wine, lots of wine.
if you drink any of these licquors, It'll affect some of your states with non wanted effects. States affected are: INT - STR - AGI - MSTR - LUCK - CONS - MSPD - DEF -

REG. Any altered state has 5 levels and rises one state while another state is lowered. These levels are determined by the power of the licquor. The altered state

duration is determined from the drunken level (basically If your mental strenthg and Constitution are low any new cup will increase the drunken level). Max level is 5,

if you drink beyond level 5 you will die by drunken stupor (Ethyl coma).
implementar sistema de reputacion
racial bonuses are Human, Orc, Undead, Ancient, Elite, Hero and Boss. These bonuses can be stackable in some ways. for example as a beta tester player asked me:

Santino gets 3 racial bonuses enabled. Human - Hero - Boss. so the best legendary stack for him is Agnear - Excalibur and Kenar.
These racial bonuses affects normal attacks and main skilled attacks like Frost Nova, or Martir's Fury.
So, one of most interesting features of this version is the chance of make items bonuses stacks.

Enabled Chronoss Servant, a stats reseter.

New World quest: Enemy Unknown [Valdivia]
New World quest: Iveor's Destiny [all]
New World quest: The Cult of Irntu Hell [all]
New World quest: Bandits Syndicate [Valdivia]
New World quest: Lady Katherinne [all]
New World quest: Rats, Rats, Rats [Emerald port]
New World quest: Serantas land [Ekrom, Varanger]

mover a misha a campo abierto.
mover executioner
[New bosses]
Cathaldo, The Seven Seas Nightmare [Pirate]
Andaira, Irntu Hel guard [Ranger]
Priestess Cristinne, Irntu Hel Baronaisse [Inquisitor]
Lord of the Abyss - Irntu Hel Monstruosity [Insect]
Nephri'tos- Desert king
Lady Katherinne - Bandit's Syndicate Leader [Iron Slayer] Final boss
Iveor's True form - Black Hand Evil Side leader [Demigod] Final boss
Rodavlas Nauj - The Emperator [Demigod] Final boss
Abyss Keeper - Infraworld Gate Guard [Demon]
Zarbudzaran - Troll Warleader [Clown]
Traburtera - Forgotten Priest [Demon]
Ulkeonapth - Ghost Lord [Undead]
[new creep units]
forgiven Lrd lev 81
Possesed vault lev 63
Sword Spirit lev 57
Armored Ghost lev 73 BOSS
Red Stinger lev 46
Maggot worm lev 25
Old Geomancer lev 38
Scarab lev 23
Mutant beetle lev 35
Flesh Eater lev 36
Cave Worm lev 44
Corrupted ev 41
Exiled skeleton lev 49
Tormented lev 31
Servant lev 50
Dark wanderer lev 52
Mad zombie lev 37
Lord Revenant lev 48
Rangin Archer lev 44
Venom spider lev 26

Improved some AI behaviours


-Reworked Pvp Arena
-New Serantas fields

New main dungeon: desert cave, scorpions nest (Boss desert King).
Expansion main dungeon: Valdivia's Culvert (Boss Irntu Hel Monstruosity)
Expansion Brok's mine (Boss Abyss Keeper)
Expansion Coldream's Dam (Boss forgotten priest)
-Pirates cave: finally the cave where you do thief test is upgraded to dungeon including a final boss (Cathaldo).
-Trolls cave: now there is an access to a final boss cave (troll warleader)
-Serantas passage: there is a depot/outpost previous to serantas access
New Main dungeon: Gardens of death (Boss The Emperator, Ghost lord)
-sub dungeon: Crypt cave (2, Boss Andaira)
-sub dungeon: Royal crypt (Boss Christinne)
New Dungeon, Velhilmen's Castle

bug fixes
fixed spider brooch abilities incongruence.
Solved high level unit priest buff
disabled some active items on wisp

-Strange hero challenger on oracle test.
-Armors with no stat effects when hero loads from code.
- Fixed warrior quest
- Fixed stealer resources quest
-Some pathability issues.
-Other minor issues
- removed fields chests

1.2.0 Credits
Geries - talavaj - hellblazer-14
WhiteDeath - Callahan - Thrikodius - Deolrin - Tarrasque - Teaspoon
looking_for_help(log function)

1.1.4 log

- Lancer modifications required to balance game, Hp decreased 50%, defense decreased to 3278
- familiar and Slaves die time now is 40 seconds. (this aspect was very imbalanced in older versions, older time was 10 seconds o_O)
- fixed ghost unit quest (those were killed by huge monsters)
- soldier class(all) movespeed base increased to 270
- warrior class(all) movespeed base increased to 310
- Removed some useless units (emerald)
- Fixed Memory Spawn point unit. now it prevents from death.
- Added minimap ping with ghost location when you complete a ghost requirement
- Changed jewel box behaviour. Now you can reduce useless items to gold and jewels cannot be stealed.
- Decreased headband cost to 15/15 gems
- Decreased skull mask cost to 20/20 gems
- now game prevents merc's assault if you're doing Oracle's test.
- Now game prevents from slave vanishes.
- remake of venom gland (useless), now this item is named Spider gland and increases mana capacity
- Fixed keyshorcut for Hide ability on familiars and slaves.
- Now all personal quests will be erased if hero change class, It comes warned into update class quest description.
- Fixed an issue related to workers that continues collecting items after finished quest.
- Fixed an issue related to cap use.
- Increased time for pick up items on Oracle arena from 10 to 15 seconds.
- Enabled Left hand effect for jester class
- Increased die time for merc spawn.

1.1.3a log
Fixed -new command

1.1.3 log
- Saved code rute now is Etales/v1.1.3/your file
- Savecode Integrity now prevents file modification if it fails.
- Added battle hit effect
- Decreased Item name display size
- New Map preview image
- New Cinematic Intro
- New command -wide expand camera area
- New command -dice rolls two dice
- Enabled Hero growth checker (for oversized heroes)
- Enabled Day/night Hero glow.
- Display Stats now shows game reseteabe attributes [non saveable]
- Reworked antidump system, now all owned items are linked to the player. if you want to break a link, give the item to your slave, then type -save.
(slave cannot save items)

- Enabled Two hand weapon penalization (-161 Agility)
- Enabled Level requirements for Wings
- Enabled Level Requirements for sets and set parts.
- Enabled Level requirements for Familiar use (must be less or same as hero level)
- Enabled Familiar growth, now Each 10 levels of hero, his familiar becomes more stronger
- Replaced Troll familiar with Succubus.
- added hometown emergency portal
- New gaming Attribute tomb's profanator (10 levels)
- New Character:Clown, from orcs ( heroes: Troll Jester, joker, Clown)
- Modified Major ELite unit's HP (increased)
- Reinhard quest now is enabled for each new game. Max level required is 10
- New shop class: Smugglers, only available at night time in all cities. random items sellers.
- New boss skill Master Strike 11% chance of deal 9X dmg, take care of this.
- New Boss (one Shot) MadAncient
- New Boss (one Shot) Winter Warrior
- New boss (One shot) Werewolf (available only at night)
- New Boss (One shot) Santino Vampire Leader
- New Boss (one Shot) Orc Executioner
- new Boss (one shot) Arcane Hidra
- New Boss (one Shot) Chimaera
- New Boss (one shot) Unholy Knight
- New Boss (One shot) Iveor, the fallen
- New Creep Black hand warrior lev 63
- New Creep Black hand priest lev 67
- New Creep Black hand Hound raider lev 71
- New Creep Black hand Slayer lev 85
- New Creep Black hand Lancer lev 74
- New Creep Black hand Lady lev 69
- New Creep Black hand Pestilant Prince lev 76
- New Creep Black hand militia 41
- New Creep Black hand crossbowman 44
- New Creep Black hand Govverness Succubus 62
- New Elite Unit Arcane lightning Guard lev 58
- New Elite Unit Arcane Earth Guard lev 62
- New Elite Unit Arcane Fire Guard lev 64
- New Unit Lizzard
- New unit thunder Lizzard
- Enabled Dungeon Huge Caverns (Chimaera)
- Enabled Dungeon Black hand Orc's Fortress building (Orc Devastator)
- Enabled Dungeon Black Hand Coven's Castle (Santino)
- Enabled Dungeon Ancient Core Sacred Crypt (Arcane Spirits)
- Enabled Dungeon Final Dungeon: Black Hand Sanctuary (Iveor)
- New helper unit. Item keeper, found on battlefield for extra store item.

- Gem Fragments now requires only 5 fragments to be completed.
- gem completed now is stored automatically into the vault.
- New Set Forgotten naiars:+483 Strenght,+242 intelligence,+242 Agility,[Active] Devastating Stomp
- New Set NightWolf Suit: +483 Agility,+241 movement speed,+384 Armor Bonus,[passive] Aura of terror
- New Set winter's Suit: +242 Agility,+322 Strenght,[Passive] Frost Aura,[Passive] Frost Touch.
- New Set Presence of the Demon lord: +16100 Health Points,+483 Intelligence,+161 Movement speed,[Active] Goat ray.
- New Set Wrath of the Chaos Goddes: +408 Damage Reduction,+322 to All Stats,[Passive] Master Strike,[Active] Chaos Entropia.
- New set Arcane Lord:+900 Armor Bonus,+20% improved Damage,+26% Magic Reduction,[Active] Massive Endurance
- new Set Soldier of Enthashara
- Fixed Spider's Brooch set
- Added Wearable hats, means visible ingame, requires gems to buy them
-New hat: Samuria headgear
-New hat: Cryptlord headgear
-New hat: Flora topper
-New hat: Headband
-New Hat: General's cap
-New Hat: Wolf's Head cap
-New Hat: skull mask
-New hat: Skull Shroud
-New hat: Saints hat
-New hat: Mighty helm
-New hat: Knight's Helm
-New hat: Helm of pain
-New hat: Wizzard hat
- New item: Silent Garment [cloaked walk]
- New item: Divine Essence: Resurrect targeted hero soul
- New item: Manual of Profanators (increases profanation lev)
- New Item: Arcane spire [quest item]
- New Item: Set: Elite Warrior dress [The higher item in all game]

- New cicle Quest: Revenger of the death [50 personal quests aprox for XP], each 4 completed quest you can chose Death Fortune Wheel
- New Cicle Quest: Tomb's Profanator[personal, 280 tombs aprox.]
- New Cicle quest: Black Hand mercs[personal]
- New Faction Upgrade Quest: Black Hand form.
- New World Quest: Clean the Coldream Way
- New World Quest: Secret of Youth. find a tresure into colddream dungeon
- New World quest: Find Dadvar, the minstreel
- New World Quest: Activate Forgotten altars
- New World quest: Destiny of Enthashara: slay Iveor
- New Repeatable quest: those walking deads
- New story quest: The sunken ships


- [Berserk] Damage from sword dance (berserk) increased 100% (2x)
- [berserk] Damage from shadow claw (berserk) increased 100% (2x)
- [Archer] Reworked hawk assault, now it deals dynamic damage.
- [Archer] Changed molten arrow by fulgore arrow. it deals massive cone damage
- [paladin] Remove Thron Armor by New skill paladin's Fury.
- [knight] sword style multiplicator fixed to 7
- [Inquisitor] New Skill Unfaithful Revealed (AoE Damage)
- [Troll Jester] Skill:Madness (increases ASP,MS, Lethal Strike 3x)
- [Troll Jester] Skill:Trow gift (Stun targets)
- [Troll Jester] Skill:Fake Troll (Illusions)
- [Troll Jester] Skill:Back track (jumps back)
- [Joker Skill]: Hater (Channel, trows 12 axes Universal dmg)
- [Joker Skill]: Act of Trolling (Buff 100% Attacks)
- [Joker Skill]: Left hand (enables extra attack)
- [Clown Skill]: Maximun Trolling (in development)

- Wolf'sfang Upgrade location changed to north of Valdivia area.
- Relocated Ancient Core test Stage.
- Remake of Ekrom Army faction ability. now it's HP bonus (+6472)
- Remake of Ancient Core faction ability. now it's MP bonus (+6472)
- Remake of Black Hand bonus abilities, adds blink, adds Hp (+13201)

- Some terrain changes in swamp area, more ways to run.
- Some terrain Changes in Desert Area, more ways to run.
- Some Terrain changes in Ogre Area, closed way from Velhilmen
- Removed Akasha's Hell terrain. (useless)
- Removed Alpha wolf's Old Location (useless)
- Removed panda's Area (useless)
- Removed Black widow Cave (useless)
- Removed last room in Valdivia's Culvert now you get an exit.
- Black Widow location changed to spiders's forest (increases dificult)
- Magnataur destroyer's location back to initial stage
- Alpha Wolf location changed to Winter Area near to dungeon entrance
- Completely rebuilded PvP Arena
- Closed winter land exit from brok's Mine. Brok must be rescued from the old way.
- Closed way passage from Ekrom to winter land
- New spawn area enabled north from Colddream
- Improved Day/night cicle. Make sure you're ready for cicle events.

there is more huge modifications that I forget to add in this list but if you know this map, you easily will recognize those.

1.04c log:

This update is for fixing faction event ratio and major bugs
- faction event chance ratio: 100% every 7 minutes.
- Introducing new condition: on Service, on License
[If you don't want to modify your ally status, for example, while you are hunting some boss with another player from different faction, you can request License modal. just buy the ticket from your faction master. Check your current service on your wisp. If you buy a ticket while an event is happening you must wait for the next event. If war starts while you are out of service you cannot enter into the pvp team arena. take care, if you want to hunt on party, all players from different factions must buy a ticket].
- Modified some issues about Oracle Quest arena.

1.04b log:
- Reduced destajador multiplicator. (before: 10*AGI + 3*AGi + 5*AGi; now: 3.3*AGI + 1.5*AGI + 1.5*AGI Universal dmg)
- Knight: Rebuilded Relax skill, now can be dispeled.
- Dark knight Attack type changed to Normal.
- Iron Slayer base Attack cold down reduced from 1.85 to 1.5 s
- iron slayer: increased Destajador cold down from 12 to 15.
- iron Slayer: Strip now deactivates only phisical attacks
- Increased Sacred Cross AoE (500 AoE)
[wizzard modificators suggested by Jesamine Bautista]
- Removed Static Wave from Wizzard
- Added Frozen Shield to Wizzard (reduces 5 dmg per 1 Mana)
- Wizzard Kula's Dream freeze effect increased to 8 secs mana cost = 700
- Wizzard Hex duration = 5 secs cd = 10 secs.
- Wizzard Frost Nova damage now is 400% InT/ AoE dmg = 1000 (fn)
- Inquisitor Attack changed to Hero
[still there are another changes on wizzard but it isn't ready]
- Wizzard Forked Lightning dmg Increased to 1200 (temporality)
- Inquisitor: changed sensible field to soul seeing.(reveals invisible units)
- Inquisitor: changed holy bolt to dispel magic
- Inquisitor: Sentence now deals 777 dmg every 0.4 secs.
- Archer: Added detector to hawk (see invisible units)
- Dark ranger: Rebuilded Claymore Trap; Deals 4x Dmg
- Dark Ranger: Rebuilded power Shot: Deals 8*AGI piercing damage. 342 Mana
- Ranger: increased power shot range to 900
- Archer Class: enabled improved attack bonus on bows. this affect base attack and power shot.


- Akasha: Added spell shield
- Akasha: Added faerie fire
- Akasha: Changed based attack type to chaos
- Reduced Avatar on Ogre lord from 45 to 20 secs
- Atila: Added Avatar
- Atila: enabled all his skills (noone had been enabled)
_ Magnataur Destroyer: Added Avatar
_ Magnataur Destroyer: Increased Based attack to 63000
- Banshee : Changed base attack to magic attack.

- Reduced lich wing Dmg reduction from 33% to 10%
- New item: Phoenix Wings +8872 HP , +100MS
- New Item: Fallen Angel Wings: +161 all stats, Active skill: Avatar (cannot be targeted by ability)
- New Item: PvP gems
- New item: Potion of power Healing (restores 4000 Hp)

New Features
- Inserted new Arena: Faction Wars
- Inserted Faction Encouragement balance status
- Inserted Conflict balance status.
from now every event can increase the conflict balance.
When conclifct balance reach 100% the teams arena is open with the "Factions war" event.
- New Event: Faction Wars
All non player gamers own a "bastion" and is inserted into a faction.
The main target is destroy all enemy bastion. by the way killing gives you the new item Pvp Gem.
Bastion are invulnerables until you defeat all defensive towers.
Any tower gives to the killing unit +1 pvp gem and drops some others pvp gems.
If you start this event with low faction encouragement. your defensive tower start with less HP than the normal state.
This value is decreased -10% on each faction mission failed. take care of lossing agent events.

- XP required constant increased from 300 to 400
- heroes cannot use more than 2 wings.

- inserted a new unit called Trader on Silent Garden [items sold: Fallen Angel and phoenix wings]
- Enabled "Find scout Quest" as repeatable.
- Reduced Die time to 50%
- Rebuilded Die trigger
- Inserted credits for models, icons and textures (sorry for being late)
- Warning messages now are displayed as Main Hero conversation


- fixed an issue that makes gems dissapears from jewel box.
- Inserted some cheat checkers to fix dumping items and item creation/replication.
- Fixed scout quesT
- Fixed killing agent issue
- Fixed dart return bug (it has wrong cold down)​

Write me (Avahor) for feedback or detailed info request. If you are interested on join Etales party join in our comunity forum. or visit our registering thread on Hive

Enthashara´s Tales ORPG v1.3.3 (Map)

[img][c]Orcnet[c]18:09, 28th June 2013 Map Approved Enthashara's Tales RPG (Version 1.04c) Rate[c]Score[c]Percent[c]Letter [r][img][img][img][img][img][c]5/5[c]91-100[c]A Rate[c]Score[c]Percent[c]Letter...
  1. [​IMG] Orcnet 18:09, 28th June 2013

    • Map Approved
    • Enthashara's Tales RPG (Version 1.04c)

      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 5/5 91-100 A
      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 4/5 81-90% B
      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 3/5 75-80% C
      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 2/5 70-74% D
      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 1/5 50-69% F




      "Game play has a lot of explorations and procedures the game can be quite complicated but still enjoyable, no much problems or any bugs or leaks going through the game but still its fine."



      "Even though the map's terrain has no much enhance quality of the whole layout its still good to be played, but I suggest it would be better if you can do more doodads on each region of the map to give it some color."



      "Overall map is cool and really fun to play, useful to play with friends or online."

      Total Score:

      Rate Score Percent Letter
      [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] 9/15 80% C

    Ardenian: As the map is updated with great content packages now and then and offers enjoyable content for many hours,
    as well in single player and multi player, we decided to raise the rating to 4/5 Recommended.
  2. Avahor


    Sep 29, 2008
    thanks for your comment.
    the save system makes difference between local and multiplayer. A folder named etales is created into your war3 directory. Enjoy the game
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2016
  3. Lord_Marrowgrath


    Aug 23, 2011
    I like your map and here is my review;

    Terrain looks good 3/5 (You can improve)
    Gameplay is good 4/5
    Quest needs to improve but still good 5/5 (Class/World quests good idea. I like it)
    Bosses needs to improve or make more bosses :D 4/5 (Make some dungeons for bosses)

    Zepellin Travel is good idea +
    Class male/Female novice good idea +
    Thousend items good idea +
    Many quests good idea +
    This map is not a bad idea - :D

    Total 16/20.
    Result: I like this map :D!
  4. Legal_Ease


    Feb 8, 2013
    This is Epic. You had me sold after 2 minutes of the first video. I can't give you any advice because I wouldn't know how to make this look any better. Great work 5/5, I would give you +5 rep if I could but I'm only a member so +1 rep!
  5. sonofjay


    Oct 28, 2011
    Well what do we have here, a massive rpg that suit my taste. Will drop a review after playing.
  6. Hell_Master


    Nov 29, 2012
    Hi there, played your map for a little and paused here too excited to give a review because your game is just perfect and has this interesting and fresh systems but your only enemy or should we say problem is grammar. You got some wrong grammars. Here is my review btw:

      • Terrain is just great. Everything is organized but some probems are you mixed tiles too mch giving a dirty feeling into it. You should lessen that and also dont mix HQ models with Low Quality models such as your trees. Some are LQ and some are HQ.
      • Nice job with the new and fresh systems you got. It really give a new way of playing RPG games such as this.
      • Quests are just interesting and friendly. It even gives a tut into it. So that includes the game being newbie friendly.
      • Few heroes but consists of different classes that they can advanced into.
      • Some wrong grammars in the game. Most are minors though.
      • Noticed that heroes quite have wc3 skills and not customized, you should fix that and add some more of a bizzare skills into them
      • No terrain is perfect so imprpvements into it is still open.
      • You should fix the wrong grammars into it.
      • You should make hero's skills more of custom and not all wc3 skills. Make them more unique and makes it perfect for their role.

    Overall, this is my review. I only played it a little so correct me if in some points I am wrong. So your terrain is great, has this RPG elements (all check), and most of all newb friendly. Rated 4/5 and +4 REP to you, good sir!

    Let me finish that task of yours giving +5 REP by me giving +4! =)
  7. sonofjay


    Oct 28, 2011
    Well its a super massive rpg so i'll only leave my thoughts of what I was able to play.

    First of all I salute you for managing a decent terrain on this large rpg but there are still many parts that still inconsistent like some places are just too messy, too empty or just too normal if you compared to other good looking places. The gameplay is just pure win, the systems are amazing specially the quest and stat manager. Also I really like the familiar system cause I always play alone. The way players can evolve their characters is just a nice touch and evolving them is also challenging with those big numbers of kills required. But what I really love the most on this map is that there are lots of stuffs going around like faction wars, quest popping here and there and those traveling units. The only thing this rpg lacks is a dynamic combat that will fit on the other amazing stuffs mentioned above. I believe that a fast paced action will really fit on the many things happening here and there in the map. It can be approve on its current situation but some polishing will really make this RPG standout.

    Fix your grammar.
  8. Avahor


    Sep 29, 2008
    Hi guys.
    weew. Thanks for your comments about this RPG, really it encourages me to maintain Etales developing. About some points and advices that you wrote me, I can reply some of them:

    - Uncustomized skills: It's true, all of novice skills are default based skills, and some others for advanced class (like blood lust, esnare). But these skills was made thinking about friendly environment for new players with known abilities. So there are many customs and complex skills that you get into your growing like Destajador for Ironslayer and Kula's Dream for Wizzard (my favorite). or Power Shot from Archer class. I 'll paste here some of them showing his states.
    - Wrong grammar. i know that. i have to fix it.
    - Quest: I'm really very happy with your words about it. anyway this map on this version lacks quests because I just finished the system and I need to get enought time to make other quests as personal stories. That is the main target for this system. i dont like those plain quests where you get a single target and finish.
    - This map isn't entirely finished, still, you are seing only the main structure. enjoy the game!

    best regards.
  9. Hell_Master


    Nov 29, 2012
    Keep up with the progress, this is really promising map if you ask me. =)

    This RPG just really made my day to be honest!
  10. Orcnet


    Jul 31, 2010
    Map approved, see review on moderator comment
  11. memoras


    Jun 28, 2013

    the thing is that when i play on garena(its lan ) my save doesnt goes in etales folder... i have there a folder thief but no code there...
  12. JesusHipster


    Sep 19, 2011
  13. Avahor


    Sep 29, 2008
    Nice to see this map was finally approved here. thanks to all supporters!!!

    MMMMm. well , the save system makes same procedure to set saving directory for all classes. for a -lost in the hell- reason this procedure works wrong with "thief" class. I'll fix this issue on next version.
  14. memoras


    Jun 28, 2013
    MMMMm. well , the save system makes same procedure to set saving directory for all classes. for a -lost in the hell- reason this procedure works wrong with "thief" class. I'll fix this issue on next version.
    nice to see some progress :)
  15. Railto


    Aug 30, 2010
    item despawner/remover sometimes removes items you just dropped for the npc to loot like the dwarf on the 2nd city and you just gotta farm again the bear mask for the quest DX. guards can be used to level up easily or to kill some bosses if you lure them to the guards of a nearby city. where is the 2nd job advancement npc? D:
    one of my friends couldnt do the tutorial quest. he checked his whisp log many times no ongoing quest found there he tried getting 1 gem nothing tried killing 3 assasins gnoll nothing tried using his statpoints nothing . at some point he respawned at the 2nd city when we were training in the first city.
    after one of my friends got disconected my board with the kills and stuff dissapeared :/
    when the jewelry box inventory is full you cant loot gem fragments.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2013
  16. Philstinator


    Jun 24, 2013
    I last played the 1.04a version and me and my friend found the mage class way underpowered, apart from that we liked how you set everything up, only hard thing was to follow the quest line after the tutorial.

    Most things were well balanced, maybe to slow down the pace of fights you could lower the damage of creeps and heroes but keep the current armour/health.

    Also warriors can get the bear set early, maybe an early class set for other classes would be nice to? For more balance, and yeah fix the drag into guards since you can speed level and it feels like cheating.

    I will keep testing this map as you update :)

    so far I give it 4/5 since it has a lot of work put into it and I can see it make the long yards as an awesome rpg, just need balancing issues as the main problem I found, good job
  17. syphie


    May 29, 2012
    Big problem.
    Can't load my code in new game. Only the wisp spawns. When I click player characteristics on Wisp, it tells me lvl 0, -35 b stats.
    My code saved in my folder is
    function PreloadFiles takes nothing returns nothing

    call Preload( "Hero: Healer /" )
    call Preload( "Kills: 1554 /" )
    call Preload( "Code: -load lb&n-XWhj-fk3t-UN2&-Xq#W-asps-XN$4-TDE%-MPXX-$3QL-VlgU-RQcD-q23S-CU8q-&ScX-miZT-6@8l-Qki9-#$f7" )
    call PreloadEnd( 0.0 )


    Typing -load lb&n-XWhj-fk3t-UN2&-Xq#W-asps-XN$4-TDE%-MPXX-$3QL-VlgU-RQcD-q23S-CU8q-&ScX-miZT-6@8l-Qki9-#$f7
    just gives me my wisp and gold...
    Same for my friend.


    Another difficulty was with Healer first quest. The plants that spawn must be picked by hero and not backpack otherwise they simply turn into items. That was really confusing...I tried to turn in 7 plants and just ended up selling them to the guy!
  18. Avahor


    Sep 29, 2008
    well. let' see
    a) Tutorial is only for level 1. higher level cannot do the tutorial. anyway did you save the replay?. please send me it (if you got it) to check what happens here.
    b) there is no problem about guardian's help. trust me, they are beatable and they are here for that reason that you says it's wrong. (dont forget, in this game the EXP isn't the unique important thing. You need kill!)
    c) You must learn to use jewelry box. the tutorial says that you need to store completed gems clicking on it.
    d ) Second advancement is Faction choose.

    Yeah. that's true. But on 1.04b & 1.04c mage class was heavily updated. please check the changelog.

    I checked your code and it seems to be too long. i'll try to fix this issue on the next update but the best way to avoid this is saving your hero without items with a lot of charges. like potions. this helps to reduce the saving code size.

    about healer quest. HELL yes!. only the hero can do the quest!. (it's too easy if you do this with your wisp!)

    i hope my answers help with all your questions. about the "thief issue" i'll fix that on next update.
  19. syphie


    May 29, 2012
    Hi, thanks for the fast reply!
    We tried saving after npcing everything and lowest we got was 16 blocks of code (just gold and jewelbox)
    function PreloadFiles takes nothing returns nothing

    call Preload( "Hero: Priestess /" )
    call Preload( "Kills: 155 /" )
    call Preload( "Code: -load 6l4s-MvhK-Orb6-CZe#-alQq-5APy-&Bhd-tLVb-df6s-qN4Z-hqmN-E$5a-WSoE-Kl8C-n?0h-xYgh" )
    call PreloadEnd( 0.0 )


    same problem happens, only the wisp spawns..