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  • For the record, your expertise about GameRanger could be helpful in this thread:
    Thanks for showing your appreciation

    Looks like some people might have jumped to the wrong conclusions in the other thread. @Ralle

    I wish WC3:R had a time limited demo mode, so that people like you who are curious to just give it a try for a few days to see what it is all about and/or how it behaves on his/her hardware, can do it without the hassle of buying the game only to request a refund a few days later. I mean, in the good old days of the year 2002, there was a shareware/demo version of the game people could freely redistribute, download and install... Just saying. @Kam
    I don't work at Blizzard anymore. It's really not an issue to try it and see if you enjoy the game, particularly in this case where you can still return it after 1000 hours - at least you could as of December.
    According to your Profile, you are still a Designer at Blizzard Entertainment.

    'Buy before you try' does not appeal to me. Personally, I prefer the good old and trusted 'Try before you buy' (for free) method, because it feels like common sense to me. Blizzard could benefit from this by getting in the process even more usage statistics and crash logs, so they can hopefully debug the game for good this time.
    Reputation (+4):
    (Post) +Rep for having HyunA as your avatar, though that particular song is not one of my favourites. :)
    Again I apologize for being so slow/late, I have the stuff done however I am wondering which way you want the spells. Do you have a custom stat system in the map?
    <span style="font-size: 15px">

    1) 沒關係, 只要你多讀、 多看、 多寫,就能明白啊! 英文不是有一句話嗎 -- “Practice Makes Perfect”。

    (没关系, 只要你多读、 多看、 多写, 就能明白啊! 英文不是有一句话吗 -- “Practice Makes Perfect”)

    2) 好的,不過我個人是 不喜歡簡體字的, 我比較喜歡正體漢字。 因為正體漢字 (對我來說) 才是正統的中文。 中華民國 台北市政府 寫了一個PDF, 可以去參考一下: http://english.gov.taipei/public/MMO/TRAD/advantage_20130308.pdf

    (好的,不过我个人是 不喜欢簡体字的, 我比较喜欢正体汉字。 因为正体汉字 (对我来说) 才是正统的中文。 中华民国 台北市政府 写了一个PDF, 可以去参考一下: http://english.gov.taipei/public/MMO/TRAD/advantage_20130308.pdf)



    保加利亞 是不是英文裡的 “Bulgaria”?

    我呢, 是馬來西亞華人。
    不過呢, 在我心目中, 中華民國才是我的祖國。

    不过呢, 在我心目中, 中华民国才是我的祖国。)</span>

    <span style="font-size: 12px">[font=""Microsoft Jhenghei]你好!

    Are you from Mainland China?
    Sorry for snoping, but I noticed you are making an RPG with an item types. Don't know if this will help, but feel free to take a look. It refunds money when an item is purchased that cannot be used by a unit type. It also drops items that can't be used when they get picked up and drops items of the same type (cannot wear 2 helmets). http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/pastebin_data/0fysgy/_files/Equipment%20System.w3x If you don't need it or don't like it, sorry to bother you. Just thought I would offer it since it isn't really doing anything.
    Wait Im confused. I thought you said you were having trouble configuring one of my spells? I never made a JASS spell for you.
    Hmm link it to me? I could have sworn I gave it decent configs. What did you need to be configurable?
    What's up? I'm usually only on here kind of inconsistently and I am usually not at home when I am, so I don't have access to the editor when I am on.

    Also, sorry, I didn't notice this until today even though I was definitely on before now :/
    Should likely tell you now, I am not fast however I do very nice work. Will give you a progress update tonight or tomorrow.
    From what I've seen of your project it's not quite something I am into since I am leaning more towards story heavy RPGs.
    I see.
    I'm Chinese-Malaysian, but I spoke broken Chinese and Malaysian collinqual English while wrote good English and decent Chinese (mix of "PRC" and ROC Standard).
    Lol the Dynamic Indexing tutorial tells you everything and why you do it. Make sure you everything!
    It looks like you have a pretty good understand of dynamic indexing now. Did you still need that spell request? xD
    Maybe, I will try to see about it. For now we can use this as contact, after all I visit this daily... lol
    I can make a system specifically for that. It will take me at least a couple of days as my available time is a bit random.
    There is a JASS function called "IsPointOnLine" which you can look up which allows you to check if a unit is crossing a threshold if you do a periodic timer. As far as the speed boost or speed decline, you'd probably want a dummy unit to cast slow/inner fire
    A bouncing spell is extremely easy. You basically just want it to bounce 7 times without hitting the same target more than 3 times. Also, if it hits ANY targets that are "Ablaze", the damage is increased for every bounce afterwards?
    Link it to me and I'll check it out when I get back home. I just have a few errands to run.

    If you're making an RPG with a lot of spells, you should really consider learning Bribe's GUI Spell System :) it's probably one of the most efficient systems in the resource section right now.
    Yep. Feel free to send me anymore simple spell requests you have. I'll be happy to make them.
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