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Mar 17, 2016
Feb 25, 2011

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Mar 17, 2016
    1. Dark-Zalor
      Spells damages have been changed
      The coeff are lowest
    2. Dark-Zalor
      I will change damages to my second proposition
      1,5 + (1,5 x Lvl) Basic (2,25)
      3 + (3 x Lvl) Ult (5)
      5 + (5 x Lvl) Insane (8)
    3. Dark-Zalor
    4. Dark-Zalor
      For me it's interesting when the hero get his first int item
      Tarasque, orchid, sanctuary staff
      it has 100 int at lvl 20
    5. Dark-Zalor
      Yeah but the warmogg is not a good example this item is very expensive
      you can't have it every game
    6. Dark-Zalor
      i think the first suggestion is good

      I've reduces the armor malus from the poisonous enforcer and reconstruction cooldown for the demolisher is now around 55 seconds
    7. Dark-Zalor
      We have to remember that heroes have a 50% magic resistance base
      so damages are maybe too weak??

      Int are damages dealers if they don't have this point they will be useless because they don't have a strong life or magic resistance
    8. Dark-Zalor
      You are good I made the same

      What do you think???

      Ths problem is if you have a hero (str and agi) for 1 point they get 1 damage

      For Int heroes they get 1 damage with the 5 spells
      (1 x 2,25 x 5) x 3 + (1 x 5 x 6) + (1 x 8 x 5) as potential and maximum damages

      You know what I mean for 1 point of intelligence you increase every spells so your potential damages are bigger than with 1 str or 1 agi

      I can do :
      1,5 + (1,5 x Lvl) Basic (2,25)
      3 + (3 x Lvl) Ult (5)
      5 + (5 x Lvl) Insane (8)
    9. Dark-Zalor
      What do you think if spells coeff are
      2 + (2 x Lvl) Basic (2,25)
      4 + (4 x Lvl) Ult (5)
      6 + (6 x Lvl) Insane (8)
    10. Dark-Zalor
      I have to decrease the spells coefficient??
    11. Dark-Zalor
      You have to know that heroes have 50% magic resistance
      And basic armor reduce spells damages like physical damages
    12. Dark-Zalor
      I think the tree attributes are balanced

      Strength makes good physical damages big life small nagic damages
      Agility big physical damages big resistance (armor that block both physical and magical damages) small magic damages
      Intelligence small life small resistance medium damages physical big spells damages
    13. Dark-Zalor
      I didn't understabd what you said abiut the infernal knight
      It is totally boring

      Every spells are calculeted with intelligence even if tooltips doesn't say it
    14. Dark-Zalor
      Your message is awesome
    15. Dark-Zalor

      Thank you for your comment on my map

      First with the attributes i can't make it in function of the main attribute because it would do some imbalanced strength heroes

      Can you gives me the name of the over powered heroes and useless
    16. UndeadImmortal
      Who's that in your profile pic?
    17. Bluegreen891
      Hi, for the message
      The map has been released
      Thanks for playing and support!
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