Arms Race V1,0

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Dark-Zalor presents :

Arms Race V1,0
Created by Dark-Zalor

Map Info

A battle between different Anime characters in the Kawai island.

A super pretty cool map in an awesome eye candy anime terrain, with really cool soundtrack playlist with more than 30 songs.
A custom spell charge system will entertain spellcasters players.

This map is an arms race map. Each player have to kill people to become high ranked. The winner is the first player that will reaches the 10th ranks.
Each new rank will provide you a new spell that changes the gameplay of the hero.

For any questions or suggestions please send your e-mail at: [email protected]

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Only works with 1.32 version of Warcraft 3 or newer.


This game is a Hero Arena map with Arm Race spells are weapons that will change every ranks.

Begining :
At the begining of the map every player will have the same hero. You have to find a safe place (you v=can use the portal to move to a random place on the map)
The you can cast some spells to kill enemies. Don't forget to explore the map to find items.
AT THE BEGINING OF THE GAME PHYSICAL DAMAGE ARE DISABLED. They are re-activated for player in rank 10.

Mods :
There are a few mods in this map :
-eng : to set English playlist (default).
-funny: (find by yourself ;)
some other will be added.
If you have other ideas just tell me.

Commands :

There is a few commands in this map :
-ns : to play a new song.
-zoom XX : to set the distance camera to (XX x 00) ranges.
-view : to reset the camera to the default angle and with the player set zoom.
-n (xxxx) : to set the name's player's hero [max 20 characters].

Spells :

NameCooldown (s)Reload (s)
Carrion Swarm25
Finger of Death66
Storm Bolt34
Entangling Roots27
Frost Nova37
War Stomp35
Blade Storm36
Star Fall26
Goblin Mine28


Coming soon ...

Coming soon ...


V 1,0 :
First release


Special Thanks:
The Helper
Hive WorkShop
The Warcraft 3 French Community

Attack on Titans - Attack Titans
Captain Tsubasa - Ball is Friends!
Bleach - Battle Ignition
Bleach - Clavar La Espada
Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans - Crescent Moon
Fairy Tail - Dragon Force
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic - Enfin Apparu
Fairy Tail - Erza Scarlet
Fairy Tail - Erza Slicer of Fate
Bleach - Final Getsuga Tenshou Theme
Berzerk - Hai Yo Oh Ashes
Berzerk - Hundred Years War
Evangelion - In My Spirit
Bleach - Invasion
Pokemon - Legendary Battle Theme
One Piece - Lets Battle
Sword Art Online - Luminous Sword
Captain Tsubasa - Moete Hero
Oda Nobuna no Yabou - No Yabou Kishuu
Final Fantasy - One Winged Angel
Boku no Hero Academia - Plus Ultra
Pokemon - Red Theme
Pokemon - Regi Trio Theme
Fairy Tail - Saigo No Mahou
One Punch Man - Seigi Shikkou
Naruto - Shaking Event
Sword Art Online - She Has To Overcome Her Fear
Black Clover - Shumatsu no Koku
Pokemon - Sinnoh Champion Battle Theme
Bleach - Stand Up Be Strong
Captain Tsubasa - Storm
Sword Art Online - Swordland
Oda Nobuna no Yabou - Tenka Fubu
Fairy Tail - Tenrou Island
Haikyuu - The Battle of Concepts
One Punch Man - The Hero
Naruto - The Raising Fighting Spirit
Fairy Tail - Three Dragon Slayers
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Tsuna Awakes
Bleach - Treachery
One Piece - Very Very Very Strongest
Sword Art Online - We Have To Defeat Him
Dragon Ball - World Martial Arts Tournament
Boku No Hero Academia - Yuki Hayashi

doom_sheep (Text Placement Fix) system

Here is the link of the youtube playlist

Author's notes

I spent a lot of time and imagination creating that map, I hope you will enjoy it.
If you have some ideas about spells, events, modes, just send me an e-mail at : [email protected]

Keywords : Arena, Battle, Fight, Anime, Death, Kill, Spell, Game, Ability, Hero

I appreciate feedback and suggestions!


Arms Race V1,0 (Map)