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Animating Contest #2 - Full unit animation

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The Hive Workshop presents...


Animating Contest #2
Theme: Full unit animations

Contest General Information and Specifics

Contestants must create a full set of animations for a given model.

Well, instead of animating a model from Warcraft III that already has a full set of animations, it would be far more productive to animate a model that is unanimated.

Now, this contest is a little different. You have four model sets to choose from. All of them share the same basic animations, but they all have some custom ones. Being creative and original will help you when it comes to judging.

Textures are included, but Scorch is just a reddish-orange, so you can recolor one of the skins if so desired but it is not necessary.

  • Required
    • Walk(s)
    • Stand(s)
    • Attack(s)
    • Death
    • Dissipate
  • Optional
    • Portrait
    • Portrait Talk
  • Pyritie (ranged)
    • Spell (where he uses the artifact)
    • Glide (wings are open and gliding (no flapping, no opening/closing wings))
    • Eat (stands and then opens mouth to eat something, like in pancakes game)
  • Lirch (melee)
    • Walk Alternate (headbutting, running)
    • Attack Alternate (headbutt finish)
    • Spell Throw
    • Attack Slam (for critical hits, etc)
    • Eat (like Pyritie's)
  • Scorch (ranged)
    • Spell Channel
    • Spell Summon
    • Walk alternate (flailing her arms around like she was thrown out of a catapult)
    • Death alternate (the ending of walk alternate where she splats on the ground, pauses for a second or two, then gets up.)
  • Var'thun (ranged)
    • Spell
    • Spell Channel
    • Spell Summon
    • Spell Ultimate (Var'thun's ultimate is a time stop spell)
  • Pirsir (ranged)
    • Spell
    • Spell Summon
    • Spell Throw
  • Coalch (melee)
    • Spell
    • Spell Slam
    • Walk Alternate (running fast)
    • Attack Alternate (finish of walk alternate, and somehow attacks the "unit")


Contest Rules and Conditions
  1. No submission may violate any Hive Workshop site rules.
  2. Model(s) used must not be altered from the provided models. Bone structure, however, may be changed slightly or in some cases made from scratch when import of the bone structure is not possible for the chosen animation program.
  3. Animation(s) must show properly in game without rotation errors or anything to the effect.
  4. Animation(s) should have decent timing.
  5. Submissions should be uploaded in .mdx format and must use the appropriate in game textures, and include an in game screenshot of the model functioning properly. (Send your model to Pyritie or Chriz. to make a .gif out of it)
  6. Submissions must be posted before the deadline.
  7. All animations must be made for this competition, no old works allowed.
  8. Completed submissions must be physically attached to this thread.
  9. You may animate more than one character, however only one animation set may be submitted.
  10. Particle emitters are optional; using them effectively may help when it comes to judging, but poor use of particle emitters may diminish the quality of the animations.


First Place: 60 reputation points and an award icon
Second Place: 40 reputation points
Third Place: 20 reputation points
I will be using the best animation set of each hero. For example, if only one person does Coalch, then I will be using those. But if two people decide to do Scorch, then I will only be using the better animation set for her.

Contest Judging and Voting

  • The winner shall be determined by a public poll, as well as Pyritie and Donut3.5 acting as judges.
  • The poll shall count as 50% of the final score, and each of the judges count as 25%.
  • Each judge shall choose their favorite and second-favorite animation set.
    • A favorite gets 3 extra votes, while the second favorite gets 1 extra vote.

Contest Deadline

All submissions must be complete and submitted 2 months (8 weeks) after the contest begins.
The contest shall begin on 1st April and conclude on 27th May, at 0:00 AM, GMT, with a possible extension.​

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i just thought the rules stated we cant alter the model in anyway so adding bones would kinda do that.
By editing the model I mean editing the mesh :D
i cant used the rigged model because the max scene isn't made in 3d max 5.
You have blizztools, right? Then just import the mdx... The .max is from 3ds max 8.
Well that's why I'm asking, as most of the people who have 3ds max 8 also have milkshape. And milkshape's easier to rig in. 3ds max 5 people, on the other hand, can import the mdx that I export from milkshape.

It's just that I can't find a file format that milkshape and 3ds max 8 share that preserves rigging, seeing as they have two different ways of doing it. One by assigning vertices to a bone, and the other by an envelope.
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