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    (Post) I do all my animations in Magos so I've been running into rotation problems. This EularToQuart program you linked is something I've been looking for for a very loooong time. Thank you
    I don't know what he wanted to tell me, but just in case. in the war3 model editor the animations are there but when I execute them the character disappears. that with MDL and with MDX the war3 throws error, esmas when I remove the mdx or mdl model and import it to 3ds max throws me the same error. the truth is that it surpasses my basic knowledge of HTML: V that I had to see nose xd but well thanks anyway. ahh and what do you mean by the mago's editor.
    The truth is that I don't know how to send a message to the private, but hey. I have a problem, although first I want to thank you for the work you have done for this community. and this is my problem when I export a sc 2 model (the marine one to be exact) the neo dex 2.65 exports it to me well in mdl and mdx says "export succeful" but when i import to war3 the model in mdl is fine but in animaton mager When I select another animation that is not undefined, the model is not displayed.
    and when I import the model into mdx the war3 sends me an "Expected a" VRTX "tag, got a" (here are 2 signs of font error would be square) "tag!". good before hand thank you (spelling errors solved maybe ....)
    hmn not sure what's up, did you add the proper animations as explained in the main area? Also, use mdx format instead of mdl or better send me the generated mdl.
    Hey, I just wanna thank you for everything you've done to make Neodex what it is. I've found it extremely helpful and just submitted my first hive model with the help of it, as well as your tutorials. Again, thank you.
    Blinkyboy, is there any possibility, that we can pay you some money, that you work again at neodex and fix some stuff? or something like that?
    Mastah blink boy, I have a question.
    In your tutorial, you use TCB as rotation and move controller, but on root bone you use Bezier so you can use curve editor..
    So, is it fine if I use Bezier for my IK manipulator? It looks fine so far on Magos. What make TCB better than Bezier (for warcraft)?
    Idaero Ace
    Idaero Ace
    So, i created an animation and it looks normal... but when I finished full set, 3dsmax always crashed when i export it. I need to deletes half of the keyframes and export it, and undo and cut other half.. then mix them in matrix eater

    but, the animation looks so damn ugly compare to in 3dsmax. they are all floating and rotating in ugly way

    idk if its because i use bezier for position control with my IK, or just my buggy 3dsmax
    Idaero Ace
    Idaero Ace
    found what make it ugly. I scale up the "Body Manip". Before scale it up, they export just fine.

    But., my 3dmax10 tend to crash when export. Does neodex has some kind limit? I remove the animation partially. And sometime when export works, next time I do it it crashed
    Hi, sir BlinkBoy, I wanna know if it is possible to make cloth modifier's animation work when exporting the model :D. I hope you return.
    Make sure that you paste the neodex scripts in the right folders and then run the script. Even if 1 file is not where the instructions say it won't work.
    Hey! I'm trying to get back into WC3 Modding, I have the 2018 version of 3ds Max licenced as a student. I downloaded Neodex and installed it following the instructions, and I found out that some features would not work, like exporting and importing. The exact error I get when I click on export or import is "--
    Cannot assign to read-only variable: Dictionary". I think this has something to do with administrative rights or something. I tried renaming the variable to dictionary1 in the scripts that i can find it in but I still go tthe same error and what is unfortunate is that it doesnt show me what exact point in what script the error is occuring.
    Hey Blinkboy! Just wondering if you ever finished you mdx plugin for assimp. I'm working on a new mod editor for OSX and it would save me a bunch of time
    I'm sad to see you go :( Thank you for many years of faithful awesomness and contributions to the modding community <3
    Hm, I see. If you are going for extending Assimp, is it going to support exporting from mdx to another file type ?
    I cross fingers and look forward to it!
    Hey, how is it going ?
    Any news on the Assimp mdx support ?
    That would be great, thank you!
    Ah I see, thank you for pointing there!
    Hm, I had such a thread some time ago, request-styled, and the answer was pretty
    much 'No'.
    Most programmers I had conversation with either have time-consuming personal projects
    or aren't interested in reading into it and kinda working on request.
    Since you are already well-informed about the topic, I had the hope you could do something
    about it ( I am not sure how difficult it would be to write a stand-alone script
    from obj to mdl or mdx, but I don't think it is something challenging if one is
    experienced with writing this kind of scripts)

    Side-note, I saw for Assimp: '3D GameStudio (3DGS) ( .mdl )' and 'Quake I ( .mdl )' as supported file-type.
    Does this mean I could convert an obj to mdl and that mdl to mdx using the Model Editor ?
    Or is this mdl another one than the one the WE uses ?
    EDIT: I misread, sadly.
    Thank you for your answer!
    Could you provide by any chance a link ?
    Trust me I spent hours searching for ( an up to date) one :)

    I would like to be independent from Gmax.
    I wonder how difficult it is to create a small converter being able to export obj to mdx or mdl
    with only considering vertex coordinates and texture coordinates.
    Hey, could you please write a small stand-alone script that converts 3ds or obj to mdx or mdl ?
    Some users and I myself using other modelling tools than Gmax have the odd problem we cannot convert our models to mdx/mdl easily and being dependent on people with Gmax.
    If you don't have the time or mood for doing so, could you please advice me some threads/information about the mdx and mdl parsing and structure ?
    hey, do you know what boundsradius and extents are actually for? some people say it's for selecting units but i set all the geosets' boundsradius and extents to 0 of a peasant.mdx to 0 and i could still select it just fine both in editor and ingame.
    i just dont see the point of implementing them if there is no use? i guess there has to be some reason for them
    I was wondering if you know a good site with animation frames (basically diapositives) which would help for animating various stuff like humans, horses, etc
    Hey BlinkBoy!

    Quick question.
    Do neodex/war3 support twisting biped bones?
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