1. V Clan

    V Clan

  2. Dark Iron Wargolem

    Dark Iron Wargolem

  3. Clubbies

    War Chess BETA

    A LARGE ARMY AUTO BATTLE ROYALE. Fight for dominance round after round until only 1 player remains. Recruit from a large variety of troops to muster an intimidating army. Make glorious use of Azeroth's fiercest warriors combined with racial abilities, upgrades, special items, and...
  4. Blikunman

    LF Beta Testers - Castle Tactics

    Hey its Blikun, im presenting a nice auto-army tactical game [photo showcase soon] This map is based in an old Browser Flash Game called Miragine Wars (also in android) : Original game's video click here. Play the original game click here. If you want to help me test this map playing it...
  5. Type 97 Chi-Ha

    Type 97 Chi-Ha

    The Chi-Ha was the most produced medium tank of the IJA. Later in the war, it received a new turret and a more powerful 47mm AT gun, that version was known as the Type 97 Kai.
  6. stein123

    Harraxe / Forest Troll Chieftain model edit (SOLVED)

    Hi people, i wanna ask if anyone can help me with this request, i have this model, from the GTW mod, and it lacks a proper portrait, hero glow, and the right shoulderpad (wich dissapears in the model editor and WE), thanks in advance if you can help me!
  7. MattiCore

    Make old WC3 map playable again!

    Hello guys, Is it possible to make this old map "Hero Line War Lition 9.0d Beta" openable in WE because it's protected or even playable again? Hero Line War Lition 9.0d Beta - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com I could play it long ago with patch 1.24b I think :) Correct me if I am wrong here and...
  8. Military Watch Tower

    Military Watch Tower

    A generic low tier defensive structure for World War maps. Credits to HerrDave for the Bunker Animations
  9. repulsor

    Looking for my old favorite custom map, HELP please!

    Hi so im looking for my old favorite map, its a couple of years ago, but I’ll try my best to explain it! So it’s a “war” mode game and you have an option to choose to get waves instead of sending to each other, I think there were 4 teams, with 3-4 ppl on each team to defend the castle in the...
  10. Churchill Tank

    Churchill Tank

    The British infantry tank of WW2, will see if i can do a Crocodile (Flamethrower Version) before i upload it. Credits to HerrDave for the base models and animating the last 3 wheels
  11. Renault FT 2

    Renault FT 2

    Almost finished.
  12. hi1

    [Strategy / Risk] Total War Three Kingdoms

    [WARCRAFT III] Total War Three Kingdoms Introduction I am back with a new strategy war project that will be set during the Ancient Chinese Three Kingdoms period (184 AD ~ 280 AD). This will essentially be a large scale remake of my previous project: Romance of the Three Kingdoms FAQs Q: So why...
  13. Renault FT

    Renault FT

    Just needs wheels and few other things and i think it will be good to go. Credit to HerrDave for base models.
  14. Char Saint Chamond

    Char Saint Chamond

    Almost done, I just have problems with shading (normals) and getting some parts of the mesh look like the real one.
  15. St.Chamond


    I have great trouble making this french tank. Base model:A7V Credits to HerrDave
  16. Tom_Almighty1

    The Olympian

    You play the role of Achillios. He is the most deadliest Spartan Warrior who turns out to be a descendant of King Leonidas and at a young age was trained by Zeus himself. Achillios uses his skills to steal and assassinate anyone for a price. As you progress Achillios learns more on what he can...
  17. Itztalmatan

    My new map

    This is an early beta of my new map (translation planed). You take one of 4 characters and fight over the bloody sands of Astor. The idea is to have two dungeons, one in the right side of the map and the other would be the two floors of the castle. Looking for feedback and help, how would you...
  18. Korialstrasz

    [Arena] War of the Ring: Mirkwood Arena

    Introduction Hello everybody, I welcome you to my map preview/development thread for my first serious map: WotR: Mirkwood Arena. The goal of this map is to keep an simple arena styled map interesting with dynamic waves, different game modes, choosable difficulties and the lovely style of the...
  19. Pr0nogo

    Project: Hydra -- co-op for 1.21+

    Hey everyone! I'm back with another co-op project for Remastered. This time it's an overhaul of the original campaigns, starting with Rebel Yell. The first six maps of the campaign have been released, so go check them out here! Project: Hydra (Topic) Project: Hydra's key features are... ‎* SC:R...
  20. AlexRuloor

    [Campaign] The Dark War

    Campaign Info: The Dark War is a custom lore campaign which takes place on the world of Asherah. Asherah consists of multiple races and has been at peace for centuries.The orcs on the other hand is seeking for a new world to call 'home'. Since their home called Solarii has been devastated by...
  21. Acutesharpness

    [Aeon of Strife] Crash of Will

    Crash of Will is an Aeon of Strife style game that features some of the most original ideas in the fall of 2017, towards the end of 2018, I hope to finalize the game and release it as Version 1. Currently there are only 5 roles of Heroes per Team to select from. For the Legendary team, Fire...
  22. Acutesharpness

    [Aeon of Strife] D-D (encoded encoded)

    Welcome to the quality vs quantity debate, just kidding. I am Acutesharpness, my previous accounts were Destiny.Knight and Acumenknight, you can check out my work for greater understanding. I have returned to make yet another great map like DotA or League of Legends, before you leave the...
  23. Arkth

    Castle Wars III (Project)

    Hello guys: Well, I want to introduce you this Map: Castle Wars III. I took a very old map that seems forgot, and fell in love with the terrain and the posibilities. The main idea is to create a Footman Frenzy-Survival Chaos feel, with tons of units in game and powerful but not invencible...
  24. Uklabokalala

    [Altered Melee] Purge

    Purge Who plays Altered Melees anymore, right? You play as a Crusader sent to purge a decimated land full of monsters and undead. However, other Crusaders have also come to the land to do the same thing, and because of that, religious tension grows and a war breaks out. Game-play is altered...
  25. HerrDave

    War of the Ring - Mirkwood Spider

    It is I, HerrDave and I am 100000% out of-- just-- *angry sounds* I cannot for the life of me animate this model. I need to have it's legs spread out in all animations but the standing animation, and I am being completely screwed by MdlVis. If anyone would be willing to -suffer- through...
  26. tyci

    [Cinematic] Throne of Azora: The Beginning

    -Tyci Presents- Map Info: In the kingdom of Azora there lived Ethan Longdarion, a boy whose dream was to join the army and win wars. Shortly after signing up, his dreams are ratified by the true horrors of war. All is not dark however, as Ethan finds a few companions with whom...
  27. DarkRanger2

    [Campaign] War of the red roses

    《 You Crazy woman! What have you done ?! 》 Years after the lich king death, the specter of destruction still hover in the Forsaken heart. Today, The brunning legion is back again and the cold hands of the scourge touched one more time the frozen souls of the bloodiest once. Tælsay one of the...
  28. DarkRanger2

    [Campaign] War of the red roses

    《 You Crazy woman! What have you done ?! 》 Years after the lich king death, the specter of destruction still hover in the Forsaken heart. Today, The brunning legion is back again and the cold hands of the scourge touched one more time the frozen souls of the bloodiest once. Tælsay one of the...
  29. Attack On Rome

    Attack On Rome

  30. zabujardz

    want to lan some war 3 on hamachi with us?

    our server name is jesuits no password, thanks.
  31. Uklabokalala

    [Strategy / Risk] Battle of Rois

    Battle of Rois 1799-1821 Napoleon Bonaparte and his French army fought a brutal war bring all sorts of nations to fight. England as one of these nations in conflict tried to take a strategic village in Northern France. A French battalion, however, met them at the village and a full battle...
  32. anyan

    [Strategy / Risk] 16TH

    (1) All map (2) The power to introduce Power is divided into two parts in the 16th century, both tech tree and influence.Different power tech tree may be the same.Be like, daming trilateral company commanders and daming nanjing left-behind forces of the two different, but their tech tree belong...
  33. Chizume

    [Strategy / Risk] Attack on the Empire

    Attack on the EmpirePre-Alpha (2 vs 4) Strategy ~45min playtimeTwo elven faction have long been at war. Their unstable political situation has now spread to the human empire and it is now at the brink of civil war. Orc forces are amassing in the south. Information Play as either part of the...
  34. HerrDave

    Radio Tower

  35. Daffa

    [Campaign] Darkness Returns

    DOWNLOAD LINK AT PROGRESS SECTION! MAIN CHARACTERS Zalamus Whitesky A new commander of the Grand Coalition. Paired with Alliara Lightstar, his capabilities to command the light and his swordsmanship will lead him to victory. Alliara Lightstar Another new commander of the Grand Coalition...
  36. GolluM_KoMe

    [Strategy / Risk] Rome II : Total War

    The map has been uploaded here.
  37. Avahor

    Enthashara´s Tales ORPG 2.0.1

  38. nero_ed

    Novice (started yesterday) Map Maker

    hello everybody, new here , i am starting to make maps now :vw_unimpressed: well i like warcraft 3 a so many time that i decided to join the site, i am an novice at doing maps and balancing units, i would like to go expert on doing maps :)
  39. BrutalDarkChaos

    Killing Spree

    Hey my new project Killong Spree is about: You have a robot that needs to survive while there is coming Huge waves of creeps, enemys and bosses. So while you are trying to defend your robot you also have to destroy some bosses and buildings. You also have a custom hero with custom models there...
  40. maggi123


    :spell_breaker: magnus My name is magnus i like warcraft and wotlk.
  41. Vegavak

    [AOS] Tactics: Kingdom

    Top 12 player aos style map (8-12 players recommended) (160 x 160 playable, 192 x 192 actual; Large Map) current map size: 1.19mb (down from 1.39mb) minimap is currently hidden progress: 70%±5% recoding/reworking alpha Author's Notes CAUTION: LINKS CURRENTLY DO NOT WORK. (SCROLL DOWN) Basic...