[Campaign] War of the red roses

Level 8
Mar 2, 2017
《 You Crazy woman! What have you done ?! 》

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Years after the lich king death, the specter of destruction still hover in the Forsaken heart.
Today, The brunning legion is back again and the cold hands of the scourge touched one more time the frozen souls of the bloodiest once.
Tælsay one of the Banshee Queen most loyal servant claimed Frostmourn the cursed blade that killed her dreams.
Thirsty for power and mad from solitude, she now attempts to make more undead and resurrect the fallen high Elven warriors that Arthas Forgot...

Alice Darkview is back from war, and tries to save her old friend, and if she can't she will simply end her misery.

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● Alice Darkview, Grand mistress of the forgotten shadows temple and servant of the Banshee Queen. Captain of the third elite league of Undead Elves.

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● Tælsay Tears-Holder, Also named "The brunning banshee" she was a sorceress... But now she's a powerful tool for the Eben blade.

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● Vinicci, a shadow mage and a great necromencer. He and Alice Always work together. Vinicci is a skilled warrior and a loyal friend, he's also a wonderful apothecary.

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● Laïra Glass-Light still a powerful living Ranger, she blame Tælsay and most of the Forsaken for her Brothers death that have been killed by a banshee that was under Ner'zul control. Her only goal is to kill Tælsay.

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