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  • hehe tbm to com esse aq, so q começei a joga com um night elf, e deu fatal error no char :X
    dai sempre q entro no mesmo char da fatal kk
    I know that song. You have good taste.

    Hey, don't you want to be active here on hive?
    Honestly, I don't care about these government issues. I have my own worries, I won't waste time thinking about a problem if I can't even do anything about it. Just let the smart people in the government do the boring job and have fun. Life is supposed to be fun after all, it's just a game.
    It's part of the nature, a way to reduce the number of humans in this world. For example, in China, because they are overpopulated, they created this "one child per parent policy".
    Tsk, that's too bad. So that's why you haven't online for almost a month.
    Well, goodluck with your school work buddy! Ceya later!
    Overpowered? I think not. The Hero is quite useless if the enemy can see invisible units.

    Its not cool that it can trap allies?
    There's a bunch of metals now eh? I've heard Cradle Of Filth is a Vampiric Metal. Yeah, sounds lame since it makes me think of Twilight.
    There is a Viking Metal? Never heard of 'em.

    So the one that you've shown me was an example?
    It rocks! They will dominate you.

    Justin Bieber is awsome mon'. He is da shit! Lol.
    Yeah, its obvious. Tsk, Kids these days.
    Listen to Dimmu Borgir, you'll love it. Their music videos are awsome.
    I love Reggae, Country music, and 80's-90's songs like 'The Beatles'.
    How 'bout you?
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