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Military Watch Tower
A generic low tier defensive structure for World War maps. Credits to HerrDave for the Bunker Animations
Still need to edit the animations so they can fit the model, might also make an upgrade which make it have a Spotlight, also thinking where to put TC and maybe improve the mesh and UV mapping.
@SonsOfSami 0-0 Beautiful!! I hope the mg can turn around some how? So it dosent face forwards while shooting something to the right of it..
A very fine looking sizzling tower, I wonder if you would want to make bandit soldiers as well? Like mercs and extremists because these guys fit the tower very well :)
@Battleborn Not sure if i can do that without animating, tis only the simplest of animations that i can make.
I plan to make it upgradeable in the Scout Tower way:
-Normal watch tower
-MG Tower (this one):
*MG Tower with spotlight (can detect hidden enemies, not related to the model anyway)
*Fortified MG Tower (Sandbags instead of wood walls)
The tower here is a bit outdated though, i have improved the MG42 (with ingame textures) and fixed some of the wrapping.
@Hazop I almost forgot this o-o
I didn't see an urgency to complete it, so I was working on the tanks instead, which are more important and interesting to make.

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