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modern warfare

  1. Verdun

    Demo- SHORTLEGS: An Advance-Wars type Mod

    SO. Here it is. I finally got 3 playable maps for you now. Now when I say "Advance Wars", I mean a general art style and aesthetic, also to be found in things like 'Battalion Wars' and that tabletop game 'Rivet Wars'. Mechanics-wise, it maps almost completely onto the Warcraft 3 base, so...
  2. FSK

    Geopolitical Diplomacy

    This geopolitical simulator is the next advancement in the TAF/Diplomacy series, and now features dynamic resource and financial markets which respond to changing financial and geopolitical conditions in real time. This map is in development and needs testing and recommendations. New beta...
  3. when you are not welcome

    when you are not welcome

  4. Military Watch Tower

    Military Watch Tower

    A generic low tier defensive structure for World War maps. Credits to HerrDave for the Bunker Animations
  5. Honey Badger Preview

    Honey Badger Preview

    A custom model that I plan to upload soon -- as soon as I finish the version with custom texture. It's supposed to be a large transport aircraft that can also use jumpjets to take off vertically. Name still not final...
  6. fgundam

    Tiered modern or steampunk buildings request

    hi i am new to the hive and have searched for models to replace the structures and units for the human race in map editor and have notice that there are not much or any tiered modern structures and what i find is only appropriate for non upgradable structures such as the barracks, factory...
  7. NigerianPriest

    Fallout: Across the Dam

    Hello, I'm creating a map for Fallout because I know most people haven't really done this. I have got some of the main things down already, I just need some models. Basically i'm thinking of having NCR troops (conscripts and heavy armoured), a vertibird, a tank (see below), caesars legion...
  8. Putilov 107mm M1910

    Putilov 107mm M1910

    A reproduction of the russian field cannon, produced during the years that immediately predated the start of WW1 in the Putilov-Schneider factory of St. Petersburg. The Revolution of February in 1917 was sparked in this very factory. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirov_Plant