Tiered modern or steampunk buildings request

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Mar 4, 2018
hi i am new to the hive and have searched for models to replace the structures and units for the human race in map editor and have notice that there are not much or any tiered modern structures and what i find is only appropriate for non upgradable structures such as the barracks, factory, helipad, comm towers, and a few bunker/turrets/AAguns/missle launchers and the like.

so if possible can some one make and upload some tiered modern structures.

want to replace:
Townhall/keep/castle (want an upgradable HQ)
scout/guard/cannon/arcane towers (current modern structures are not upgradable)
blacksmith (wish for an armory of some sorts)
farm (if possible want to have a modern structure like supplydepot to replace) (ps. dont want to use any starcraft models)
lumber-mill (if possible just want something as an alternative to refinery)
arcane sanctum (can someone make an R&D lab so can replace it for experimental units?)

found suitable replacements
for barracks,factory,aviery, and alter.
Mechanical Man's Ultimate Building pack.

Bob's Ultimate Sci-Fi pack.

P.S i am new to the map editor and so my project will be only replacing human with modern structures and using Ujimasa Hojos models for other races going for a "Gate – Jietai Kare no Chi nite, Kaku Tatakeri" feel.

P.P.S here is an example of buildings that want.
(C&C Generals)

command and conquer generals structures - Google Search

Command Center

Town hall can be only the central building without the radar tower and garage.

Keep will be when garag is added to upgrade

Castle will be with the radar tower added to complete it as tiered HQ.
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