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  1. darkravenbest

    Get upgrade cost

    Hello! I need to find a way to get upgrade(research) gold/wood cost. I know that there are exists: BlzGetUnitGoldCost, which works for unit only and GetAbilityLevelIntegerField. The latter can be set to get "gold cost" of ability. As i know functions like GetAbilityToolTip are used with units...
  2. Outland Oasis 2

    Outland Oasis 2

  3. Outland Oasis

    Outland Oasis

  4. Wood Elf Preview

    Wood Elf Preview

    Preview of the Wood Elves
  5. Mathayis

    Wooden walls?

    Hey there! Two requests in one day it seems XD I just realized I'm in need of some good quality wooden interior walls for housing, hotels and shops in my Map. While there are some good ones already here on this site, just looking for something a little more high quality XD If anyone knows...
  6. Military Watch Tower

    Military Watch Tower

    A generic low tier defensive structure for World War maps. Credits to HerrDave for the Bunker Animations
  7. Tanni

    Wooden Floor Request

    Hello! I'm trying to make a top floor for my library in this campaign I'm working on, and I can't find a suitable model to fit the job. Below I have uploaded screenshots of the library I've been working on, and I'd like to put the top floor right above the bookshelves. I'm requesting for a thin...
  8. jalu2k

    Change wood quantity collection from Peasants

    Hello everyone I am trying to add a new tech for the human race, specifically for peasants, in which he modifies the damage caused to a tree so that it gives more wood per attack and that in turn increases the speed of "attack 2" or Speed of collection. I could not do it, so I need your help. I...
  9. TaKky

    Burning Legion Mechanical Harvester Model

    Hi, long-time member, first-time poster. It would be pretty groovy if anyone enjoyed the prospect of modelling a Goblin Shredder type unit for the Demon race. Something more akin to the Infernal Contraption than the Goblin's bipedal mech though. I don't think it should have a visible pilot...