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Burning Legion Mechanical Harvester Model

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Level 3
Jul 11, 2006
Hi, long-time member, first-time poster.

It would be pretty groovy if anyone enjoyed the prospect of modelling a Goblin Shredder type unit for the Demon race. Something more akin to the Infernal Contraption than the Goblin's bipedal mech though. I don't think it should have a visible pilot unless it's one of those Gan'arg guys...or an attachment point for them anyway.

Random thoughts or leads on finding existing models are always valued.



Arena Moderator
Level 45
Jul 29, 2008
GEEZ 2006? Boy oh boy, we have ourselves an Ancient, fellows! Bend a knee. : )

I'd love to see a modeler have a hey-day with your Request. However, perhaps you'll find this of some use? Mc! made it years ago for an unfortunately-failed Hero Contest... True it's still bipedal & has the rider, but it uses some Infernal Contraption textures & it's hecka-Demonic.

Good luck!
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