The Invasion of Kalimdor Timeline - Story, Lore & Missions

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Apr 6, 2004
The following is a summary of all the events that surround the orc campaign The Invasion of Kalimdor. The focus is not just on what is shown ingame, but in other media too including novels, comics, chronicles and World of Warcraft.

Noteworthy events that happen before, or during (at an unknown time) the Campaign:

  • Daelin Proudmoore prowls the coastline of Lordaeron but only sees Scourge and demons, and begins to feel that the realm is lost.
  • After refugees near to Gilneas are approached by Jaina, Lord Crowley sends a force of soldiers known as the Gilneas Brigade to join the Human Expedition to Kalimdor. This provokes a civil war in that is known in Gilneas as the Northgate Rebellion. [WC3 / WoW]
  • The Northgate Rebellion occurs in Gilneas and the Kingdom is plunged into civil war. [WoW]
  • At some point Stromgarde fights the Scourge on their borders and wins, protecting its lands from their influence. The Stromgarde Brigade to support Jaina Proudmoores effort to flee to Kalimdor.
  • Jaina rallies the refugees at a port (the port is unknown at the moment) and sets sail for Kalimdor in the hope of survival. Among those that answer the call are the Lordaeron Brigade, Lordaeron Corps, Gilneas Brigade, Stromgarde Brigade and Kul Tiras Elite Corps. Also, many dwarfs, elves, half-elves, and even a few gnomes join her great exodus.
  • Both the Horde and Alliance lose numerous ships when sailing through the Drowned Reaches near to the Maelstrom. Because the sailors die near the malign presence of the Maelstrom, the dead rise as skeletons and zombies that rage at their fate. [RPG - Lands of Mystery]
  • Varok Saurfang befriends a Darkspear Troll called Hekazi. [WoW Cinematic - Old Soldier]
  • Alexandros Mograine visits Magni Bronzebeard with a unique crystal of pure light. Having learned of his brothers death at Arthas’ hand, Magni takes up the task of turning the crystal into a weapon and forges the Ashbringer. [Comic - Ashbringer]
  • Magni Bronzebeard leads the dwarfs north to aid in the battle against the Scourge in Lordaeron. It is not known where he fought, only that Chen Stormstout fought at his side. [Comic - Pearl of Panderia]
  • Kael’thas returns to Quel’thalas, and after cremating his father he takes the battle to the Scourge. After burning part of Eversong Forest to prevent its corruption, he unites the surviving elves and destroys the corrupt Sunwell. With victory there, he takes a strong contingent with him back to Lordaeron to rejoin the Alliance and fight the Scourge.
  • Erol Evensworth, a smith in the Order of the Silver Hand, begins work on what forging his masterpieces - the Hellslayer Battle Axes. These heroic weapons are designed to kill agents of the Lich King, and he tries forging as many as he can for the resistance. [RPG - More Magic and Mayhem / WOW]

Noteworthy events set during the Campaign:

  • Jaina and the refugees make landfall on Kalimdor after a rough voyage. Not only were humans from Lordaeron, Kul Tiras, Stromgarde and Gilneas present, but also elven survivors of Quel’thalas, dwarfs from Ironforge and Aerie Peak, and a small number of Gnomes. [Book - Chronicles Vol. 3]
  • The Human Expedition strikes towards Ashenvale Forest to escape the burning sun of the Barrens and to meet with the Oracle. [Book - Chronicles Vol. 3]
  • After weeks of traversing the raging seas, the orcish Horde has landed upon the savage shores of Kalimdor. [CH1 - Landfall]
  • With their stolen ships broken and drowned, the orcs cautiously venture inland, wary of the unseen dangers lurking within the crags of the desolate land. [CH1 - Landfall]
  • The orcs come into conflict with Quilboar, Harpies, Murlocs and Centaur while trying to rally together. [CH1 - Landfall]
  • Thrall discovers Cairne and his people under attack by the Centaur Marauders. They come to the aid of the Tauren. [CH1 - Landfall]
  • The tauren are being afflicted by a strange fever by the Centaur. Could work as side quest material. [WC3 Concept Art]
  • Cairne mentions to Thrall about an Oracle in the north, which is where he is leading his people. The two groups band together, with Thrall hoping that he’ll find Grom and the Warsong Clan there. [CH1 - Landfall]
  • While traversing the Barrens the Alliance struggle to find water and begin to regret their journey across the ocean. Jaina tries to keep their spirits up, but it isn't until they reach Ashenvale Forest that they feel they made the right move. [Book - Chronicles Vol. 3]
  • Agents of Tichondris tell him that the Orcs have made landfall in Kalimdor. It is not known who these agents are, whether they are demons who stalked them or possibly even traitors in the midst of the Horde. Perhaps even the Warlocks from WoW? [CH2x The Wreckage of Lordaeron]
  • As the two groups head north, the centaur marauders under command of Khan Bloodhoof harry them, attacking them at every opportunity. [CH2 - The Long March]
  • Thralls mastery of lighting helps keep the Centaur Marauders at bay due to their fear of storms. [Book - The Art of Warcraft p138-139]
  • The Orcs, Trolls and Tauren progress north across the Barrens, stopping off at one oasis after another. Among those they are believed to have visited are; Stagnant Oasis, Lushwater Oasis, and the Forgotten Pools [CH2 - The Long March / WoW]
  • If they really did go near the Lushwater Oasis, it is possible they fought Druids of the Fang in serpent form within the Wailing Caverns. [WoW]
  • Along the way they encounter the first evidence that the Warsong Clan are nearby. Once they reached their destination, Cairne and Thrall part ways. [CH2 - The Long March]
  • Back in Lordaeron, the Burning Legion continues its invasion. While they tear apart a town (town unknown), Tichondris teleports near to Mannoroth and tells him about where the Orcs have gone. [CH2x - The Wreckage of Lordaeron]
  • When Mannoroth gets angry and wants to bring the Orcs to heel he is stopped by Archimonde. [CH2x - The Wreckage of Lordaeron]
  • Jaina Proudmoore is dismayed to find that Orcs have “followed” the Alliance to Kalimdor and she prepared to defeat them in battle, beginning a battle against the Warsong Clan. [Book - Chronicles Vol. 3]
  • After days marching across the Barrens, Thrall’s horde stumbles across the Warsong Clan fighting against the Alliance. They rush in and drive the humans back. [CH3 - Cry of the Warsong]
  • Warcraft Chronicles claims that this happens in Ashenvale rather than the Barrens [Book - Chronicle Vol. 3]
  • Tyrande of the Night Elves is informed of the Orcs and Humans encroaching on her lands. She holds back from interfering as she feels they may just be refugees passing through her lands to escape the plague. [Book - Chronicle Vol. 3]
  • Grom Hellscream tells Thrall that the humans control the passage to Stonetalon Peak. Thrall orders Grom to ignore the humans while he finds a way to bypass them. [CH3 - Cry of the Warsong]
  • Troll scouts locate a goblin laboratory and from here Thrall barters for access to the goblin zeppelins. While he does so, Grom gives in to his bloodlust and attacks the humans, disobeying Thralls direct orders. [CH3 - Cry of the Warsong]
  • The Orcs drive back the humans, but Thrall is furious with Grom for disobeying him. He punishes him by sending him north into Ashenvale Forest to construct a settlement. [CH3 - Cry of the Warsong]
  • Two days later Grom Hellscream is in the borderlands of Ashenvale Forest and begins harvesting lumber. [CH4 - The Spirits of Ashenvale]
  • As soon as their sacred woods are under threat, Tyrande orders Shandris Feathermoon and her Sentinels to attack the Warsong Clan. Groms encampment is soon attacked by elven warrior women. [CH4 - The Spirits of Ashenvale / Book - Chronicles Vol. 3]
  • Without care or consideration, Grom takes the battle to the Night Elven Sentinels, hacking his way through their sacred lands and destroying the enchanted trees that they held in esteem. [CH4 - The Spirits of Ashenvale]
  • At some point he encounters a goblin called Neeloc Greedyfingers who is being harassed by Furbolgs of the forest. In exchange for wiping out the furbolgs he receives a number of Goblin Shredder machines. [CH4 - The Spirits of Ashenvale]
  • In pursuit of victory he also wipes out a dark troll encampment and recovers the Astranaar Globe/Crystal Ball from them. [CH4 - The Spirits of Ashenvale]
  • Eventually the Night Elves retreat from his onslaught, and Grom begins fortifying his new settlement. [CH4 - The Spirits of Ashenvale]
  • Thrall sends scouts up Stonetalon Mountain to gauge the strength and fortifications of the Alliance forces. [CH6 - Where Wyverns Dare]
  • Tichondris and Mannoroth arrive in Ashenvale Forest. They kill/drive away the furbolgs living near it, and then Mannoroth spills his blood into the pool. He knows that the Orcs will not resist the power it will bestow upon them. [CH4x - The Blood of Mannoroth]
  • Cenarius is roused when he senses demonic corruption in the woods and that leads him to the Orcs. In fury, he gathers to him the night elven sentinels of the Moonhunters, Nightblades, Shadowleaves and Starseekers. [CH5 - The Hunter of Shadows / Book - Chronicles Vol. 3]
  • Under the guidance of their demi-god Cenarius, the Night Elves launch an immense counterattack that nearly brings the Warsong Clan to their knees. [CH5 - The Hunter of Shadows]
  • The Nightblade Sentinels destroy one of the Warsong encampments. [CH5 - The Hunter of Shadows]
  • Knowing that his defeat was imminent, Grom heads into the forest when the Witch Doctor Mil’janza senses a dark power. [CH5 - The Hunter of Shadows]
  • After cutting down the Satyr who were using the blood of Mannoroth for their own gain, Grom and the Warsong Clan drink from the corrupt water, becoming fel Orcs in the process. [CH5 - The Hunter of Shadows]
  • Grom and the Warsong Clan take the battle back to the Night Elves, and eventually he reaches the Demi-god Cenarius. The two clash, but Grom Hellscream kills him and the Night Elves flee. [CH5 - The Hunter of Shadows]
  • With Cenarius dead Mannoroth emerges, binding Grom and the Warsong Clan to his will. Mil’janza and the other trolls are imprisoned. [CH5 - The Hunter of Shadows]
  • At the moment of Cenarius' death the wilds of Hyjal darken and tremble. Dryads, chimaeras, treants and other natural entities recoil in horror and flee. A few would return to fight alongside the Night Elves, but the rest would hide until the war was over. [Book - Chronicles Vol. 3]
  • The death of Cenarius impacted the Night Elves in other ways. The druids were left trapped in the Emerald Dream because of it and were unable to awaken. [Book - Chronicles Vol. 3]
  • With Cenarius dead and the Orcs under Mannoroths command, Tichondrius returns to Archimonde for further orders.
  • The Tauren fight for control of Mulgore and drive the Centaur from their ancestral home. Cairne unites many of the tauren tribes and then sets out north for Stonetalon Mountains.
  • At about the same time, Thralls scouts return with news that the humans have fortified the pass to the Oracle on Stonetalon Peak. [CH6 - Where Wyverns Dare]
  • Cairne and the Bloodhoof Tauren arrive unexpectedly and pledge themselves to the Horde. Cairne advises Thrall to enlist the aid of the local wyverns, an intelligent animal that could help them fly past the human defences. [CH6 - Where Wyverns Dare]
  • They discover the wyverns are enslaved by local Harpies and that local Centaur Khans are taking advantage of the position. Thrall takes both to account, freeing the Wyverns and purifying a well that the khans had corrupted. [CH6 - Where Wyverns Dare]
  • According to Warcraft 3 the Horde launches an attack on the human settlements, which forces Jaina and her forces to retreat into the mountain. [CH6 - Where Wyverns Dare]
  • According to Chronicles Volume 3, Jaina and Thrall take different routes and her settlements are not destroyed by the Horde. [Book - Warcraft Chronicles Vol. 3]
  • Thrall, Cairne and Jaine lead their forces through the caverns until they meet the Oracle. They prepare for battle but are stopped when he reveals himself to be the Prophet, and in turn, Medivh. [CH7 - The Oracle / Book - Chronicles Vol. 3]
  • Medivh explains his past to them, that he was the last Guardian of Tirisfal and about the Burning Legion. He forces them to work together, and reveals to Thrall that Grom has turned back to daemonic corruption. [CH7 - The Oracle]
  • Thrall pledges to free his friend from the corruption, one way or another. [CH7 - The Oracle]
  • Days later the combined forces of the Horde and the survivors of the Alliance arrive near the Warsong encampment. [CH8 - By Demons Be Driven]
  • The forces fight against the corrupt Warsong Clan while the sky above burns with demonic energies and Infernals rain down upon them. [CH8 - By Demons Be Driven]
  • During the battle Thrall discovers Mil’janza and the other Darkspear Trolls who had fought beside the Warsong Clan locked up in cages. They’re keen for some payback. [CH8 - By Demons Be Driven]
  • Eventually Thrall faces his friend on the battlefield and learns that the Orcs weren’t corrupted by demons on Draenor, they gave themselves over willingly. This outrages him. [CH8 - By Demons Be Driven]
  • Thrall proves victorious over Grom and captures him then in a Soul Gem. This gem is used to purify Grom. [CH8 - By Demons Be Driven]
  • Grom tries to apologise but Thrall is having none of it. He demands that Grom ends it by slaying Mannoroth, and the two go to fight him. [CH8 - By Demons Be Driven]
  • Thrall and Grom reach Demon Fall Canyon and take the fight to Mannoroth. Thrall is nearly knocked unconscious by him, but Grom slays the demon and dies in the process. [CH8x - The Death of Hellscream]
  • With the death of Mannoroth and Grom, the bloodcurse is lifted from the Orcs. [CH8x - The Death of Hellscream]

Noteworthy events set after the Campaign:

  • Tichondrius returns to Kalimdor at the head of the Scourge, and leads them to the Moonglade so he may slay the druids in the Barrow Dens. [Eternity’s End CH3 - The Awakening of Stormrage]
  • Tichondrius uses the Skull of Gul’dan (that he stole from Dalaran) to corrupt Felwood. [Eternity’s End CH6 - A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow]
  • Varok Saurfang helps dozens of veterans to come to grips with their previous atrocities and saved many from themselves. He did this despite being haunted by his own actions under the blood curse. [Ask CDev Answers - Round 1]
  • Under the command of Jaina and Thrall, the two forces unite and begin setting up joint strongholds in Ashenvale Forest in preparation for the Burning Legion. One of these is led by Duke Lionheart. [Eternity’s End CH1 - Enemies at the Gate]
  • Thrall erects a monument to his fallen friend in Demon Fall Canyon. [WoW]
  • Agents of the Lich King learn about Erol Evensmith's forge and he sends spectral assassins to burn down the forge and kill the smith. Although he perished, a number of his Hellslayer Battle Axes survive and are passed to the Lordaeron resistance [RPG - More Magic and Mayhem / WOW]
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Factions & Characters:

The New Horde

Orc Clans

Thrall was the first to heed the warnings of the Prophet and amassed the bulk of the Horde in Southshore, setting sail upon the Alliances own ships. After a perilous voyage and several adventures, the New Horde washes up on the shores of Kalimdor. Those Orcs who went with him came from disparate clans, many of which have no named or recorded leaders. The following factions appear to have made the journey with him:
  • The New Horde - Led by Warchief Thrall
  • Frostwolf Clan - Farseer Drek'thar as Chieftain, Drek'thar remained behind in the Eastern Kingdoms
  • Warsong Clan - Grom Hellscream as Chieftain
  • Burning Blade - Blademasters that had forsaken their old ways, no defined leader but Samuro is one of the more famous individuals
  • Blackrock Clan - Many joined the New Horde because of Ogrimm Doomhammer, but they appear to have no defined Chieftain in this Horde
  • Bleeding Hollow Clan - Many joined the New Horde when they were freed from the internment camps, they have no defined leader at this point
  • Shadowmoon Clan - A small number joined the New Horde, leader is unknown
  • Shattered Hand Clan - The Azerothian portion of the clan chose to join the New Horde and serve as the Hordes assassins. Gordul is their Chieftain.

With few defined Orcish leaders, all we know is that Thrall had a number of trusted individuals that served him as advisors, commanders and the like but whom did not control a clan. These include:

  • Eitrigg - A former Blackrock Clan orc that was rescued by a human Paladin, and later, by Thrall's New Horde.
  • Nazgrel - The preeminent warrior of the Frostwolf Clan and last descendent of the legendary Kash'drakor
  • Nazgrim - His clan is unknown, but he was freed from one of the Alliance internment camps, and is considered one of the orcs greatest Generals.
  • Samuro - Blademaster of the Burning Blade that pledged his sword-skills to the New Horde
  • Varok Saurfang - A renowned orc of the Blackrock clan and former second-in-command to Orgrim Doomhammer. An individual tortured by his past but still willing to fight
Darkspear Tribe

A tribe of Jungle Trolls that pledged themselves to the Horde after Warchief Thrall helped to rescue them from the murlocs and humans of Kul’tiras. Leadership of the tribe passed from Sen'jin to Vol'jin, and though the trolls are pledged to the Horde he has not yet made the crossing to Kalimdor. Other than Vol'jin, there are noteworthy trolls including:

  • Rokhan - Shadow Hunter, possibly who led the jungle trolls on Kalimdor during the Third War
  • Mil’janza - Witch Doctor, cut content during one mission in WC3, was a bit different to a typical witch doctor. Possibly the Witch Doctor that found Mannoroth's tainted pool for Grom Hellscream
  • Master Gadrin - Chief Witch Doctor of the Darkspears, unknown if he was present in Kalimdor or still with Vol’jin
  • Zalazane - Was still with Vol’jin so had no part in the Third War

Bloodhoof Tauren

After Thrall helped the tauren migrate to Mulgore they pledged themselves to aid Thrall and the Horde. This faction is led by the ancient warrior Cairne Bloodhoof, who quickly became a trusted friend of the Warchief. Here are those noteworthy individuals of the Tauren during this period:

  • Baine Bloodhoof - Cairnes son and a warrior in his own right
  • Bovan Windtotem - Spirit Walker leader of the tauren outcasts in the TFT campaign
  • Tagar - Cairne second-in-command during the Warcraft 3 era
  • Hamuul Runetotem - Childhood friend and advisor to Cairne Bloodhoof

Human Expedition

The Human Expedition was a united force of civilians and military that fled the Eastern Kingdoms for Kalimdor. Among these were forces from Lordaeron, Kul’tiras, Stromgarde and Gilneas, as well as smaller groups of elves, dwarfs, half-elves and gnomes. It is highly probable that there were a lot of Dalaran refugees as well considering it fell shortly before Jaina began rallying an exodus. Many half-elves joined the expedition to flee Lordaeron and also to find a new home. Few names are given for those leading Jaina's forces, so I have noted down those individuals that might have been in command:

Faction Leader:
  • Jaina Proudmoore - Archmage of Dalaran, daughter of the Admiral of Kul'tiras

Noteworthy Individuals:
  • An unidentified Archmage leads this faction in CH3
  • An unidentified Mountain King leads tis faction in CH6
Lordaeron Brigade

These soldiers and civilian militia make up one of the detachments that Jaina persuaded to join her on her exodus from the Eastern Kingdoms. These dig in on the slopes of Stonetalon Mountain under orders from Jaina herself.

  • Leader: Unidentified Archmage
  • Potential Leader: Duke Lionheart - A Knight of the Silver Hand who followed Jaina to Kalimdor, most likely journeying there alongside Delora Lionheart, a female captain in Jaina's armies.

Lordaeron Corps

The elite forces of those from Lordaeron that made the journey across the Great Sea. Likely they were swayed to leave when King Terenas was slain.

  • Leader: Unidentified Paladin
  • Potential Leader: Halford Wyrmbane - Paladin who has fought in countless battles before, during and after the Third War.

Gilneas Brigade

A detachment of troops sent by Darius Crowley against the orders of King Genn Greymane. They were known for their valiance during the Third War.

  • Leader: Unidentified Mountain King
  • Potential Leader: General Norris - A general for Theramore following the war, only named once in Cycle of Hatred
  • Potential Leader: Tervosh - Archmage who did not train at Dalaran. He is a confidant of Jaina but his origins are unknown.

Kul’tiras Brigade

A detachment of troops from Kul’tiras, possibly Jaina’s personal bodyguard. It is likely that these went with Jaina despite Admiral Proudmoore not being ready to abandon Lordaeron when his daughter did.

  • Leader: Unknown
  • Potential Leader: Tervosh - Archmage who did not train at Dalaran. He is a confidant of Jaina but his origins are unknown.
  • Potential Leader: General Norris - A general for Theramore following the war, only named once in Cycle of Hatred
  • Potential Leader: Corporal Lorena Blackwood - From Cycle of Hatred, she very loyal Kul’tirasian warrior that serves Jaina with distinction

Stromgarde Brigade

A detachment of troops originating from Stromgarde. It is probable that these were sent to aid the Alliance once the Scourge encroached on Stromgardes lands and were beaten back.

  • Leader: Unidentified Archmage
  • Potential Leader: Tervosh - Archmage who did not train at Dalaran. He is a confidant of Jaina but his origins are unknown.

Dalaran Survivors

Citizens from Dalaran also followed Jaina to Kalimdor once Antonidas had ordered her to flee there.

  • Leader: Unknown
  • Potential Leader: Ysuria - A high elven Portal Trainer in Theramore in World of Warcraft
  • Potential Leader: Horace Alder - A mage trainer in Theramore in World of Warcraft

Quel’thalas Survivors

A small number of high elves fled from Quel’thalas and Dalaran with Jaina Proudmoore.

  • Leader: Unknown
  • Potential Leader: Ysuria - A high elven Portal Trainer in Theramore in World of Warcraft

Khaz Modan Contingent

A large contingent of dwarves backed the Human Expedition and would eventually settle in Bael’Modan.

  • Leader: Unknown
  • Potential Leader: General Twinbraid - A dwarven general in World of Warcraft who controls territory near Bael'modan
  • Potential Leader: Baldruc - Gryphon Master in Theramore in WoW
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I was wondering how eactly you planned to move the Scourge and Legion from Lordaeron to Kalimdor. Will they all go by ship? I know it's purely subjective, but thinking of Archimonde and doomguards on ships is... werid.

One solution I found was to perhaps have the undead go first, and there, in Azshara, conduct rituals while Archimonde is doing the same in Dalaran. Then, they manage to make a portal.
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Truth be told, I haven't seen any details on how they managed to get there, only that there were conflicts about whether Arthas went with the main body of troops or was sent to speak to Illidan via portal later. Because of this lack of knowledge there is some free rein, so I imagine if InsaneMonster shows it, he'll go with whichever one feels the most thematic. Personally, I imagine they could've travelled there via portal, but its probably more impressive to have taken a sea route.
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Going to post my proposal for the ships here.

My idea was rather that Thrall and the Horde would take over Southshore (or wherever else that port is) and they'd defend it for a while, while building ships. The Alliance would try to attack, but they'd be more concerned about the spreading Plague in the north. Then, when they had enough ships, the Horde would leave.


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Going to post my proposal for the ships here.

My idea was rather that Thrall and the Horde would take over Southshore (or wherever else that port is) and they'd defend it for a while, while building ships. The Alliance would try to attack, but they'd be more concerned about the spreading Plague in the north. Then, when they had enough ships, the Horde would leave.

I think this is definitely not canon. The ships are supposed to be stolen during the night (this is why in Re-Reforged the Horde arrives at night time).
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I think this is definitely not canon. The ships are supposed to be stolen during the night (this is why in Re-Reforged the Horde arrives at night time).

It's not canon currently! But if you want, you could make it canon.

It's just a thought, so that it makes more sense. How many ships would have to be already on the harbor to accommodate the almost the entire Horde?