1. Blood Raven

    [General] Is there any way to change the water textures? [SD graphics]

    Hey, I got a new animated water texture consisting of 45 .blp files with each frame of the animation. I tried to import them with the following paths: "ReplaceableTextures\Water\A_Water00.blp" to "ReplaceableTextures\Water\A_Water44.blp" "Textures\Water00-0.blp" to "Textures\Water44-0.blp"...
  2. Cregath00

    [HD/Modeling] Need 2 Four Horseman of The Death Knight Player Character in WOW

    I need Both Thoras Trollbane and Sally Whitemane in their Death Knight forms in WOW: Legion off their horses. I have nazgrim and highlord Darion Mograine but I don't have thoras Trollbane and Sally Whitemane. I am no good at editing models unless it's simply changing the Texture. I have sally...
  3. StormyG7

    [SD/Texturing] Smaller W3 Reforged Tilesets

    I feel like this might be easy to do, or it might not, but I'm not quite sure how to do it. I'm pretty busy these days, so any advice or help is appreciated. If this is a relatively simple request, then I'd appreciate someone doing it because I feel like it might turn out to be useful. I'm...
  4. BrothForMyPeople

    WoW model viewer - items' textures cannot be seen

    I can't see items appearance on the model. Helmets, Pauldrons, weapons and quiver have no problems but items for Chest and Legs as well as Feet do not display. Did someone have similar problem and has fixed it? https://www.hiveworkshop.com/media/wowmodel-viewer-jpg.134545/full
  5. wowmodel viewer.jpg

    wowmodel viewer.jpg

    problem with textures
  6. Teitan

    [Solved] Need a red-ish recolor of lordearon dark grass and summer tree wall

    Hello, i am in need of a recolor of Lords_Grass.blp, it's corresponding cliff, and the "Summer Tree Wall" textures, i need them to be red, but not bright red, something like a "natural" kind of red. I would be immensely thankful, as i've searched the hive in and out and didn't find this...
  7. xorkatoss

    Reforged Textures Problem

    Hi everybody so I started creating some simple "HD" floors with reforged textures and I have come upon a strange problem. as you can see some of them don't appear to be textured in game although they are in Retera's: My guess is that it might be a texture path problem, the working models...
  8. Barorque

    The Case for Reforged Resources on Hive

    Greetings, on behalf of Reforged modders I work with or closely follow, I'm inviting resource creators, those who moderate their work and the Hive team overall, to discuss this topic here. I would employ all to leave mindless Reforged bashing or fanboying outside of this discussion. For I hope...
  9. Xardian

    Do old tools still work for Reforged?

    Greetings, you wonderful hive community! So, a little insight on my situation. I have been modding, modeling, texturing and loving wc3 for well over a decade now. I have been working on a project for about 9 years (with several do overs, because I was an unfocused teen and developing my skills)...
  10. SpiritTauren

    Wasteland/Fallout/Post-nuclear resources Dump Thread

    Dear hive members, I'm not submitting a "make me this or that" request per se (although I would be grateful if someone did create a themed model/texture), but merely asking if you happen to have any collections of themed resources that you'd share with me (being credited for that, ofc). I'm...
  11. Macadamia

    Flying Balls Model : Portrait Upgrade First not working...

    Hello fellow modelers !!! Well I shall not yet consider myself as such as I am still slowly learning the basics. Here is my problem : For my map, I had a couple of "Ball" models. Balls are the attacking creeps in my special TD. I have a "Rolling Ball" model for ground attackers, that actually...
  12. Jaccouille

    Edited a texture, it mess up ingame (Solved)

    Ingame : https://i.gyazo.com/8b2523f188eef93037776dc35584440d.png Magos : https://i.gyazo.com/b96cc75aa7249da30be69b43818fc399.png I edited the Troll HeadHunter texture, this what it look like ingame, works fine when I preview it with magos, would like to know why. Thank you.
  13. BrothForMyPeople

    [Solved] Terran Arclite Tank - can't see the model

    Hi. It's not my model so I do not upload it in Maps & Resources, but I will upload it here and I'm going to ask you to try to import it to your random map to see if it works for you and, if yes, then help me in turn to import it to my map because I have already tried few ways and still I can't...
  14. kantarion

    Seeking a partnership for wc3 HD tilesets

    Yo,seeking partner for recreating some areas of wc3 tilesets in HD manner. I am aware Reforged will come out but i got a feeling time is slowed down drastically now :) So lets grant community some nice things that we can enjoy while waiting :) You can check my work here (i updated some things...
  15. Dalis Bouvier

    [General] Hi, I'm new and I want to learn.

    Hello everyone. I have been using the WE of Warcraft III for years to make typical maps with the RTS game mode, customizing the models, effects, skins and stats of the characters and abilities but I have never deepened my knowledge about detonators in general or similar things and for this...
  16. betoaac

    How to wet a texture?

    Hello, I'm working on a personal map (to play with some friends). On this map I use some textures exported from SC2. Some I have downloaded and others I have exported with the 3DS Max. But the textures I exported need to be wet. Screenshot How can I do to make them little things? This is...
  17. BrothForMyPeople

    Spirit of Vengeance, changing textures to HD Watcher

    Is it possible to change black-transparent texture of Spirit of Vengeance to HD Watcher? I basically want to obtain WC3 Sentry unit with remastered textures. I'm uploading images to illustrate my intention.
  18. SNIper of DARKness

    War3 Model Editor not working properly

    Greetings, I have encountered a problem when viewing some models in the Model Editor and Mldvis. They lack any textures But when placed in game They work fine. If anyone has a solution do not hesitate to tell me. Note: This only happens with some models, apparently the only ones that...
  19. carcanosc

    [Spell] flame effect around buildings

    Hello I want to put the effect flame (sequence video which we can to find in the complements palette) as this video from a youtuber who don't reply comments and don't tell us how he does. These are the links I also want to know how I have to put the effect on buildings Besides I want to...
  20. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Felblood Elves

    Okay. When i was middle of looking around the Warcraft wikis (WoWWiki and Wowpedia). I thought of something about Felblood Elves (Or Fel Elves or Chaos Blood Elves). I remember looking around the models on Hive (Such as the the Blood Elf or High Elf race categories) having that. But they don't...
  21. Khagda

    Could someone help an OSX user out in retrieving some game resources?

    Hello there I used to be a prolific mapmaker on this site back when I had my old OSX, but I had to update it recently and can no longer run World Editor. :( For my brother's birthday I planned on recreating Warchasers in a different game engine using as many of the original assets possible...
  22. Heinvers

    Le' texturing attempts

    I've compiled my texturing works that I've done and the ones that I'm working on in this thread. Criticism and comments are welcomed as long as you don't go kuku with those along the way. Listed below are my texturing projects, easier to find and to offer criticism if people feel like giving...