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Could someone help an OSX user out in retrieving some game resources?

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Level 3
Jun 8, 2014
Hello there

I used to be a prolific mapmaker on this site back when I had my old OSX, but I had to update it recently and can no longer run World Editor. :(

For my brother's birthday I planned on recreating Warchasers in a different game engine using as many of the original assets possible, but I don't really know how to get my hands on them anymore. I'm only looking for some tileset .blp's and a couple of models for the huts that spawn enemies. If someone could do me a real favor and upload these so I can download them, I would be so grateful.

As far as which tiles I think I'd need, the map is a typical cityscape map. So that means:

However in the section where you're teleported to hell I also see some tiles from the Dungeon tileset. If I'm not mistaken I think these are:

There's one more section (the one with the wendigo and the blue dragons) with some ice on the ground. I believe that's this pathway:

So besides that I want to use the model files of the hut-spawners in the level. I'm talking about the gnoll hut that spawns murlocs in the very start of the game, for example. I think I've pinpointed them down to the following:
  • Gnoll Hut
  • High Elven Farm
  • Forest Troll Hut
  • Nerubian Ziggurat
  • Murloc Hut
  • High Elven Guard Tower
  • Ice Troll Hut
  • Blue Dragon Roost
  • Tauren Tent
  • Centaur Tent
  • Harpy Nest
Since I'm using these models in another game engine, I'd guess I need the corresponding skins as well, but I'm not really sure.

And the last things I'm considering utilizing are the decorative pillars and statues throughout the dungeon, as well as that destructible "magic vault" which holds some magical items near the end of the game. I'll include screenshots of them. I'm only looking for a single pillar and a single statue in particular.

The Statue — Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
The Pillar — Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
The Magic Vault — Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

One more thing which is very important, and I'm really sure specifically where it's found in the WC3 assets, can be seen in this image:

Dungeon Wall— Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

I need this texture used on all the dungeon walls. Thankfully all the dungeon walls use this same "stone wall" texture, but I'm not sure what its pathway is. It's definitely a must though. :)

So anyway, I know this is a huge post and I'm asking for a lot. But if anyone would be willing to help me out with this I would be so thankful. And if you guys want some info on the Warchasers remake I'm making, I'd be more than happy to share my progress.

Thanks guys :)
Level 3
Jun 8, 2014
Images aren't working - what stops you from using an mpq editor and extract the files yourself?
See MPQ Extractor 1.0

If you click on the links I set beside the broken images, you'll find you can see them.

I would gladly do this work myself, but as I said I updated my mac. I've downloaded MPQ Extractor and it won't run on an OS 10.12. Mac support is kind of feeble to begin with, and I'm not so sure any other editors exist that I can use.

I'm basically just asking someone with a system that can run a program like that to do me a favor and extract the files on my behalf.
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