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  1. darkravenbest

    Z axis for Relativistic missile

    Hello! I tried to make a simple spell using: Relativistic Missiles [vJASS][LUA][GUI] The idea is simple, missile fall directly from above the unit. So Starting point and Finish point are the same. The only difference is that starting Z is, for example, 1000 and finish Z is obviously 0. But the...
  2. HellCEzAR

    [Script] Shield ability

    Greetings everyone! I would be very glad if you did spell : Works like On/off, similar like immolate. When on, every ally unit and caster(300AOE) recieve shield which blocks % of recieved damage and when this unit(s) have attacked, it have 15% to knockback(50-100 range, prob. random range)...
  3. GamesofFreak

    [Spell] Change Spell Hit Points Gained Value through Trigger

    I want to replicate the Racial Trait "Gift of the Naaru" from World of Warcraft in Warcraft 3. To gain the 20% of the Total Health Healing I want to change the Value "Data - Hit Points Gained" through Trigger. I know that the Value is an integer and if I try to change the Field with the "Set...
  4. LebronJames69

    How to heal the unit triggering an ability in Jass

    The ability I am trying to make is when I use a particular ability, it would instantly heal. I was wondering how to heal the triggering unit just when it triggers an ability in Jass. I am a complete newbie at Jass so forgive me if this question is kind of obvious to do already.
  5. Dord96

    arcane explosion sound effect

    hello i want to creat the spell arcane explosion like in wow using this spell effect but it hase no sound effect and i dount know where to get it so it sounds like in wow or something simeler pleass help
  6. Dord96

    [Spell] how to make a spell

    hii i want to use this spell effect but i am not sure how to recreact it like in WoW pleass help
  7. HerlySQR

    How can I check where is a concentration of units?

    Hello, I now that units with abilities like frame strike or blizzard checks if there are a group of units which they can cast those spells, I wanna know how can I do that? Because the methods I'm thinking are not practical.
  8. HerlySQR

    [Lua] Invoking 2 units that check nearby units together makes the game freezes

    Hello, I made this ability to create a rock that slows nearby enemy units, but when 2 of this units are place together, the game lags and then freezes, I don't know what is wrong: OnInit(function () Require "BossFightUtils" local SPELL = FourCC('A02F') local AREA = 300. local...
  9. AtivEnergy

    [Spell] Sight Range Bonus - Spell

    Greetings!:peasant-waving: I need some help with one spell.. I wanted to made an [active] spell based on Item Sight Range Bonus, but I have at least two problems that I don't know how to solve.. 1.If i use this ability as an [Active] spell, Not passive, do not work.. Work only as...
  10. El Saif

    [Trigger] Help me fix my spell indexing

    So, i've been making a spell that to call a group of horsemen to move forward and damaging units. The problem with this is that when i cast another one while the previous is still ongoing, the units i created wont do anything, instead the one i cast before still ongoing and somehow going longer...
  11. HerlySQR

    [Spell] Shadow Fury ability of the dark templar in Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void

    Hello I wanna create the Shadow Fury ability of the dark templar in Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void, if you don't what it is, here is an example: My main problem is I'm not sure about how to determine where the caster should be positioned during the casting, because I never played it, but saw...
  12. Izzetin

    [Solved] Slash / Pushback Ability help

    Hello Community, Iam looking for a rather generic Spell but i cant figure out how to do this Specific variation of it. I need an Ability (close range, frontal cleave) where the Casting unit Slides slighty towards the Enemy while doing a ''Slash'' effect Attack Animation. If the Enemy infront of...
  13. HerlySQR

    Targetable ability that considers if the target has full mana

    Hello, I wanna know if there is an ability with target that don't cast if the target has full mana, I know that I can check and stop the caster with triggers, but I wanna do the check in the exact moment the order is issued, to the function IssueTargetOrderById returns me true or false.
  14. TheJassy

    Same ability, Different unit

    Hello, I've made a unit cast the "Doom" spell and it summons a Skeleton warriro. I'm looking for a way so if you cast the same spell on a Archer It'll turn into a skeleton with a bow. Hopefully that kind of explains it since It's kinda weird to explain. 😀
  15. Dord96

    [HD/Modeling] Arcanists Pyromancers Cryomancers for humans and elves

    hello i need units and spells effects missiles and buffs models that embody the specializeion of fire ,ice and arcane spells like in WOW for humans and elves pleass help🙏 and by awsome
  16. Lordul Dracula

    [Solved] Rain of Frost Arrows

    Hello everyone I made this skill Rain of Ice Arrows(I used Cluster Rockets to make this skill) and I want to add a cold effect for this skill. Is there a way to use Frost nova? Because i want to avoid to use a group event or an every 1 sec event. This skill is for a basic unit - the first range...
  17. HerlySQR

    How can I get if a unit successfully casted a spell?

    Hello, I wanna know if there is way that if a unit casted an spell without getting an error like casting Holy Bolt to a unit with full hp or enemy unit.
  18. HerlySQR

    Custom UI cast button

    Hello, I wanna add to my map a menu with buttons (apart of the normal UI) that I click and then I cast an spell, the thing is, how can I do it for spells with target? I was thinking something like: Press Button>Select a dummy caster>Force UI Key>Cast the spell>Deselect the dummy caster But I...
  19. Prostagma

    [Solved] Creating a loop spell

    Hello, I've been searching on how to create a loop spell in a specific way but I just can't find any tutorials on how to do it (or maybe I'm too dumb to understand). I'd like to create a volley spell (archer) that fires arrows from the heroes while he's channeling (because making arrow falls...
  20. Astronoot

    [JASS] [Solved] Help on detecting leaks

    Hi, I'm new and it's my first time posting a thread here :] (Not sure if this is right forum to ask.) So, um I started migrating from GUI to JASS recently. I tried browsing tutorials here and on Helper.net on making this spell. It's an MUI ability that uses hashtables as data bridge and timers...
  21. HerlySQR

    [Lua] Spells can't cast after a while

    I'm trying to create a boss fight and first I have to create its spells, but the problem is for some reason after various casts the spells are not casted, I don't even get an error message so I don't know what's going on, this are the spells: Scorching heat do local SPELL = FourCC('A001')...
  22. Izzetin

    [Solved] Meteor Fall Spell

    Hello nice People. could somebody help me with a pretty simple spell? Im looking for a Meteor/Fireball that slowly comes down to the ground with a heavy impact. I know there was a good Request for this in 2011 (Slow Meteor) but i need help to create such a spell. It could look like the Inferno...
  23. Blahblah_Blagar

    [Trigger] Autocastable dispellable Poison

    Should be a very simple thing to do For quite a while I've been trying to figure out how to create an autocastable dispellable poison (a very simple debuff that drains life as long as it's active). I've been screwing around with the premade spells such as parasite and inner fire (with negative...
  24. OKKarma

    [General] Custom Chain Lightning

    Hi, is it possible to add additional functionality to the default chain lightning spell without making it entirely custom? I want the spell to be normal chain lightning but it deals aoe damage around any units it hits a few seconds after it hits. My thought was maybe if I add a buff and a...
  25. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Spell] Dummy ability for a projectile that doesn't require the character to turn?

    Hi all, Quick question(s), which are: when making a targeted projectile ability (a skillshot), which dummy ability would you recommend for: A) Having the character turn? B) Not having the character turn? For A, I've previously used Carrion Swarm, but I'm wondering if there's anything I've...
  26. Oppaikun

    [Solved] [1.31.1] Stacking Healing Spell

    Hey all, I've been trying to create a custom healing spell, but I'm not experienced enough to pull it off, so I'm hoping someone here can help me (I'm on 1.31). Here's a description of the spell: Amplifying Heal Heals target for 50 + ((HealAmpCharges) x 10/20/30/40/50) (increments are for each...
  27. Nevanii

    Mirror images aren't disappearing

    So I tried to upgrade the spell that it spawns more images, but for some reason... they DONT disappear, there is no bar that shows time in which they should be gone. I didn't change any timer settings in the spell section so I don't know what is wrong, all I have changed was the amount of...
  28. jonathan ross

    Ethereal units without tranparency

    Just like the title says, I'm looking for a way to make a unit behave ethereal without becoming transparent. Have tried using the ethereal form, and the ethereal ability, as well as triggering vertex coloring to 0 transparency to no avail
  29. jonathan ross

    Need help making life Drain affect Spell Immune, and some other spells

    I am aware that making an ability require level more than 1, 6 is what I'm using, makes the special effect, such as storm bolt stun or black arrow spawn work, but the spells themselves seem to not damage the target. is there a way to make these spells damage spell immune units, I have tried...
  30. R_Reaper

    Basic (existing) abilities and spell modding (data fields) in MPQ

    Hi all! I run some turns in the staff contact where to put this thread: hopefully this is the proper place. I wish to get help how to edit and modify basic (existing by base) abilities and spells in MPQ. Means: game MPQ -> NOT the map MPQ! In a more concrete way: which data fields used by...
  31. thong0103

    [Spell] Help with Rain of Chaos Spell

    I try to change the Rain of Chaos spell to just do damage and stun. I changed the inferno spell to only deal damage and stun but when my unit cast Rain of Chaos it deal no damage and doesn't stun.
  32. Ahimtar

    [Spell] In my lightning-based spell, source target can't be moved for some reason

    Hello, I'm making a spell for my hero arena (Icecrown Arena, work in progress), where a hero gets bound onto an enemy for a few seconds, keeping him in a 550 distance with the enemy. I've based the spell on a Channel and triggered it and it all seems to work, except for moving the lightning...
  33. MasterWarlord

    Need help doing math to find the correct "hitbox" for my triggered spell?

    Intended spell effect/tooltip: "Sloth slams his chains onto the target point dealing 650/750/850 damage in a 150 area of effect 500 distance away from himself, stunning enemies for 1 second, and knocking the target back towards Sloth. Enemies hit by the giant slam of the chains take full damage...
  34. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Melee/Ranged Isnt Working

    Hello Community that has helped me understand so many things in the WE! #MuchAppreciation! I am having trouble with yet another situation here as i have googled and searched through here for answers on switching from Melee -> Ranged and keeping spells and all of that is cool. The problem is...
  35. HolyWillRise

    Help! Chain Lightning Trigger Doesn't Work!

    Sometimes when "Chain Lightning" is used it does not hit the other two or one target(s) near the main target. And when there are only two targets, it hits the main target, and not the second target. So it works maybe 50% of the time. So.. How to fix it so that it hits the required targets all...
  36. Anton Wulff Jensen

    Help! Trying to make a trigger for a collapsing ceiling on each hero unit in a region

    So I am making this boss fight with a huge dragon. And basically it has a phase where it breathes fire 6 times in 6 angles around it. Once it is done with breathing fire, the ceiling will collapse at the point of where each hero stands after while. I tried to make a trigger for it here. It seems...
  37. HerlySQR

    Spells name

    Since I'm not good with naming things, the name of my spells end being shallow, can you help me pls? (my map is located in Draenor, so the names at least should not disaccording with it):
  38. Xzere

    Spell Trigger issue

    Hello, why does this trigger nog function properly because of the "RemoveLocations". It triggers only once when i want it to trigger 3 times. It works perfectly if i remove the custom scripts but of course i want to clean the leaks... Avalanche Events Unit - A unit Starts the...
  39. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Can't find the infinite loop in my spell

    I made this spell to emulate the stampede but instead of lizzards, there are fire ball, I wanna test it but there is an infinite loop that I can't find, could you do it for me pls? I'm using a custom Alloc and Table and a unit indexer scope FireStorm initializer Init struct FireStorm...
  40. Lordliw

    [Spell] Explosion Spell

    Hello, I'm wondering how I can create a passive spell that when a unit (in this case abomination) dies, they explode and deal damage to enemy units. I saw some triggers for when a specific unit dies they do the kaboom spell, but this is not the case. I want it to be a custom spell and every...
  41. ProlRayder

    Acehart's help to save/load Spell's with other things

    Hello, how is everything? I would like the help of someone who understands a little about save / load systems. I want to continue using the acehart system because I have over 200 items already stored. But on my map I would like the spells to be purchased. The easiest way I found for this is to...
  42. McPhisto2051

    [Solved] Struggeling with blink ability and attacking afterwards

    Hey, I'm struggeling myself getting a kind of blink spell to work. My hero teleports behind the enemy and does his damage but then he has a high probability to wander off and attack another enemy even if the trigger tells him otherwise. Could you please help me? (Also tried "Starts the effect of...
  43. Anton Wulff Jensen

    How do I make a spell that deals full damage on a single target, put splits out all the damage equally with several targets?

    So to explain further: I am making a boss, a large fire elemental. I want it to apply a debuff to a target, which will cause an explosion on the target after a while. The twist is, I want this explosion to deal x amount of damage when this target stands alone with no friendlies nearby, or y...
  44. DexterFstone

    need idea for ability

    Hi I work on my map and I try to make some hero it's like DotA, but some abilities are not good for my map and I need an idea. now I working on Bounty Hunter and spell Track isn't good for my map and I don't have any idea. pls help to make a good ability for this hero and match to my map and...
  45. Aldeia

    [Trigger] Need 2 Spells for AI bosses.

    Hello guys , could someone help me with this two spells please. (need them for AI bosses) Spell 1 Name : Heavy Jump MUI : Yes Levels : 1 Casting Range : 800 Cooldown : 30 s Description : Hero Jumps (perform a leap) to a random enemy target (dealing splash damage to all nearby enemies near...
  46. HerlySQR

    What spell only fires a Missile and don't add a buff to the target?

    I think in Death Coil, but the thing of help Undeads and Demons will difficult me.
  47. Knight of Arsford

    [Spell] Custom Spell Help - Dummy Stun

    I'm trying to make a simple custom spell for an rpg I'm making. I used a storm bolt as basis for this spell but used an arrow model Here's what I wanted to do: The arrow is shot, dealing x amount of damage to the target, stunning it for x seconds, AND nearby enemy units. Only the main target...
  48. Akuto05

    [Spell] Help with hashtables and MUI

    Hey, I usually use arrays to make my spells MUI, however I wanted to check out hashtables recently, since working with the handle ID of things seems like it could be very useful in a lot of cases. Arrays can also become a bit of a pain to deal with, especially if multi arrays are needed. Hence...
  49. HerlySQR

    [vJASS] Problem with a Spell

    I made this spell based on Steal Spell: But my problems are: I wanna make a "lightning snake" that looks like that absorbs the essence of the target, to do that I use two units to the position of the head and the tail, it worked but sometimes those unit get stucked and I don't know why. I made...
  50. Fallen Wizard

    [Spell] Large Mana Shield

    I was wondering if it's possible to make a larger mana shield, like a dome of protection that surrounds all units within it and stops enemies from entering, or attacking the units inside. And some thing else... if I make this spell, is there any way to set a variable for it? I mean like typing...