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night elf

  1. Anayel Lunarblade

    Anayel Lunarblade

    What started as a project for fun and palette cleansing, turned into the great experiment of what is possible to do with vanilla maps using ESRGAN upscaling AI engine, Blender Cycles baking, eldritch Photoshop magic, a bit of freehand... And beer. This is the result. Same mesh, different textures.
  2. NanoTek

    Searching a particular "voidwalker" campaign

    Hi. This has been driving me literally crazy for last two days. I've been looking for a custom campaign? or possibly a map series etc, which has a custom asset voidwalker undead hero and the only enemy faction are purple? satyrs. I very very vaguely remember some little details about it like...
  3. Elune.gif


  4. Elune


  5. Elune.png


    in game textures
  6. Elune.jpg


  7. Sentinel Heroes

    Sentinel Heroes

    - Archdruid (Morphs into: Wildkin) - Demon Huntress (Morphs into: Demon Form) - Warden (Summons: Avatar of Vengeance / Spirits of Vengeance) - Keeper of the Grove (Summons: Treants) - Daughter of Elune (Summons: Scout Owl)
  8. alyssae on a log

    alyssae on a log

    map one almost finishedd yipiee
  9. inactive forever

    Priestess riding an owl hippogryph hybrid?

  10. Background NightElf Campaign

    Background NightElf Campaign

  11. ThomasEddington

    [SD/Modeling] Model Request: Leaf Beings

    Hi all, I have a model request: A humanoid, made of light at its core, a bursting brilliant light, whose light is shrouded by the cover of many leaves that float about it, perhaps so that those not of the forest can look upon the being without being blinded... The types of animations I...
  12. RatzRatzzz

    [General] Ported Shandris?

    Hi everyone! Can anybody import model of Shandris Feathermoon with bow from WOW ? 😅 I tried to find ported model of her here, on hw, and on another resources but to my surprise, I couldn’t find a model! I’ll be very grateful if someone imports this model! :)
  13. Stormvarsel29

    [Campaign] Trip the Darkness

    A custom campaign for Warcraft 3 Reforged by Storm DOWNLOAD HERE The goal of this campaign is to create something new and exciting while not becoming overly complicated. For me, that means new stories told through gameplay that is somewhat close to what is in the original game, Warcraft 3...
  14. Female DH (imitation) 2

    Female DH (imitation) 2

    not finished yet. animations from WOW.
  15. Female DH (imitation)

    Female DH (imitation)

    not finished yet
  16. SevLlanto

    Orc / Night Elf / Undead / Wallpaper Adaptation

    I tried to adapt the well-known reforged campaign funds but in the world editor. Playing a bit with the terrain, customizing some elements for each composition, also playing with the lighting to highlight areas and darken some. Some behind-the-scenes screenshots: Night Elf Campaign Process...
  17. bakuma

    (WIP) Warcraft 3 - RoC Expanded and Enhance

    WARCRAFT 3 RoCEX Devblog So you may know i'm working on the completely enhanced and expanded campaign know as Reign of Chaos Expanded and Enhance (or RoCEX for short). The plan is to use the inspiration from both Re-Reforged and The Chronicles of the Second War with retaining some of them...
  18. Miss-Lightbringer

    [General] Problem with entangled gold mine

    Hello, first of all english is not my native language so I will try to explain my self the best I can, please be patient. I replaced the NE race with naga, since I dont know how to make AI, I edited every single NE unit to be exact as the naga race. That worked so far when I tested with...
  19. Vidar

    [SD/Modeling] Queen Azshara

    Hey! So, I need a model for Queen Azshara before she became a Naga. I found one that worked, but it stopped working for some reason. If anyone can create a of Highborne Azshara, I would appreciate it loads! Plus, I think this is just something that would be really useful for anyone making maps...
  20. Geekio

    [Campaign] The Heart of Zoraan

    Caught in the midst of a bloody civil war, the noble heroes Goffrey and Fidela undertake a perilous adventure to unknown shores in order to restore peace to their home and thwart a nefarious plot of world domination.... STORY The Heart of Zoraan takes place loosely within the WarCraft universe...
  21. Cheshire

    [Solved] night elf birth model

    Hi, I'm looking for a model of the night elf building birth sequence. If someone could just rip it from one of the in-game models that would be awesome (one of the bigger ones preferably). If someone has another foresty effect model that could pass as that that's good too. thanks!
  22. There are two types of Priestesses.png

    There are two types of Priestesses.png

    The Night Elves' Priestess of the Moon (Top) and The Republic's Priestess of the Damned (Bottom)
  23. Yoga WP

    [HD/Modeling] Faction Requests for Ujimasa Hojo's Attack of the Multiverse Projects

    Now, I should move the lists into a resource discussion thread for the new factions of Attack of the Multiverse by @Ujimasa Hojo . I should started a new thread than posting them on it because I don't want to be rude. The new Paladin factions which only for the Undead and Night Elves skins...
  24. Retera

    Reforged Beta Build 13680 Asset Preservation Question

    It was brought to my attention by the discord user IQUEEN that somewhere in a Reforged Beta Build last fall (we think it was Beta Build 13680) the Night Elf Archer was animated to be "upright standing" and then within a week a patch changed the Night Elf Archer to be hunched over. I was...
  25. Sentinel Flamethrower

    Sentinel Flamethrower

    Upgraded Glaive Thrower. Powered by Ysera's Fire.
  26. cleavinghammer

    Need ideas for an enhanced Night Elf techtree

    I've been asked to work on Legend of Maiev, a remake of Frozen Throne's Night Elf campaign. There were some changes already made to the techtree, but I feel it could use more to make the campaign of better quality (as with, for example, the Scourge of Lordaeron Enhanced and Curse of the...
  27. Sylande Starlight

    [Altered Melee] Improved Night Elf Race

    Improved Night Elf Race So hello guys! I am currently working for a Improved Night Elf Race.. I also added Blood Elves and the Forsaken(mixed with naga).. I am not really done yet I am currently working for it.. Features: New skins and models New abilities New units New Techtree Credits: To...
  28. SirTeddyIII

    [General] Can I use a building construction animation for a mine unit model?

    I would like to use the night elf building construction model for a disease cloud based land mine spell. If I set the mine unit's model equal to tree of life for example, it will play the birthing animation for the length of the animation before turning into the finished structure model...
  29. Voljin

    Make Blink spell that respects caster's pathing

    Hello Hive, I am trying to make a custom form of Blink that works similar to the Blink in WOW. The major difference between the WOW blink and the wc3 blink is that the WOW blink respects unit boundaries. For example, in wc3 you can teleport to the top of a small hill with a +1 to cliff...
  30. Voljin

    Night Elf Ruins

    Not entirely sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I am building a map based on Blizzard's Azshara zone in WOW and also one of Darnassus and I've noticed that there aren't really any Night Elf buildings in the hive to use. There are a lot of modern NE buildings like ancients and...
  31. 03. Darnassus - 1

    03. Darnassus - 1

  32. 03. Darnassus - 2

    03. Darnassus - 2

  33. 03. Darnassus - 3

    03. Darnassus - 3

  34. 03. Darnassus - 4

    03. Darnassus - 4

  35. 03. Darnassus - 5

    03. Darnassus - 5

  36. GrevinGadal

    [Campaign] Night Elf-Worgen Custom Race (Brainstorming)

    Hi Everyone, I've been lurking about the Hive Workshop for years. I've loved the work of your assets creators and map makers and, now that I'm dipping my toes back into map creation, I decided to get a bit more interactive. Perhaps at some point I'll even be able to give something back. For...
  37. BrazilEmperor

    Night Elf Buildings Links

    Someone known where i can find NE buildings? not Ancients/Ents/Trees, Just a pack of night elfs buildings, with Town Hall,Barracks, Tower, Shipyards,etc. Thanks and sry for my bad english.
  38. Thiiago

    Archer in Watcher, simple UV-maps

    I just need an "Night Elf Watcher" model, with the "Night Elf Archer" revisted with texture or skin :/ ps: dont worry with helmet I'll remove it later.. I just need help with the "UV-maps" because i dont know how use her correct. Can help-me please?
  39. shadeslayer

    Night elf paladin

    I need a night elf paladin model, someone cold made it?
  40. Maximal

    [Campaign] Elmyra's Tale

    Created by Maximal Somewhere in the great ocean, on a small archipelago of isles lies the Elven kingdom. One night, Elmyra the young priestess of Elune, forsees the chaos, but is it real? Or just a dream? Upon waking up, she had a bad feeling. Doubtful, but confident, she ventured on a journey...
  41. FelwoodBirth


    Customized Felwood custom birth animation, was created via trigger.
  42. FelwoodCrop


    Felwood Race Preview Thumbnail
  43. FelwoodV2


    Felwood Race Tier-1
  44. nightelfbuilder

    Blasphemy against Azeroth!

    Who really burned Teldrassil and why? Who is that injured elf? Let the debate begin.
  45. Loki18

    Do u have this Model anyone?

    i hope someone can help me with this model i saw it uploaded on nov.27 and titled "Deadly Nightshade" if ever someone DL-ed it can u share it to me coz it was removed "i believe" in all model sections
  46. BrothForMyPeople

    Spirit of Vengeance, changing textures to HD Watcher

    Is it possible to change black-transparent texture of Spirit of Vengeance to HD Watcher? I basically want to obtain WC3 Sentry unit with remastered textures. I'm uploading images to illustrate my intention.
  47. Heart of Storms Title Screen

    Heart of Storms Title Screen

    From left to right: Dayoma, Stephania, Arnak, Branwen, the protagonists of the campaign.
  48. BrothForMyPeople

    Druid of Talon alpha version

    Have someone ever remade it? He looks so cool and dark. Much better than this hippie classic-style druid we have in retail.
  49. BrothForMyPeople

    Hippogryph Rider

    Hi I need model as the thread's name says, but on foot. You will say it's just base Night Elf Archer unit, but it's not. If you look closer, Hippogryph Riders units wear long skirt, which look cool and elite. If someone had time and mood to make such a model, it would be surely very useful, not...
  50. BrothForMyPeople

    Adding one model's head to another model's body

    Hi there I'm totally newbie in model editing. I love Blizzard's Assassin Model, looks so gothic, but I always hated that cloak, those shoulder-wings(?), and bugged head, so I cut them all off (see attached file). My question is how to add a head to this model, a head of, for example, night elf...