1. ravellani

    Item model requests

    I would like to request that someone make a chest plate item model, like for picking up, and a bandage model based on this icon ']WoW Icons/Icon List/Images that is also a pick up. I know there are medkit models but if someone can also do a medkit model pick up based on this ']BTNMedkit. I also...
  2. Ender Wiggins

    Another simple model edit request :)

    hey there, I am trying to turn a mushroom into an artillery shell. basically what I need is a one of the mushroom doodads of the color scheme called AshenShrooms in the editor (the greener variation) scaled to a size that makes sense as an artillery missile, and given the death animation (+...
  3. L

    Model Missing

    Hello. I'm new with modeling so i just googled around for a software that would helped me with that and i found Retera Model Studio, it seems a clean and nice software but i'm having some issues with some models, like when i click on Magroth the Defender it appears a common Paladin instead of...
  4. Ender Wiggins

    simple model edit

    hey all, looking for someone to edit this awesome icetroll worker model by @eubz (who already gave his permission) in the following way - 1. make him constantly have the goldbag animation (it's for a greed themed hero) 2. get rid of the pickaxe and give him some sort of dagger that makes...
  5. Depleted

    Reteras Model Studio and Attachments/VFX

    Hey together, I am using newest Warcraft Refoged Version and ReterasModelStudioV0.04.2020.03.03. I opened the Model of the SeaElemental and edited the Texture to Red. It works so far but I have the Problem: The SeaElemental has an attachment (fountain like) at his chest and I want to remove...
  6. Zak17

    Can we edit models yet?

    I want to extract and 3D print the models from Reforged so badly. They would make amazing mini-figures for my DnD campaign set in the Third War. I know how to extract the models from the game files, but I cannot open them with my old plugins. The new .mdx files are an updated version...
  7. eubz

    Blender 2.80 Modeling

    Hello Hive, I have created a youtube channel for those who would love modeling using b3d. For those who are interested, you can visit it anytime. Here are some of the tutorials I made. I hope this will help you in your modeling journey. Goodluck and don't stop modeling. I hope you'll like...
  8. Martinez

    (model animations) Adding a animation to the model

    Hello, I create a model of a worker for my project and he will wear different materials would like to add new animations for this purpose, on his which it will carry them So I have a question for you how to do it to change the model visible on the animation, on something else? How to add a...
  9. ₩OLF

    Removing flag from Blademaster.

    Hi, I'm creating now a rpg map and can you show me what i must do to remove flag and stick from blademaster? I want a tutorial, not ready model, because i use this for some other models. Ps. If you can show me what i must do to add defend animation. Pps. Can be links.
  10. Zak17

    Paladin with Sword

    I am working on an Ashbringer project. For this, I need a paladin who uses a sword that I can then Alpha out. I do not have the the technical know-how to remap the geosets to the bones, but i do know how to swap out textures. I would be forever grateful to whomever can manage this, as I will be...
  11. Zak17

    Need Help making some changes to a model

    I am trying to switch around some of the textures used in a custom model, and when i save it in War3 Model Editor, the textures I have replaced show up properly. But when i import the saved model to my campaign, only 2 of the four textures i just swapped out are there. All but one of them are...
  12. YourArthas

    Warcraft: Rebirth Recruiting Members

    Hello guys maybe you don't know us but we are a WC3 remaster project working with Warcraft:Armies of Azeroth however we need some modelers to help us cause it is so hard to work on this mod without real help , what we look for is someone who can: Sculpt 3d models Retopo them , make them...
  13. Fauhyde

    How do I go about animating this with WC3 Animations

    Ok. So on the next step on my journey, I have this model I want to animate it with Demonhunter model movements. How do I go about doing that? The only animation software I have atm is blender, I'd imagine it would be simple if I could just link key points to the model. There has to be an easier...
  14. Fauhyde

    I don't know how to fix these errors.

    I'm new to map making, but I really want to get into it, and make stuff, but I haven't been able to get a single model I've downloaded from this site to work right, they will show up in the editor as green boxes, and will showup untextured, or in an array of chaos in MatrixEater, or other Model...
  15. Fingolfin

    MDL Exporter for Blender3D!

    Warcraft MDL Exporter for Blender It's been a long time coming, but now there's finally a way to export Blender models for Warcraft III! This plugin is currently under development, but already supports practically all properties of the MDL format. I will try to keep this thread updated with new...
  16. Fingolfin

    Exporting models from Blender using the MDL exporter plugin

    Creating and Exporting Warcraft MDL models with Blender By Fingolfin Have you ever wanted to create your own awesome 3D models for Warcraft 3? Up until now, the only officially supported tool has been 3ds Max5 with Blizzard's Art Tools plugin, which is problematic considering that this version...
  17. Jeppe109

    UV mapping problem (Is Milkshape even worth it?)

    While attempting to texture my first model in Milkshape, I have run into a problem: Remapping doesn't work properly. Front remapped fine, but when I get to Left, it simply remaps everything to a single point, making it impossible to work with: Any ideas on how to make it work properly? Or...
  18. Retera

    Tool Idea: Magos + MdlVis + Matrix Eater combined

    Hi guys, I am Retera and I wrote that obscure tool that some people use called the Matrix Eater. I've been working for a while now on upgrading it and making it better, and while facing against an inordinate amount of bugs have made steps and strides towards a working mockup program that has a...
  19. Kyrbi0

    [WIP] Jungle Troll Racial Shop - 'Ritual Circle'

    (Lol, I only just recently realized I could use this forum for my own stuff.) Credits go primarily to @supertoinkz for the original model (link?), it was already almost exactly what I needed so I don't think I've done enough (yet, at least) to warrant an upload. FactionJungle Trolls...
  20. Quinten

    Can anyone give me a tutorial on the very basics and main features of modeling?

    So, I've been looking across hive, scouring for a basic tutorial on how to start modeling and how to create textures and animate customly made models and such. But all I'm finding is things like how to open/fetch models or how to edit excisting textures and mainly focus on excisting units and...
  21. Avarthar

    {Modeling problem}

    I have a small question to ask. If anybody is well experienced in modelling: How do I get a correct working .mdl? I've made the model on blender and got it to export correctly and (As well as the texture) to be loaded in Magos Model Editor. (I see the texture on the model. Still a cube as of now...
  22. stonneash

    Gallery: stonneash's Models

    Here I will have my collection of Warcraft III models. Unless specified otherwise, All these models are: Completely by me Uses Warcraft III Textures Is stored on my hard drive Note: If you'd like to use any of these models, or if you have a requests, feel free to vm/pm me. (New!)Project...
  23. Captain Bacon

    Request - [Model] Simple White Floating Shapes

    Hello! I'm making a map with lots of Items, and there's three categories they fall in: Unit Items, Hero Items and Consumables (I don't nessesarily need a model for consumables). What I need is the shape that represents them on the map itself (the treasure chest by default), but something WHITE...
  24. Cuore

    WIP troll town hall

    Here's a few WIP pics of basic, untextured static meshes for three tiers of a town hall for the troll race, made in adherence to concept pictures made some years ago by the user @HandCLAW, that unfortunately have seen no follow-up resulting in a model development by the author. I share with you...
  25. Mister_Haudrauf

    Mister_Haudrauf's Self-made Wip Model Gallery

    Firstly this thread was made to show you the progress of specific models that i am going to make with the Tool Milkshape3d. Be aware that it will take a while for such models to be made. So be patient. 1.Models that are scratch-made and that i will upload. [/SIZE] Texturing Bone...
  26. Grimhollow

    Simple Resources Wishlist (Updated)

    Simple Resource Wishlist (Updated) Here is a list of uncreated or non-existing simple but useful models and skins that will also be for mappers and models feel glad of. This thread might serve as miniguides of those who want to create models. Cheers! BANDIT SIEGE WEAPONS
  27. Zak17

    Hatless Admiral Proudmoore

    Has someone made a proudmoore model without his hat? or is there an easy way to do it? If so, could someone please explain it?
  28. HelloFlighty

    ----MODEL REQUEST----

    I'm looking for a model maker willing to make a relatively small model. Links to pictures of the model are below Imgur: It's called a Command Post from star wars battlefront 2 basically i only want the model to be the grey ground metal part, and hero glow for the light, i need a red and a blue...
  29. Sxar


    Hello there! I want to create a multi-morph model, is that possible or I must create only with one morph? There's some tutorial that I can help as guide?
  30. Magicon92

    Scorpion People "The Scathion" Can someone make a such model for Wc3?

    Hello! I am currenltly working on a rpg in Wc3 and I'm looking for someone that can help me make a model of a race named "Scathion". It's a medieval fantasy race which looks half human/half Scorpion with scorpion face and two feet. It's a proud, peaceful race, but still armed and ready for...