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Need Help making some changes to a model

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Level 4
Aug 4, 2011
I am trying to switch around some of the textures used in a custom model, and when i save it in War3 Model Editor, the textures I have replaced show up properly. But when i import the saved model to my campaign, only 2 of the four textures i just swapped out are there. All but one of them are in-game textures, the two that aren't switching properly are both in-game textures, and I have deleted and re-uploaded the model twice now since the change has been made. what am I doing wrong?

Edit: By way of clarification, the model in question is Ujimasa Hojo's Paladin (Horse Mount) and Derivatives where I am switching out the Priest, Footman, and Hydromancer skins for Human Mage, BElf Lieutenant, and Archmage skins, as well as replacing the Paladin with a custom texture to give him red hair and chain mail. The textures that won't switch are the Footman and Priest skins.
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