1. ZeroGravity

    Is this trigger causing my map to lag so hard?

    So my map has been lagging from time to time, probably due to a lot of enemies at once and this trigger moves the certain type of enemies. I suspect as this is the only periodic time trigger I have which moves a lot of unit at once, it may cause the massive lag but how do I fix it? Is this...
  2. Luashine

    [Solved] Broken graphics and no cursor in menu inside VirtualBox

    You can run Warcraft 3 if you enable VBoxSVGA graphics with 3D acceleration in VirtualBox settings. Yet the main menu will have broken colors and won't show a cursor. Nonetheless the game works fine once you load a map. Solution: Go to game's graphics options (hotkeys or navigate your cursor by...
  3. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Extreme Lag from ... what?? O.O

    Hello People of Hive, I once again require your assistance since i have something that works perfectly in one place but when i try to duplicate the effect in another place it causes extreme lag and freezes the game for several seconds Heres the trigger, can anyone help me figure out why this...
  4. Luashine

    [Solved] Patcher doesn't work after reinstalling WC3 ROC from CD

    I hope this will be helpful to someone. What I have done: Install Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Update to the latest standalone patch (1.27b) You can no longer uninstall the game without app Delete files Reinstall from CD (to a different folder) Patchers refuse to update the game FIX...
  5. Ruvven

    Leak fix location array?

    Hey there everyone, I have an array point that i will be spawning quite alot but i need it to be cleared aswell of course and the point itself is based on another unit variable where it selects the player number of triggering player? is there any way to do something like the one i listed...
  6. jj84

    [Solved] Severe warnings

    Hi friends🙋. I made a red dargon building but i don't know how to fix severe warnings, please help me to fix or remove them. Thanks.
  7. ZeroGravity

    All of custom models in my map are gone!

    I have experienced this before but I didn't think it will just happen right away before I back up my file! everything has gone missing and all my important files have 0 size! Is there any easy way to fix this without importing everything again? It took like several hours because I have 200+...
  8. Blasterixx

    Who can help me fix some old war3 orpg maps

    Basically i want to know if anyone is willing to fix some old orpg maps for me, these maps aren't mine, i just want to be able to play them on the latest war3 patch on classic graphics, without having any problems, without any major glitches and desyncs. For example, Abyss orpg is a great map...
  9. gore23

    [SD/Misc] Help Fixing/Recovering 2 Old Maps Please?

    I am trying to find someone with knowledge and expertise in fixing/recovering 2 older maps. These were pretty big ones for me, but after finding them, unfortunately. They were broken... I have come across other posts on various locations praising these two maps, as well as some trying to find...
  10. master Gul'dan

    [SD/Modeling] Fix a model

    I don't know why these models don't work in game, please fix them.
  11. master Gul'dan

    [SD/Modeling] Fix a model

    Hi friends I do not know what the problem is with the model I made, it is not seen in the game, please fix it.
  12. Kuarinofu

    Seeking help with cliffs textures

    Greetings, community I tried to change the textures of the cliffs in WC3 1.26a DotA map and I always get them looking like this. Can anyone suggest a fix to this? My experience in map editing is limited. Thanks.
  13. Martinez

    [Crash] [help] poor editor quality

    Hello, I have a rather unusual problem. My editor displays the world in very low quality, regardless of the settings. Interestingly, even somehow the editor icon is worse When the units are brought closer, they look clear, but blur as they move away My computer settings are normal and...
  14. prizraknadache

    Fix normals (shadows) on the model.

    Hello! How i can fix those ugly normals on that model? I know that this may be a repeated question, but i still did not understood a best possible option to fix them easily each time this issue appear. So, maybe can someone help me or guide me how they are usually can be fixed with saving all...
  15. ZeroGravity

    Only Host disconnects from my map

    During loading screen, the one that hosts my map got disconnected for unknown reason and this happen 9 out of 10 times. I don't know why. I load in the singleplayer just fine but when trying on multiplayer, I myself also got disconnect (even when loading in alone for testing). If we host a full...
  16. stein123

    Broken model

    Hello everyone, can someone help me with this model? is broken, some parts of it doesn't appear at all in the world editor (head, shoulderpad and weapons), i don't know how to fix this, also if anyone manage to fix it, could you tell me how to do it myself too? thanks in advance.
  17. ZeroGravity

    All my custom models are suddenly gone

    This suddenly happens out of nowhere. Any help please?
  18. Tigrick

    Fix weird normals for me plz

    Hello everyone, the normals on the face of this model are odd, resulting in weird lighting: Can someone quickly fix this? Maybe sb with access to a tool that can automatically recalculate normals. Thanks in advance, +rep promised!
  19. Blikunman

    Bug using abilities based on same pattern

    Hey, I need a Unit to have various abilities (Y),(X) that are based on "inmolate", but they dont work properly, I gave that unit ability "X" and "Y" ... but ingame happens this: when pressed 1st time "Y" it activates "X" instead ... when pressed 2nd time "Y" it deactivates "X" ... when pressed...
  20. ZeroGravity

    My map crashes when clicking on tavern

    So I was editing my map and testing stuffs then suddenly when I clicked on red, green or yellow tavern, my map crashes without any warning. I wonder why. The blue and orange taverns are fine though. I don't think it's my triggers and all my units are working fine. Any idea?
  21. Ricola3D

    Snippet to fix W3 bug on "Orb of slow" and similar abilities

    Hello, You may know the following abilities: - Orb of Slow (AIsb) - Orb of Lightning (AIll) - Attack black arrow bonus (AIdf) - Melee Lightning Damage Bonus (AIlx) They are similar, and allow you to make normal attacks have a chance of casting any ability with a target. Pretty cool no ...
  22. Ricola3D

    My work-around fix for "Orb of Slow"

    Hello, You may know the following abilities: - Orb of Slow - Orb of Lightning - Attack black arrow bonus - Melee Lightning Damage Bonus They are similar, and allow you to make normal attacks have a chance of casting any ability with a target. However they have a known weird issue in which, you...
  23. stein123

    Harraxe / Forest Troll Chieftain model edit (SOLVED)

    Hi people, i wanna ask if anyone can help me with this request, i have this model, from the GTW mod, and it lacks a proper portrait, hero glow, and the right shoulderpad (wich dissapears in the model editor and WE), thanks in advance if you can help me!
  24. Marjosh38

    [vJASS] Need Help for Fixing the Spell

    Hello Hivers, I need help for fixing this spell: Actually I don't own this map/spell, I found it in 2016 in Hive but I don't know where I could found it again. Back on the...
  25. deepstrasz

    Rooted Corrupted Ancients attack animation bug

    I've just had enough of it. Would someone please fix it? The original game had it and it was never fixed. I'm referring to all Rooted Corrupted Ancient buildings. They suffer from the same issue.
  26. Master_Pels

    [Trigger] How to make Entering Region a MUI?

    I'm an amateur map maker, so I'm making triggers that I do not know if they are MUI or not. Please someone tell me how do i make entering region a MUI. For my RPG map Shipyard Events Unit - A unit enters Shipyard <gen> Conditions (Unit-type of (Entering unit)) Equal to...
  27. hemmedo

    (Solved) Need SFX fix on this spell

    Greetings, I need an AoE drain life for my map and it seems that this spell which was made by D4RK_G4ND4LF compensates my needs pretty much. But, apparently there is a graphical problem in this spell:\ The lightning effect doesn't show up properly unless fog of war is disabled or something. I...
  28. stein123

    Dark Iron Slave

    Hi fellas, i was wondering if someone can help me fixing this model: Dark Iron Slave - WC3 ?, when i import it to the WE the model doesn't appear, only his backpack :'c
  29. deepstrasz

    Fixing Old Campaigns

    Hivers, if anyone has the time to make these maps I'm linking work, please do so. It's a shame not have them be played and to leave them working improperly as long as they are uploaded in the Maps section. These ones have issues with level transitioning not working: Norj'Hal Elves Campaign v40...
  30. Doomcore

    (Model Repair) This gory demon pudge does not show up :<

    This guy show up when in (unanimated), but when I try to check his anims, he just hides and shows nothing. I think a little work will fix this gory meatguy. Please help me, really needed this stuff. Thank you. ...... PLEASE PUSH THE BUTTON to DOWNLOAD the MODEL :)
  31. Mr.Rious

    Could anyone fix this icon?

    BTNNagaGate It's DISBTN icon looks the same as it's BTN icon.
  32. TheBigMetalHandInTheSky

    [Trigger] Spell problems.

    Hello Hive. I am planning to submit this spell, but there are a few problems which I can't solve myself. (you will get credits in the spell) Here is the spell description. -Even though the target is supposed to be damaged for a percentage of their life, when I target the unit, instead of...
  33. NoodleRamen22

    Water and Cliff fix

    This error annoys me everytime. Please help me to fix this error and I searched for this fix and nothing shows. :( 74% Happens this error when creating a map. I don't know if it was in graphics.
  34. Svynct

    [Solved] Help with dummy not beeing removed

    can someone explain me why is the dummy not beeing removed? function Turmoil_Condition takes nothing returns boolean return GetSpellAbilityId() == 'A003' endfunction function Timer takes nothing returns nothing local timer t = GetExpiredTimer() call DestroyTimer(t) set t = null endfunction...
  35. Craigm10

    Warcraft 3 - Pokemon ORPG v5, v6, v7 (SS anne - Load/Save fix)

    The way we found how to fix the load s.s anne bug, is we made a new character, getting the first pokemon, going through the process of getting pokeballs, fishing and save, we saved it; took the last code from the new character and applied it towards the old save code that you had previously...