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[Solved] Patcher doesn't work after reinstalling WC3 ROC from CD

Level 16
Jan 3, 2022
I hope this will be helpful to someone. What I have done:
  1. Install Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos
  2. Update to the latest standalone patch (1.27b)
  3. You can no longer uninstall the game without Battle.net app
  4. Delete files
  5. Reinstall from CD (to a different folder)
  6. Patchers refuse to update the game
  7. FIX (for 64-bit Windows):
    1. Start regedit.exe
    2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Wow6432Node/Blizzard Entertainment/Warcraft III
      1. If you're on 32-bit, I think it's: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Blizzard Entertainment/Warcraft III
    3. Change the Game/Install paths inside OR delete the "Warcraft III" registry folder
  8. Reinstall
  9. Patchers work again
Thanks for listening, goodbye