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Hive Community WC3 Top Custom Campaigns of All Time

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Feb 27, 2020
As we all know WC3 has a very long history of custom content and, especially, campaigns always was a huge part of it. By other hand nowadays it's become hard to navigate around and, sometimes, find specific things - some topics might be outdated, links dead, hard to run without reading specific commentaries, etc. I've noticed that facts from personal experience during a period of time. So. Here we come to the goal of this topic.

The idea is to create a solid community list of most notable campaigns of all time and mark specific things that might be required to run them smooth at the current moment. At starting point each forum member can vote for up to 3-5 campaigns and up to 10 point each, i.e. total maximum is 30 points. I'll update the list time to time.

Previously have applied this concept on another forum to other titles, so I suppose it might go work fine here as well.

{1x12} - means that campaign has one campain and 12 missions in it.
[1.27b] - section that indicates which patch is most recommended to use while playing one.
[* Reforged] - means that you can run this campaign in Reforged, but with old graphics.
[+ Reforged] - means that this campaign is fully supported in Reforged.
[Reforged] - originally designed to work in remake only.

Useful links:

1. Patch Archive. Since patch 1.28 campaigns are stored in C:\Users\{username}\Documents\Warcraft III\Campaigns. Prior to this, campaigns were stored in {directory}\Warcraft III\Campaigns.

If you want to install the game at the same time as Reforged or not in program files, then, by installing the original in another folder, correct the address in the registry so that you can install patches on that one:

A. In Windows 10/11 poke into the search field. Type regedit.exe.
B. For x86 (32-bit): HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III
For x64 (64-bit): HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III

Replace GamePath and InstallPath with the address where you have the game, respectively.

2. Quenching Mod. Tool, that allow to load old campaigns in Reforged.
3. WoW. List of campaigns which are, in one way or another, cover the WoW plot.
4. JayborinoPlays. A good channel with the passage of the most famous / notable campaigns. It will be useful if you briefly want to inspect one or the other before downloading.
Current campaigns list. Expounders: 1 (UnknDoomer, ...). Campaigns: 1. Unfinished campaigns not count.

1. Curse of the Forsaken (2013) [8: UnknDoomer: 8]. {1x12}. Campaign based on WoW DLC #2, Wrath of the Lich King, narrates about the events of such on behalf of the Forsaken and Sylvanas in particular. [1.27b] [* Reforged]
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