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  1. WC3SC1 T3 Map - Bunker Defense + Graveyard Event test

    WC3SC1 T3 Map - Bunker Defense + Graveyard Event test

    Already working on triggers for the third map. Gotta learn to program simple melee-ish AI :D
  2. kleinerhauck

    [Footmen Wars / Frenzy] Castle Fight: Corruption

    Hi there, I'm a long-time CF fan and still like to play it today. But it gets a little old and has some flaws (stun totem & end-game lag, OP artillery & fire elementals, non-functional parameters). I was trying to get the original or current map to improve some of these things, but that...
  3. deepstrasz

    [Template / Terrain] Unfinished maps - open source

    I had some ideas for some nice maps but I won't be working on them anymore. They've gathered dust for years now. They're mostly terrains and ideas rather than fully playable. I'll start first with those already uploaded on the site in Maps: Now, the stuff I attached here: Anyways, hope some...
  4. Bain_Rebirth

    Recruiting Help for Finishing Project

    I'm looking to get someone on board with the final step in my project. For the past year, I have been working on a Rouglite- Hero Survival Map. I have all the elements so far including terrain, "random" items, customizable heroes, differing abilities, traits and talents, upgradable item system...
  5. Dallas1153

    aCoA's Team Defense

    Summary: This is a 1-4 player team defense map where players build (mostly) standard melee units and defend against waves of enemies. Detailed Explanation: This map was inspired by various Art of Defense style maps from classic WC3. While I have dabbled with the editor in the past this is by...
  6. Conjurus Rex

    [Defense / Survival] Tuskarr co-op RPG (name undecided)

    Current State - Alpha pre-release "Storms are brewing. Surrounding the northern lands of the Tuskarr tribes, an ancient enemy stirs in the deep. Fallen crews and crashed merchant ships litter the rocky shorelines. It would seem ancient magic has guided them to a watery demise. Now, undead...
  7. Oliver

    [Defense / Survival] Unused Idea - Emu Wars 2.0

    One sentence description: Defend Australia against waves of mecha emus coming from portals. The map will be Australia. Around the map there are several cities, defended by a couple of npc soldiers. honestly it's a bit of a meme but it's an idea which keeps coming back to me, the time has come...
  8. wc3neverdies

    [Defense / Survival] Peasant Uprising

    A fast and fun point and click defense. Created by wc3neverdies I created the first version of the map in 2016 ([Defense / Survival] - The Paesants Uprising). It was a very simple and not well made map just for the fun. With the new patches and functions added to the editor i got some new...
  9. FiX_

    [Defense / Survival] Mythic Realm | (Team Hero defense/RPG) 1.31+

    by MiRAGE#22424 Discord Join the Mythic Realm Discord Server! [open] WIP = Updates below in post section *This map is for the reforged version 1.32 ◊◊ Map Info ◊◊ ◊ Custom team hero defense rpg map with 8 player Focus is on teamplay but you can play on your own (difficulty auto...
  10. Superz_Ze_Man

    Upgrades! A single player defense game with unlimited upgrading possibilities

    Hey everyone! Upgrades! is a single player game I've been working on for a while now and i finally think I'm happy enough with it to share with others. You must defend against waves of Orcs and Ratlings using nothing but your soldiers, your towers, and a super soldier (hero). Nearly every...
  11. Tom_Almighty1

    Project Low Poly

    Project Low Poly You and your team will enjoy the beauty of an open world low poly game created in Warcraft III Engine. Your goal is to gather everything you need to survive in a game full of both peaceful and dangerous wild creatures that lurk everywhere. This game was heavily inspired by a...
  12. Sleepless

    Let Dota 2's Frosthaven teach y'all how 2 Hero Defense

    Pretty much what the title says. I've never enjoyed Hero Defense maps as most if not all of them just have boring auto-attack creeps without any unique spells or any spells at all. The only difference between them are just stats they gain from scaling with each wave. And I play the same way...
  13. Acutesharpness

    [Aeon of Strife] Name is already decided

    It will be a 3 lane base vs base hero defense game. I will start with most standard Heroes and work my way to custom Heroes, also getting stage prepared for Warcraft 3 Reforged. You can also support me at Patreon : Acute Sharpness is creating Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Mod (Reforge 2019) |...
  14. troylowyee

    [Clan THW] Anyone interested to play Kodo Defence?

    Me and my friends have a discord group and we play on give frequently. Feel free to join us to play wc3 games on battle net. We test and play Kodo Defence. Kodo Defence Ver 6.4a Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
  15. The_Spellweaver

    [Defense / Survival] teamwork hero defense, crafting, politics

    I apologize for bad formatting in advance, and for bad writing, I wrote this hastily. I've been playing Terrania for a while now, and it felt very inspiring. The teamwork crafting, combined with survival/defense was the first I've seen in a wc3 map. Now I probably just didn't play enough maps...
  16. Acutesharpness

    [Aeon of Strife] D-D (encoded encoded)

    Welcome to the quality vs quantity debate, just kidding. I am Acutesharpness, my previous accounts were Destiny.Knight and Acumenknight, you can check out my work for greater understanding. I have returned to make yet another great map like DotA or League of Legends, before you leave the...
  17. Lions_Blood

    Zombie Defense Custom (Need a professional for Solving Leaks)

    Zombie Defense Custom This Project is one of my great Life works... Sadly, due to the lack of knowledge i have with triggering in GUI and JASS i have been unable to figure out what is causing people to get FATAL ERRORS if anyone out there wants to help me finish this artistic creation of mine...
  18. esdo

    [Defense / Survival] Opposing teams send waves to eachother

    Team survival map where creep waves are choosen by one team, to be sent to the other. So at the end of each wave/round, players will have the opportunity to buy gear, level talents, etc etc and choose the creeps that the opposing team will fight in the next round. The idea is that players will...
  19. Nordmar

    [Defense / Survival] Battle in Magicforest

    Download Latest Version
  20. Lions_Blood

    Looking for MakeMeHost Mappers Priority Account HELP

    Hello, i am a professional map maker looking for help within the HiveWorkshop Community. My current project that is still being developed is ZDC or Zombie Defense Custom. It is extremely popular when hosted but can rarely be updated due to a lack of hosting. I'd like to point out that ENT is...
  21. Chizume

    [Strategy / Risk] Attack on the Empire

    Attack on the EmpirePre-Alpha (2 vs 4) Strategy ~45min playtimeTwo elven faction have long been at war. Their unstable political situation has now spread to the human empire and it is now at the brink of civil war. Orc forces are amassing in the south. Information Play as either part of the...
  22. Dark-Zalor

    Hyperion Last War V1,3

  23. Krath

    World of Strife: Retribution v1.52d