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Let Dota 2's Frosthaven teach y'all how 2 Hero Defense

Discussion in 'Dota 2' started by BalanceDruid7, Dec 29, 2018.


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  1. BalanceDruid7


    Sep 25, 2015
    Pretty much what the title says.

    I've never enjoyed Hero Defense maps as most if not all of them just have boring auto-attack creeps without any unique spells or any spells at all. The only difference between them are just stats they gain from scaling with each wave. And I play the same way every wave.

    Whats so special?
    Welp, first of all let me mention that the creeps actually have spells and cast them.
    The creativity behind those spells give each wave unique function and generally require a very special playstyle and team coordination to beat.

    - Wave #3 the Mitosis Eidolons multiply with attacks, like Firelord's Lava Spawns. This can snowball quickly if not approached with care. Stay around in combat too long without major impact, and you'll be facing more minions than you've killed.
    - Wave #14 Caster/Mage wave with awesome spells.

    Gives Mobility, Disables and Burst Damage an actual meaning
    Whereas they've been almost useless in most of wc3's PvE, at least never preferred over combat stats (dmg/hp/armor). IMO most important lesson.

    - Wave #4 the Grumpy Ogre Seals have a powerful Charge spell (dmg/stun) that needs to be dodged, inspiring mobility to be purchased.
    - Wave #8 Infernal Djiins punish lineups without any focusfire/burst, as they will cover the whole map in flames before you take them out.
    - Wave #13 the slippery Storm Spirits remind us that disables and burst can be useful, as he zips over and over across the map causing terror.

    If you're a hero defense-type of guy, check out Frosthaven or Dark Moon scenarios if you haven't already. It can be inspiring.