[Defense / Survival] The Last Stand - Hero Defence (My first map)

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Level 1
Jan 22, 2020

Pick from over 30 heroes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
Summon units to aid in your defence and upgrade them to increase their potential.
Capture bonus objectives around the map to increase your odds of survival.
Buy and combine items.

6 Players recommended

Updates: April
-Changed the map so that it now supports 6 players and increased the map size slightly.
-Gold has been rebalanced.
-Added even more objectives.
-Added a random gold and lumber care package, they will spawn somewhere in the trees.
-Added a secret boss.

-Reworked how the enemy hero waves function. Now the boss waves are every 3 levels instead of every 5 and only 2 enemy heroes spawn along with the creeps.
-Reworked the terrain slightly, improving pathing issues around the holy fountain. EDIT:Worked some more on the terrain and moved some shops and the fountain of health around.
-Added some more items to the shop.
-Added a wave information text system. Should now display which creeps and heroes are incoming and their spells.
-General tooltip and spelling mistakes fixing.
-Added upgrades that provides a bonus passive for your hero.
-Replaced the Hero the Charger with a new one: Druid, strong self healing tank.
-Added a new hero: The Myrmidon, a melee agility hero with good aoe.
-Added a new Tier 3 shop.
-Added a new items to the consumble shop; Castle Repair, restores hp over time to the castle.

Updates: March
-Reworked some of the abilities broken with the launch of reforge.
-Reworked the terrain and added bonus objectives to the map.
-Reworked the undead waves, they are now more varied and pose more of a challenge.
-Added an endgame boss wave along with boss waves every 5 waves.
-Added farms that can be upgrade to increase the foodlimit.
-Added 2 new heroes; The Occultist & The Guardian
-Added a way to trade gold to lumber and vice versa.
-Added more bonus objectives around the map, guarded by dangerous foes.
-Converted the map back to being mainly for Classic. Though it should still work on Reforge.
-Tweaked the boss waves, each wave consists of 4 new heroes each wave, increasing the difficulty drasticly.

Chosing an attribute
Chosing a hero
Castle and hero spawn/shop area
Introducing Bottle of Holy Water
Setting up for the wave.


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