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Zombie Assault Force v1.03

Submitted by Jaakko
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
-Added a new game mode, Survival
-Added 3 new secondary missions
-Added a new zombie, Beholder
-Added a new zombie, Roamer
-Added a new item, Riot Shield
-Added a new item, Crowbar
-Armsdealer starts with Crowbar
-Added a new item, Helmet
-Added Supply Crates around the map
-Added a new selection circle
-Added few new "secrets"
-Added a hp upgrade for bus in garage
-Added an ability for weapon swapping
-Added command -cam2 for higher view
-Hospitals can now cure infections
-Chainsaw shop changed to farm
-Fixed bugs

-All medics have now a medikit backpack
-Zombies have a new unit, an underground tunnel
-Added a new city event
-Scientist purify ability gives more mana at low levels
-Fixed bugs
-Fixed a few bugs
-Added a new zombie, mutated hound
-Added automatic reload
-Added a command
-m that shows locations of allied mines
-Added a command
-music that turns all music off/on
-Added Nano Vest
-Added Fireproof Vest
-Added a new item, Laptop
-Added a new item, Alcohol
-Added coolant reactor event
-Added new secondary mission
-More blood
-Fixed scientist's turret bug
-Fixed a bug with entangling roots
-Fixed boss bugs
-Map visibility prevented
-Havoc hp increased
-Helicopter ammo capacity increased from 60 to 70
-Removed a few memory leaks
-Painkiller has custom buff
-Machine gun reloads faster when proning
-Increased sniper rifle clip size from 5 to 8
-Reduced flamethrower and acidthrower damage by 1
-Updated credits list
-Fixed a tentacle bug
-Fixed a power plant bug
-Fixed a small mine bug
-Fixed a vehicle bug
-Fixed pioneer repair bug
-Fixed a helicopter bug
-Fixed a disconnection bug with havoc
-Fixed a backpack bug
-Fixed a shop bug
-Fixed a havoc spawn bug
-Reduced Enlist Farmers and Kleptomaniac chance by 6%
-Fixed a bug with mines
-Medal gives 3 farmers instead of 4
-Removed minigun from medals
-Updated weapon skill system
-Fixed Scientist weapon bugs
-Freak zombie stun duration increased against normal units by 2 seconds
-Fixed item shop bugs
-Mines can now be placed next to barricades
-Time for base reveal depends now on the amount of players in pvp
-Water plant purifies now one more water radiation point
-Sas Marine can't use flamethrowers anymore
-fixed a big item bug
-codes from v1.00 are no longer usable because of the item bug
-power plant mission bug fixed
-fixed a bug with vehicles
-landmine activation time increased to 4 seconds from 2, added a special effect
-players can now enter the same vehicle with steal vehicle ability
-credits list updated
A host bot called jk2pach-host4 hosts zaf on all realms 24/7, add jk2pach-host4 as a friend on BattleNet.
All codes from v1.02 and beyond work.
Join ZAF on Facebook and read the latest news and discussions!
If you find bugs or got some feedback/ideas let me know. Due to the 8 Mb limit I had to reduce the quality of sound files.
ZAF is a highly developed 12 player online modern zombie survival game. Three official ZAF songs: Night Tension Song, Combat Song and Action Song.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZcREFrrA7k&feature=channel_page&fmt=22 Watch in HD
[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
Modes (3)
12 vs Zombies (Story Mode)
6 vs 6 - Marines Destroy Enemy Base
12 vs One Huge Zombie
Coming Later - 6 vs 6 Marines vs Zombies
Classes (9)
Armsdealer, Demolitions, Detachment Commander, Field Operations, Forward Observer, Medic, Pioneer, Sas Marine, Scientist
Classes Info
Each class has five unique abilities, the players have to work as a team if they are to survive. The level cap is 50 and there is a save/load system to load your hero's experience from older games.
Armsdealer - Provides the team with ammunition.
Demolitions - Master of explosive skills.
Detachment Commander - A class specialized in commanding troops.
Field Operations - Scouter with radio skill to call for ground forces.
Forward Observer - Best class for scouting. Can call air support and uses flares.
Medic - Heals and revives fallen players. Cures infections and broken legs/arms.
Pioneer - Builds barricades and turrets for defence. Can also repair mechanical units.
Sas Marine - The basic soldier of ZAF for beginners.
Scientist - Has the most devastating weapon in the game, Ion Cannon. Can also build a mannable big gun turret and a radar that detects zombies.
Weapons (15)
Carbine, Chainsaw, Combat Knife, Flamethrower, Grenade, Heavy Support Rifle, Machine Gun, Minigun, Rocket Launcher, Semi Machine Gun, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Super Shotgun, Uzi, Acidthower
Weapons Info
All weapons are attached to the player when picked up. Combat Knife can be used when the player has no weapons. All weapons are unique. For example shotgun has splash but low range and sniper has the highest attack range. All weapons slow the player's movement speed when carried. Weapons have different bullets. Each player can carry one weapon in hand and one weapon on back at a time. Backpack and vehicles can hold several weapons.
Radiation, Save/Load, Day/Night Cycle, Rage, Electronics & Metal, Random Events, Medals of Honour, Accuracy
Vehicles (2)
Jeep, Bus (Tank Later)
Models - Talon the Mage, Klarnetist, WebSter, Punisher_x, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, oGre_, General Frank, TotallyAwesome, oBs3rv3r, BlackSebastian, JetFangInferno, Illidan(Evil)X, Rao Dao Zao, Fluff, sc_freek, Nasrudin, Daelin, Vuormalainen, Dionesiist, chilla_killa, epsilon, Pyramidhe@d, Teaspoon, PeeKay, War_Golum, tee.dubs, HappyCockroach, HappyTauren, Kitabatake, RED BARON, Ergius, Thrikodius, Kofi_Banan, Goldwolf, SantoRayo[iP], Tranquil, Devine, IronMaiden, Frictional Games, WindexIsBack, Ribenamania, supertoinkz, nikikin, Debode

Textures/Icons - Zombie, Born²Modificate, The_Silent, Denu, ana, Saikann, halo, darkdeathknight, Ammorth, Illidan(Evil)X, Immoralis, Juan_Ann, NFWar, inhuman89, graystuff111, General Frank, HappyTauren, Muoteck, Riley, ChirusHighwind, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, ChevronSeven, Domokun, SantoRayo[iP], Huinipachutli, Muoteck, kola, -Stygian-, Ampharos_222, MortAr, Coinblin, GhostThruster, chilla_killa, M0rbid

Systems/Spells - Waldbaer, Paladon, D1000, StaberFire

Pictures (www.deviantart.com) - adonihs "WWZ - The Battle of Yonkers", Rub-a-Duckie "Grrr...Zombiesz"

Music (www.newgrounds.com/audio) - Denny Schneidemesser (Danman87) "With Gun & Crucifix", Thomas (silencefreedom) "Await", ParagonX9 "The Encounter ( MGS Style )"

Sounds - Unreal Tournament, sound websites

Websites - www.hiveworkshop.com www.wc3c.net www.xgm.ru If I forgot to add somebody to the credits then contact me.

ZAF Zombie Assault Force Modern Survival Horror Marine 12 Players Online Bnet War Mission Helicopter Jeep Bridge Mutation Infection Defense !Epic!

Zombie Assault Force v1.03 (Map)

  1. LichKing21


    Jan 26, 2012
    wow really one of the most awesome zombie maps i seen :) keep updating it please cause its really worth it :p

    btw 5/5 :)
  2. Ryonell


    Dec 5, 2014
    Really nice map... 5/5
    EDIT: Also srry owner... but I want to edit your map just to add +30 secs plus to default day time, all my group want this, so I'll go to do this only for my friends, i'm not going to post the DL version.
  3. LiSora


    Nov 4, 2016
    Such a great zombie map, i really like how complex the system is. On the first try i thought that i should have at least 6 people to survive. I was wrong, this map only need 2 if you are lucky enough.

    Attached Files:

  4. TheRiceWanderer


    Sep 12, 2016
    Dam, really great map. I would make some suggestions but it doesn't get worked on anymore. Sigh, what a shame
  5. OverWatch


    Dec 24, 2017
    Great Game, can we have a zoom out option please?
  6. LazyKaloz


    Jul 20, 2017
    For a great map, needs a great community...! Except that... Uh. We are small... But we plan to make a revival for this awesome shit. So, if ya'll got Discord. I recommend joining us---- And if not, but you love ZAF. I highly recommend creating yourself one, the account, I mean... And join us! This way, we have a place for ZAF, and upcoming games will be more frequent!

    Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers <<< We'll be seeing you there!
  7. Cellesteel


    Mar 26, 2018
    Does anyone know if i can get a beta version or an unblocekd version of this map Id like to try to work on it