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WW2: World in Flames [REVISED]

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Today i spent the day rewriting the voting dialog system to support an indefinite amount of dialog screens. Using this, i now split the voting dialog into two screens, the "Alliance Mode" screen, and the "Victory Mode" screen. The victory modes you will be able to chose from in 3.0 will be "Domination" and "Sudden Death".

In the former, victory conditions are met if a player or a team controls over 75% of the map for more than 5 minutes. In the latter, you are defeated if you lose your capital for more than 5 minutes. I also made it so that players who are done voting are faced with a screen that says "Waiting for other players to finish voting..." until all votes are collected. Prior to this, players were able to start fighting while others were still in the dialog.

Now only remains to code the actualy victory modes themselves. Once i am done with this, i will be content to release the next version.
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Mar 22, 2010
What about a good Ai?

Well, considering the 8mb limit, and the hard time of coding AI into this map,
I'm pretty much sure it won't be added unless some magic happens.

But who knows? It will be interesting to have such an AI to practice on though.
Just fixed the "Sudden Death" mode, the game is now winable!!
Having some problems making the Domination mode compatiable with custom alliances though, so progress is going slow there. I also made a small optimisation to the smoke grenades which will hopefully reduce lag.

I am hoping to have it done before the weekend.
Hi again everyone! Sorry for not posting, i have been offered a job in another city and will be moving there on sunday, so i've had my hands full with interviews, job training and packing. During this summer, it is likely i will have no time at all to work on WiF, so i will send the map to Worma and see if he can get it ready. Technically, it is ready for release at any time, but there are still some functions i would want included first, such as the Domination mode and proper victory conditions for the sudden death mode - currently, players can be defeated, but the remaining players don't win when all enemies are gone (which ofcourse they are supposed to).

So yeah, that's that. I will check by tomorrow with more news.
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Jul 25, 2008
This game was great fun and amazingly made, if I did not know it was a Warcraft 3 map, I probably wouldn't have believed it. Although I think it could do with more things to be researched. There are not enough game changes in this game for a map so large, my friends and I played for (god knows how long) with territory constantly changing hands and alliances being forged and broken, but by 1960 there was still no clear winner and we decided to call it peace (because it was like, 3am)

Perhaps if there was just simple armour and weapon upgrades for units and tanks (or even speed upgrades for ships) the game would have not become such a stale mate
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May 27, 2012
Damn it! I got a new PC and I can't find my WarCraft 3 disks and the WarCraft I downloaded isn't working :S
Somebody can help me please? Can't wait to try the map!
We now have a new version released and available here!

New features in this version include a reichstag doodad model, more game hints, and an objective system, giving players small historical goals to complete for rewards. It also features balance for paratroopers aswell as numerous bug fixes.

We are now very close to completing this map, the only thing missing being the trade ship system and victory conditions for the domination mode.

Anyhow, i want to inform everyone that the most recent version is 1.3e, which can currently only be found at entgaming.net (will be on the wif website ASAP). It adresses some of the balance issues in 1.3c, like the infantry doctrine.

Another thing we are talking about right now is wether to add control points at sea, for ships to capture, instead of merchant ships. These points would generate income just like cities, but not be able to train any units. The reason we are considering this is that merchant ships would generate attack notifications constantly, and there is a risk they could get stuck and cluster up if they fail to reach their destination. It is also a lot of work fixing parts of the system that could potentially bug, such as if a harbor is captured before a merchant has reached it. We want to know what the common opinion is about this - is it good or bad? Would sea control points make sense?

EDIT: I might have found the source of the delay issues in the newer versions. It might come from the trigger that makes you select the research unit after clicking the research hero, since it uses the SynchSelections natives, known for messing up multiplayer games. Whenever you play, try to check if the delay is consistent with someone selecting the research hero, and report to me if it is.
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Jan 1, 2014
Me too, I'm glad that you've come back to your project!

I would be very happy to make this map very popular since I have a lot of friends that like any game that presents good and accurate models about the WW2 just like yours. (Me and 9 friends of mine have started to play again WiF 3 months ago, and two of them told me that they actually play with their acquaintances too!)

With some little changes and with your unique features and awesome models, I think that this map could be one of the best WW2 Warcraft mods ever.
Version 1.5b is released! This version brings some rather significant changes to the map, such as the way armor piercing damage is applied, and also how submarines work. Also, Italy gets some love with a brand new navy of models, a new infantry model, and two new tanks! Also, FINALLY, China has their own infantry model - which frankly puts all the other infantry models to shame!

You can find the new version >HERE<!

Screen Shot 02-16-17 at 07.46 PM 001.PNG
Screen Shot 02-16-17 at 07.47 PM 002.PNG
Screen Shot 04-29-17 at 03.56 PM.PNG

Screen Shot 04-29-17 at 04.03 PM 001.PNG

Screen Shot 04-29-17 at 03.58 PM.PNG

Screen Shot 04-29-17 at 03.55 PM.PNG
  • New model for Chinese infantry. Their unit is now also cheaper and trains faster than before, though they are still pretty shit.
  • Increased defenses everywhere to slow down the pace at game start
  • New infantry and tank models for Italy. Italian infantry has new stats.
  • New Italian battleship and cruiser models.
  • New Italian tanks: Fiat L6 light tank and Semovente 47 tank destroyer. The L6 is probably the best light tank in the game, but it's the only saving grace for the otherwise mediocre Italian armor. The Semovente 47 is unique in that it is based on the L6 chassis and therefore only slightly slower and more armored. It is a cheap, mobile and low-tier unit in contrast to the otherwise slow and heavy tank destroyers of the other nations. A common trait for all Italian tanks is that they they have a very high chance to get critted by armor piercing attacks (similar to the Japanese tanks).
  • New Italian cruiser: the Zara-class. This is an overall excellent ship with good AA, high damage, and above-average speed.
  • Increased submarine oxygen to 250, reduced life by 25.
  • Added new sink bomb attack to destroyers. They are now the only unit capable of attacking submerged submarines.
  • Tiger tanks no longer take extra damage from artillery (removed the "high projectile trajectory" ability). Instead, siege attacks do more damage vs heavy armor in general.
  • Armor Piercing attacks now deal more damage to heavy armored units and less to light armored (due to overpenetration), rather than the other way around. This will likely fuck up all balance in the map. AT-guns are now worthless against light tanks but great against tigers. Submarines are less effective against destroyers but better against battleships.
  • Reduced the damage of all AT-guns by 1 since i suspect that they might otherwise become too powerful for their price with the new damage changes.
  • The game will now enter cinematic mode for 10 seconds on map start to allow people to read the starting text in peace.
  • Fixed the ugly white box blinking around the torpedo model.
  • Increased the vision radius of sea control points to give them more influence over naval superiority.
  • Added a transport ship to Finland to give them a fallback plan and some more options in the Baltic Sea.
  • Italian destroyers can now drop naval mines, which work similar to tank mines.
  • All doctrines will now have their bonuses properly applied. Also increased the bonus fuel time for the first level of the Air Doctrine from 5 to 10.
Great! So, it's been a long time once again, but some reports of various bugs in the latest version has coerced me into releasing a fix for this. I also finished up some old ship models i had in store and added them for good measure. The new version is available on MakeMeHost as "World in Flames v1.6 (opt)". I'd also like to ask people to post their best WiF screenshots here so that i can use these to perhaps finally officially add this project to the maps section.



  • New model: Bismarck. Oh, and the Germans now have Bismarck instead of Scharnhorst, by popular request.
  • New model: the HMS King George V.
  • Italian infantry now properly spawns in squads.
  • Italian infantry can now be spawned from small cities.
  • All destroyer types should now be able to target submerged submarines.
  • Coastal batteries can no longer target submerged submarines.
  • Battleships can now target infantry.
  • All battleships now have a very weak AA-attack. This is mainly just to make naval battles seem more scenic.
  • Dive bombers have slightly more health. More balancing for planes is planned for a future update.
  • Improved static defenses for China and Japanese colonies.
  • Objectives will now ping on the minimap for 20 seconds instead of the previous puny 3 seconds.
  • Added new objective for Japan to capture the Philippines. Also upped the rewards for most Japanese objectives in the Pacific - this new objective will for instance grant two carriers. Guadalcanal will grant an armored division instead of just infantry.
  • Hopefully, the submarine oxygen bug should now be fixed.
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May 21, 2017
Welcome back.
Many people have been waiting for the update of this map.
So should the United States possess nuclear weapons in future updates?
Because it is cool.
Level 2
May 21, 2017
Maybe it can be made like this.
The United States acquired nuclear weapons research technology in 1944.
After the technical study is completed, the engineer can build a nuclear weapons production station.
This nuclear weapons production station can be used as an airport for nuclear bombers and can't be occupied by others.Can only be destroyed.
Yes, maybe. But one important aspect of the manhattan project was that the bomb would have to be produced in the US, and then the planes would have to hop between airfields on its way to Japan. This is what made the capture of islands near Japan so important. Ideally, the plane would be treated like any other plane and need to refuel on its way. But since i see no soluition for this, it is possible that your suggestion would be the best option.
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May 21, 2017
Perhaps it is more appropriate to call this building a "nuclear bomber airport."
The place where nuclear weapons are produced is still in the United States. The airport is only responsible for transshipment.
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Apr 9, 2013
I've played the new version couple of times now. It's one of the best versions up to date and there are no complaints by the players.

The new battleship second attack makes battleships pack more punch and more valuable.

Although the defences you added to China and to Japan are not to significant, especially the ones to Japan, as Shanghai remained unchanged and is still easily capturable. Though the main Chinese land remains heavily fortified and ensures that China will still be in the game for some bit even without UK and allies help.

Other than that there is still no end game and the game often becomes a stalemate between those that own Europe and those that own Asia, being very hard for any side to advance and very tiresome. The Domination mode should be checked if it works and changed to 60%. Nukes could also help late game and break the stalemate, bombers that can only target cities and cause massive damage. Though both teams could benefit from nukes if it was only an American weapon you could add an airfield on the east coast that builds nuclear bombers, and so players will have to take the plane from island to island, though at the moment there is not much point still as America can invade the home islands when Japan not looking which happens quite often when you fight on all fronts.

The Rewards do help Japan quite a bit, the 2 carriers being the most significant, though there could be more objectives for Port Moresby or Kuala Lumpur.
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