WW2: World in Flames [REVISED]

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This thread is a follow-up to the project thread made by James7 and a continuation of his project. James has been offline since april this year, and i get it he has moved and has limited access to the internet. Before he went offline, i took the task of reterraining the map for him, something that took somewhat larger proportions and ended up with me recreating many of the systems and adding new unit and custom made models for them and all the others. Unfortunately, my computer got accidentally reformated, and much of my process was lost.

Now, almost everything has been recreated from scratch - using heightmap tools and photoshop, i have managed to render a 99,9% accurate depiction of the world map, packed with new exclusive models and mechanics - something i am about to present here.
Even though the map is now completely made by me and Vuormalainen (who made our awesome website, among other things), i still consider it as James project and concept, and he will be co-credited in the loading screen. Until he returns, i will be leader of this project and manage this thread, and i hope my work will be enjoyed.


WW2: World in Flames is a strategy based map taking place in both theatres of world war two. Your goal is to conquer the opposing teams using air, ground, and naval units authentic to those used in the historical war.

The game is bound by a timeline that progressively unlocks new units and researches, although diplomacy will be mostly up to the players, with some dictation from the "public relations" system, which handles standings between nations and adds penalties to players who, for instance, ally an enemy with whom they have been at war with for a long time.
After the timeline has passed 1945, the game will theoretically continue into the cold war.

Playable factions:

Soviet Union
Great Britain
Imperial Japan




*Intuitive round-based combat spanning through the largest war in human history!

*Experience the full world war era with two theatres, featuring both the Pacific and the European war!


Bridgeheads will need to be controlled to maintain your natural front lines. These can be occupied but not controlled - Fortify your bridges to break the enemy offensive!

A bridge across the Mekong river, somewhere in the Cambodian jungle

Many cities are divided by a river, such as Paris. This produces a natural protection towards the German front.

*Capturable Watchtowers
Claim watchtowers to provide vision and protection for your troops.
Watchtowers are indestructible, and is captured when it's hit points reaches 20%. This causes any units housed in it to eject and leave room for your own soldiers.
Units can fire while inside the tower, which can room 4 units each.

German armor mobilising across the Alpes.

*Realistic aircraft fuel range and movement system!
Air units requires fuel, and will automatically become uncontrollable and return to the nearest allied airfield once they run out of gas. All aircraft also move in realistic ways, constantly moving and taking smooth turns when ordered to a new location. A carrier will virtually be a moving substitute for an airfield, though unable to produce it's own units and unable to transport heavy bombers.

Factories are present near most cities, and cannot be destroyed, only captured. Factories can be reissued into two different facilities; Tank Factories and Research Facilities.

*Historically accurate timeline
The game follows a multiboard-shown calendar that displays the current date. As time goes, new techs will become available at the appropriate date - Medium Tanks becomes available in 1940, Tank Destroyers in 1943, and V2 rockets etc. in 1945. This is to create a natural flow in the game, and to introduce players to the basic units first and then escalate, to reduce the learning curve.

*Visual transport system
Units inside transports turn up as visible attachment on those, as eye-candy


The same will apply to aircraft on aircraft carriers.

*Special ammunition properties
Armor piercing rounds have a slight chance to actually penetrate the armor of a tank and deal internal damage based on which direction the attacker is firing from.
A shot fired from the rear has very high propability of penetrating the armor, while one from the front will most likely just glance off and deal normal damage. If a bullet penetrates the rear, it will have a chance to wreck the engine, disabling the tank until repaired by an engineer.
A direct shot from the side also have a small propability of triggering the ammunitions storage of the tank to explode, dealing massive damage and reducing both the damage and attack rate of the tank until repaired.
A light or medium tank that has already taken a couple of shots will likely be finished off by this.

Each tank also have it's own armor rating, which is a variable used in the calculation to increase or decrease the likeliness of a shell penetrating. For instance, T-34 medium tanks have positive armor rating, while shermans and light tanks have negative armor rating.


There are two main resource types in WiF: Oil, and Currency.
Currency is gained periodically through capturing cities and is given periodically every 2 minutes. In unlocked alliance mode, allying an old enemy will cause a penalty to your income for some time.

Oil is gathered similar to gold, capturing oil refineries that are scarcely spread around the map. Each country starts with at least one refinery, and the resource is required more or less for all mechanized units that has an engine. This is to create more focused points of interest, and strategical targets to make the game more dynamic. All in all, oil will also take the role of "tech resource", as upgrades and exotic units are heavy on this resource.

An oil refinery at the Finnish coast


Each faction gains control of different units accurate to what they would have in history. This means that Americans use Sherman tanks, Russians use T-34's, and the Germans panzer tanks. There are different minor tweaks to the different units to give them character, German tanks are for instance slightly stronger than others, but also take more time and resources to produce and have slower movement speed than their allied counterparts.

There are three tank classes in the map; Light, Medium and Tank Destroyers.
Light Tanks are fast scout tanks, which fires explosive rounds which deal shrapnel damage to organic targets in an area around the point of impact. Light tanks are most useful in the early game against clustered infantry, but with their light armor they are very susceptible to units with armor piercing damage. In the late game they are used simply for filling out the ranks with a fast hitting unit to combat the enemy's AT-guns and soldiers.

Medium Tanks are very versatile main combat tanks, armed with both a tank cannon firing explosive rounds, and a mounted machine gun dealing normal damage, for fending off infantry.
The main cannon, as it does not use armor piercing rounds, is mostly useful for killing light armoured vehicles, such as troop transports, AA-guns, AT-guns(although they make quite a fight), and light tanks. it does reduced damage to tank destroyers, but in numbers of at least three, medium tanks can take down those aswell.
Each faction has an own upgrade for their medium tank. The germans have their HP-upgrade, soviets have their 85mm barrel upgrade (increased range and damage), and americans have their Calliope launcher upgrade.

Tank Destroyers have a larger gold cost than other tanks, but comparably lower oil cost, due to the simple construction of tank destroyers and the lack of a turret. All in all, tank destroyers are not as exclusive as you would think of them to be - they use armor piercing ammunition which only pays off against armored units such as the light or medium tank; a lone tank destroyer can kill several light tanks with little damage taken, and quite a few medium tanks as well.
Although, due to the slow fire rate and the very focused damage, the unit is in fact relatively weak to infantry units. A group of infantry can eventually take down a tank destroyer with few casualties, because of how little damage the armor piercing shells deal to infantry.

Apart from the different tank classes there are also other mechanized units to use on your quest for world domination, for instance Half-tracks, which are used as troop transports and also come as a separate Anti-Air variant with a flak gun on top.
Finally, there are light Anti-Tank Artilleries that are used to take down large armored vehicles, especially tank destroyers. While being basically just a tank gun mounted on wheels, it only takes a couple of tank guns to take out a lone tank destroyer. But for the same reason as the tank destroyer, the AT-Guns are suspectible to regular infantry. Besides the factor of it using armor piercing ammunition, the AT's are also not armored, which makes them very vurnerable to explosive attacks, and can in fact be taken down by a mere light tank, if taken by surprise, due to the light tanks superior firing speed. On the other hand, since AT's don't use an engine, they have no oil cost, and are quite dispensible on the battlefield.

Recently, i have also added mobile Artillery units, which are light armored siege units, carrying a howitzer cannon with exceptional long-range firing capabilities. They are very effective against Heavy Armored units, since those often have very light armor on the top to reduce total weight. Obviously, they are also very effective at taking down enemy entrenchments from a safe distance.
Due to their minimum firing range, the main weakness of the artilleries are Light Tanks. Those deal very little damage from the siege shells, and can sneak up within the minimum fire radius of the artilleries and quickly take them out. The artilleries are quite expensive, but generally very weak and poorly armored, so it is best to keep them well guarded as you advance.

Armor and Damage types:

Light Armored
Used by: Light tanks, Destroyers, Troop transports
Weak vs: Explosive
Strong vs: Shock, Normal.

Medium Armored
Used by: Medium tanks, Cruisers
Weak vs: Explosive
Strong vs: Shock, Normal.

Heavy Armored
Used by: Tank destroyers, Heavy tanks, Battleships
Weak vs: Armor Piercing, Siege.
Strong vs: Shock, Normal, Explosive.

Used by: All infantry units
Weak vs: Shock, Explosive.
Strong vs: Armor Piercing.

Used by: Structures.
Weak vs: Siege, Shock.
Strong vs: Armor Piercing, Normal.

Ground Armor Chart:
in this section, you will find some of the different armored ground classes as represented by the different nations.

*Panzer I Light Tank
The Panzer I uses dual turret-mounted machine guns to fire deadly exploding slugs at it's enemies. While having a slightly faster attack rate, it does not have the same direct damage as the soviet and US equivalent.


*Panzer IV Medium Tank
Being the most produced german tank in all of WW2, the Panzer IV was a common sight on the European battlefield. Having both a coaxial mounted machine gun and a pretty decent gun turret, the medium tanks serve as a kind of MBT's in this map. This tank also comes with an upgrade to hinge a second set of armor on top of it to slightly increase it's hit points.


*Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer
The Jagdpanther tank destroyer was based on the incredibly successful Panther tank chassis, and is a hard target for any allied tank. Like all tank destroyers, it has a longer attack range, but is limited by it's slow movement speed.


*Tiger I Heavy Tank
In 1943, the German player has the option to make a special upgrade at his research facility - the ability to produce a new unit called "Heavy Tank". The research is time consuming and expensive, but can give an edge on the battlefield. The Tiger Tank has the armament of a Tank Destroyer and a hull-mounted machine gun for infantry combat. The Tiger does not replace the Panzer, and is very expensive to produce and requires a lot of oil, not to mention it takes longer to construct than a Tank Destroyer. It will, however, provide a significant boost to your ranks. Being very slow, the Tiger is best used in defensive roles or as a spearhead in beach landings.


*Sdkfz 251 Armored Troop Transport
The Sdkfz is, although poorly armored, is a fast and cheap unit good for scouting and for protecting your soldiers from the deadly shrapnel caused by a light tank volley. They are also e


*Sdkfz 251/17 Flak Battery
Somewhat sturdier than the other flak carriers, the Sdkfz 251/17 is a formidable and powerful anti air vessel at a slightly higher cost.



*T-26 Light Tank
Oftenly dubbed as the most succesful light tank in the 1930's, the T-26 was the first of its kind to use a tank gun instead of a machine gun for it's turret. Due to this, the T-26 fires at lower attack speed, but higher damage, in the map. The DPS is about the same.


*T-34 Medium Tank
The T-34 has all the properties of a good tank design - it's sloped armor, low profile, and wide tracks made it one of the most priceworthy tanks in the second world war. In the map, it has slightly reduced build time, compensated by a lower hitpoint value.


*SU-85 Tank Destroyer
No info yet


*ZIS-5 Light Transport Truck
i'm not sure if ZIS is the name of the mounted gun or the truck (the truck might be a GAZ), but this is however the russian transport class unit. Due to the lack of mobilization in the early soviet union, trucks like theese were oftenly reissued into troop transport of gun carriages.

EDIT: Checked it, the truck is called ZIS-5.



*Stuart Light Tank
Light and versatile; the M5A1 Stuart was crucial to the victory in the pacific war due to it's ability to make it's way through the roughest terrain.


*Sherman M4 Medium Tank
Although weak, the cheap and simple construction of the Sherman tank allowed it to be produced at a very quick pace.


*M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer
The M18 hellcat was the closest thing the allied forces got to a tank destroyer - it houses a large caliber barrel on it's iconic turret and acts pretty much like any other tank destroyer in the game.


*M3 Armored Troop Transport
no info yet. But the model kicks ass.


*M7 Priest Self Propelled Artillery
The M7 priest is the most heavily armoured artillery in the game, which comes at the cost of a lower movement speed. The two loaders are not present in this shot but can be seen in more recent images of the model.


Imperial japan:

Type 95 Ha-Go Light Tank

*Chi-Ha type 97 Medium Tank

Since AT-Guns doesn't count as vehicles, they get their own category in this list.
infact, the speed of the AT-Guns give them an important role as infantry support unit to give simple cover for infantry squadrons against tanks.
Their main weakness is their low HP and suspectability to explosive damage, hence a good strategy is to let the cheap soldiers catch the damage while the AT-Gun fires from a safe distance.

PaK 40:


Ordnance QF Six Pounder:

Minor Allied/Minor Axis
Bofors 37mm:
The bofors is used by finnish, polish, and yugoslavian forces.

Infantry classes:

There are currently three infantry classes available for each nation: Engineers, Flamethrowers, and Soldiers. Each of the three main faction has their own base infantry model, and here there's also a few perks present - German, american, and british soldiers have slightly higher hit points than Soviet and Japanese - though the latter cost less resources and build time. here follows a short chart on the three different classes.

Abilities: None.
Role: main combat unit.
Weapon: Smg.


Abilities: Repair, Plant Tank Mine, Construct
Role: Sapper, basic construction unit.
Weapon: None so far, might get a rifle or something.


Abilities: None.
Role: Anti-infantry unit, also good for taking out structures and fortifications.
Weapon type: Flamethrower (Shock damage).

Aircraft Classes:
Tactical Bombers
Weapon type: Armor Piercing bombs.
Role: Airborne artillery, used to take out tanks and ships.

Strategic Bombers
Weapon Type: Siege bombs.
Role: Main bomber craft, takes out structures and fortifications.

Weapon Type: Normal (machine gun).
Role: Anti-Air dogfighting craft.

Ship Classes:
Armament: Depth charges, basic naval guns. Has sonar.
Role: Sub hunter.
Weak VS: Battleships, Cruisers

Armament: Naval tun turrets, Flak Cannons.
Role: Used as your regular ship class, proves basic defense towards air attacks.
Weak VS: Submarines, Battleships.

Armament: High caliber, armor piercing naval gun towers. This is the only ship that can fire on land units (only buildings and vehicles).
Role: Like the Tank Destroyer among tanks; used to take out most other naval vessels.
Weak VS: Tactical Bombers, Submarines.

Armament: N/A
Role: Serves as a maintenance and fueling point for airplanes. Carriers also increase your airplane cap.
Weak VS: Everything

Armament: Dual torpedo chambers (armor piercing).
Role: Battleship killer, harassment craft
Weak VS: Destroyers.

This category features some of the screenshots and WIP images that has been displayed in the thread throughout it's half year in existence.















How can i support this project?

Check out Vuormas post on how to add the WiF logo to your signature here!

Please give feedback and ask questions, and i will try to improve the presentation after best of my ability. Please visit our website at www.worldinflames.se!


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Level 9
Sep 4, 2008
Omg loved them all Fingolfin. But the soldiers inside the Half-track seems a little... giant, compared to the truck. Loved the Tiger I :D. Lol that guy smoking, is a special animation?
Yes, isn't it lovely? I hoped you would notice that. He looks around to see if the coast is clear, lowers his gun, and takes a quick smoke. :) he even breathes a little puff too.

I made the soldiers large so that it would look like they were of the same size as the one outside of it. It is made to look a little cartoony, actually. Though i am pretty sure that i will shrink it down even further next time i reexport the soldier model, i just haven't bothered yet. It looks absolutely riddiculous on the ZIS-5 model.
Level 9
Sep 4, 2008
Yes, isn't it lovely? I hoped you would notice that. He looks around to see if the coast is clear, lowers his gun, and takes a quick smoke. :) he even breathes a little puff too.

I made the soldiers large so that it would look like they were of the same size as the one outside of it. It is made to look a little cartoony, actually. Though i am pretty sure that i will shrink it down even further next time i reexport the soldier model, i just haven't bothered yet. It looks absolutely riddiculous on the ZIS-5 model.

Haha liked it. It's going to be the exact animations for the other soldiers, like the Soviet and Allied?

OK. I like the ZIS-5 aswell :D.
Level 9
Sep 4, 2008
Shouldnt planes go down when they run out of gas?

Well I think that would be a little more complicated to the player, since most of them don't pay attention to the units' stats. Lets just say that when mana reach zero, the gas will be like 1/4, and the pilot decides to land in the nearest airfield ;)
Exactly. In the original map, they went down - and it was so annoying. You could have planes dying because they moved away from the airfield to attack an enemy, or sometimes while you were bringing them back from an air raid. using airplanes was almost always a kamikaze mission, lol.

And nah, i don't really think i will use exactly the same animations, but maybe. The soviet soldiers are wearing a large cape like my helghast model, so i won't be able to transfer the animations as smothly.
Level 23
Dec 20, 2009
Subscribing to this. It really looks decent so far.
Since I'm more into the visuals - I can only judge about them, since I do not know that much about gamebalancing nor triggering - I have one little thing to mention: THe grass in your ingame screenshot is way to big scaled to fit your awesome ressources!!
Maybe you should try to get a grass which is scaled down a lot.
Anyways, I need one for a map of my own. But not to sure if it would fit yours in terms of colour. But if interested I can send it to you once it's finished and you could recolour it to whatever you need. Just if you are interested though ;)

Great jobs on the models so far, looks very promising!
Actually, i have no problem with the grass being to large, i needed a texture that had more detail than the blurry ashenvale grassy dirt, and i thought this one packed nice, realistic grass in a good format. If i were to make the grass straws smaller, yet at the same quality, i would have to make the texture size twice as big - and i simply don't have the space for that.

i will enjoy seeing your texture once it is done though, it might just be better for other reasons.
Thank you for the reply!
Level 9
Sep 4, 2008
Some quick suggestions:
-Special Ability for the Flamethrower: Burn Fortification. Targets: Bunker; Effect: Ignites a target fortification on fire, dealing initial 500 damage and 20 damage per second. Lasts 10 seconds.; Range: 250; Mana Cost: 0 (or depends on your wish); Cooldown: About 1 minute. (PS: Those are example numbers, define the stats as your wish.)
-An animation for one of the soldiers which they drink some water from a flask, like the footman.

-Which planes have you thought in making, until now?
-Is there any classes and special abilities for planes, like the tanks?
-You are going to make landing boats for troops, or they are going to be transported and unloaded by the ships?
-Are they going to be para-drop planes, like the JU 52 or the Douglas DC3?

Well that's all ;), for now!
The ability sounds nice - but i would rather have it as an orb-type ability that ignites a building everytime you fire at it, and with lower DoT instead. It doesn't make sense to me why the flamethrower would have to decide when to ignite something and not, and to have a cooldown to it. It would also dampen the micro load on the player.

As for the planes, there are currently four types of planes:

Tactical Bombers
Weapon type:
primary - Armor Piercing bombs,
secondary - machinegun for dogfighting.
Role: Airborne artillery, used to take out tanks and ships.

Strategic Bombers
Weapon Type: Siege bombs
Role: Main bomber craft, takes out structures and fortifications.

Intercept Fighters
Weapon Type: Normal (machinegun)
Role: Anti-Air dogfighting craft.

Escort Fighter
Weapon Type: Normal (machinegun)
Role: weak, but highly fueled aircraft for escorting bombers to their destination.

German planes so far are Stuka Bombers, HE111, ME109.
Allied planes so far are Spitfires, Flying Fortresses (you may suggest on the third)
Soviet planes are YAK, dunno about the rest. Will check that out.
I won't include paratrooper planes.

There will be no higgens boats, if that's what you mean. Every nation shares the generic liberty ship model for transport, and it is also the standard merchant ship model. There are some ship classes though:

Arnament: Anti-sub torpedoes, basic naval guns. Has sonar.
Role: Sub hunter (swedish name for destroyer is infact "jagare", which means "hunter", or "chaser").
Weak VS: Battleships, Cruisers

Arnament: Naval tun turrets, Flak Cannons
Role: Used as your regular ship class, proves basic defense towards air attacks.
Weak VS: Submarines, Battleships.

Arnament: High caliber, armor piercing naval gun towers. Has the "Shore Bombardment" ability.
Role: Like the Heavy Tank among tanks; used to take out most other naval vessels.
Weak VS: Tactical Bombers, Submarines.

Arnament: Minor gun turrets, firing explosive shells. (uneffective to battleships)
Role: Provides fuel to nearby aircraft. Can load planes into it's cargo bay for protection.
Weak VS: Battleships, Submarines.

Arnament: Dual torpedo chambers (armor piercing)
Role: Battleship killer, harassment craft
Weak VS: Destroyers.
Level 9
Sep 4, 2008
Hm nice idea of the flamethrower orb effect. About that ship, I meant Landing Boats, or something.

Well I don't have an exact idea of planes, but here are some names you might like:
Germans (HEY! Just noticed that the guy's name who found Junkers was Hugo Junkers :p):
-ME-110 (According to Wikipedia, with was a escort and support to ships.)

-P51 Mustang or P40 Warhawk or Hawker Hurricane (Interceptor)
-P38 Lightning (Tactical Bomber)

-Pe-2 (Tactical Bomber)
-La-5 (Fighter or Interceptor, depends on the Yak's role)

Hope that helped!
I will only use three different models, the intercept model will be used for the escort aswell. To save model space and time.

Thank you for the aircraft models, especially the russian ones were very helpful.
I won't be using the Lighting though; i want to keep dual engines exclusive for strategic bombers if i can (Pe-2 can be an exception). ME110 will not be used for the same reason; also, i like the 109 better. They will have stuka, 109, and 111.
I think i might use hawker hurricane for the britts.
Level 9
Sep 4, 2008
I will only use three different models, the intercept model will be used for the escort aswell. To save model space and time.

Thank you for the aircraft models, especially the russian ones were very helpful.
I won't be using the Lighting though; i want to keep dual engines exclusive for strategic bombers if i can (Pe-2 can be an exception). ME110 will not be used for the same reason; also, i like the 109 better. They will have stuka, 109, and 111.
I think i might use hawker hurricane for the britts.

OK! Glad to help anyways ;)
Level 9
Sep 4, 2008
Hmm I see. Most of the minor allied countries used the Light Tank 7TP in the early war. Then, they started to use M3 Stuarts and other British tanks, but I don't think that needs so much tanks. Maybe the tanks would depend on the country. For example, France using American/British tanks.

Anyways, you should post some screenshots of your awesome AT Guns ;)
Level 6
Nov 14, 2008

German: ME 262 (jet upgrade)

British: Gloster Meteor (jet upgrade)
Avro Lancaster (Heavy Bomber)

Japanese: Zero (Fighter)
Betty (Bomber)
Val (Dive Bomber)



Destroyer: Z99
Cruiser: Graf Spee
Battleship: Bismark
Carrier: Graf Zepplin
Submarine: VII-C


Destroyer: Tribalt
Cruiser: York
Battleship: King George V
Carrier: Ark Royal


Destroyer: Fletcher
Cruiser: Huston
Battleship: Iowa
Carrier: Essex
Submarine: Gato


Destroyer: Fubuki
Cruiser: Tone
Battleship: Yamato
Carrier: Akagi
Submarine: I-400

just a few suggestions =)

you may want to add a special post war tank, the MBT

Germany: Maus

Britain: Crusader

America: Patton

Japan: --------

Russia: IS-2
Level 9
Sep 4, 2008
-Jet fighters sounds interesting, but if Fingolfin do add them, they would be only available in late 1946.
-The Japanese Airplanes are very nice!

-The list seems a little big, but as you said, they are just some suggestions :)

-lol by MBT you mean Main Battle Tank? If yes, in WW2, they called Medium Tanks, according to Fingolfin ;).
-The Panzer VIII Maus never really entered in combat. In 1945, when he was heading to Berlin, his wheels broken and the German had to blow it up so the Allies don't steal it.
-The Crusader for British is a good idea for Medium Tank, but I think Fingolfin will keep the M4 Sherman.
-lol the Patton Series only entered in service on the Cold War Era. Maybe you meant M26 Pershing?
-The IS-2 is a good idea, although it has no categories for it. Anyways, Fingolfin can add onde special category for Russia, like he did on the Germany to add the Panzer VI Tiger I ;P.
@Warman, didn't we discuss this in the old thread?
Thanks for the suggestions anyways, i have most of the ships figured out though:

Axis ships:
Destroyer: Fubuki
Cruiser (german): Graaf Spee (mesh complete)
Cruiser (japanese): Tone (mesh complete)
Battleship: Kongo (the yamato was hardly used, and it doesn't look as good)
Submarine: VII-C
Carrier: Akagi (may add zeppelin for the germans aswell, have to save resources) (mesh complete)

Allied ships:
Destroyer: Fletcher
Cruiser: undecided
Battleship: Iowa
Carrier: Essex
Submarine: Gato (though i might just use the VII-C for this one, hell, who can tell the difference between one sub and another..)

Generic transport for all factions: Liberty ship.

@Hugomath: nice idea there on the IS-2!
Though i will propably not include it - the reason i chose to include the tiger was that it is a tank that most people relate to ww2, and because i simply couldn't live with myself unless i included it. I was also very tempted to put the King Tiger instead of it, but i ended up doing the tiger I.
The IS-2 may be large and cool, but it doesn't stand out enough for me.

What i could consider though, is making rocket artillery units, like the katyusha!
or like this

Although that's just me dreaming.
What will be included though, which was spoiled by me in the last thread, is the super siege units, like the landkreuzer, the Obyekt 279 and the T-28.
This is were history ends and where fantasy takes part, the Obyekt and the T-28 will be slightly increased in scale to match the landkreuzer, and they will be a kind of long-range rolling siege platforms used to harass other players. They will be suspectible to dive bombers.
Level 6
Nov 14, 2008
i only proposed the MBT's for post ww2 cold war scenario that you suggested, plus you said there was going to be jet fighters for the final tech so i thought i should suggest them again, the ships are excessive, i know. here are some ideas for allied cruisers

USS Northampton CA 27

USS Cleveland CL 55

HMS Norfolk CA 14

HMNZS Leander CL 20

just some suggestions.
Level 9
Sep 4, 2008
lol the Landkreuzer P.1500 was design to use a 800m(or something) ammo...

Anyways, YES! for rocket artilleries :p. The Katyusha was a kind of tank-hunting and city-stormer rocket artillery, which was really crucial for the Soviet Victory in the Battle of Berlin and some others.

Hey, maybe a Battle of Berlin Historical Event would be nice :D
Well, i too really like the way rocket artillery was used during ww2 (that sherman is so charming), but i have to think of the balance aspects - currently, i have a lot of different units to combat armor in the game:

Heavy Tanks (very effective)
AT-Guns (decently effective)
Tactical Bombers (very effective)
Tank Mines (effective, in groups)

And there is also the space aspect, i currently have almost 3mb of imported material in the map (total compiled map space is 2,6mb), and i have still to do all the ships and planes. i haven't yet squished them all in MDXsquish, but it is still a lot.
The only chance would be if i could make an alternate animation set for the sherman and the ZIS-5 where they have this rocket array attatchment, but.. i'm not sure. We'll see.

Also, the battle of berlin.. well, there is no saying that germany will be at the brink of defeat in 1945, but maybe i could make it conditional - if the russians control this and this territory, the event will trigger. Just like the battle of kursk cannot be triggered before Stalingrad is captured.

@Mechanical man, yes, it is quite inaccurate, but i had to consider a few aspects on how the russian super heavy needed to be.
My intentions are to include the super heavy tanks to introduce a genuine land-travelling siege unit, with riddiculous size to make you feel like you have progressed through the timeline. The tank has to have a large barrel, similar to that of the T-28 and the p1500, and preferably several sets of tracks, to add to the feeling of cohesiveness (since both the others have that).
I also think those tanks will give a nice flavour to the map that makes it stand out of the crowd.

@Hugo, yes, the rounds for the Monster were the weight of a small car, and were almost two meters long from bottom to tip. It's so awesome.

@Warman, thank you for the cruiser suggestions! I will pick the one that looks best, and have the largest ammounts of photos of it, so that i can make an accurate model.
And yes, i did say once that i will include jets. I still hope i can pull that off, as usuall, it will be judged by their strategic importance and their degree of awesomeness.

By the way, +rep to you and hugo for being such loyal subscribers. :)
You make my day, everyday.
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Sep 4, 2008
Well thank you. I really think that this will be an awesome map... and I love WW2 stuff :p

Anyways, after you finish the land stuff...
-A transport system for Aircraft Carriers, that transports only escort, interceptor and dive bomber/tactical bomber aircrafts, so they can move through the seas without being damaged or destroyed by enemy aircraft and/or vessels.

(Don't got so much ideas for now D:)

Quick question: Since there are two U.S, one will have the objective to battle with Germany and other Axis countries in Europe, and other will have the objective to battle with Japan?
At the last question: yes. The two US players are called "USA (Pacific)" and "USA (Atlantic)".

And as for the carrier transport system.. it was already planned, carriers have a cargo hold that may only hold flying units, strategic bombers excluded.

I am also trying to find out how to make the aircraft movement look good and realistic.. i might ask IllidanEvil for his aircraft movement system used in his modern warfare map, but on the other hand, it might make the map lag with all it's aircraft.
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Sep 4, 2008
Hmm apparently IllidanEvil isn't logging in for awhile, but you can ask Ham Ham. He got a system like that in his WW3 map, but it seems a little bugged. Anyways, I can talk to him if you want. I chat with him sometimes in Messenger :p

-Are you going to make your on Yak-9? If not, you can add a little thing in the texture, just for cosmetic: за Pодину(Za Rodinu, For Motherland) :p
-Aircraft will be visible in Aircraft Carriers, like Half-tracks?
-The Sdkfz 251 and the M3 Half-track were actually equipped with light MG, but anyways, you decide it...

EDIT: I don't want to be a little kid, but I saw this mini-game and It might help with your map... or no... don't know, just check it out and play just one mission of any country...
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Thanks :)
Let's see now..

*I have not decided which yak i will use yet, but the suggestion sounds nice. i too read russian, it's a cool language :)

*yes, i hope i can make that effect. i don't see why not.

*I know, but the ZIS-5 wasn't - and i wanted all units to be balanced.
Also, i didn't want to have to add a unit model standing at the gun due to the extra polygon count), and a machinegun hanging in the air shooting by it's own would look silly.

I will check out that game, i used to make flash games before i got into warcraft lol :)
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Sep 4, 2008
Here you go:

*You are right about the Yak-9, it entered in service about 1942. However, there are other planes that were produced earlier, like the Yakovlev Yak-3, the Mikoyan and Gurevich MiG-3(which I saw за Pодину for the first time), MiG-1 and there are others, however most of them were produced later.

*I'm glad you liked the suggestion! I'm sure that it's going to be really awesome ;D

*I see. Anyways, you're right about that. What matters is balance.

Haha nice :). Hope you enjoy it!

*I saw the replies in WW2: WiF(Jame's post) and I agree, there are some artillery missing. They are kind of important because the AT Guns are vulnerable and became a kind of obsolete against the heavy tank's armor. For example, it was much more harder for the soviet to destroy a Tiger I with AT Guns, even if they were very effective against earlier Panzer Versions. So, if you are going to add artilleries, here you go some little suggestions:
-Germany: Wespe 105mm
-Soviet Union: SU-76, or Katyusha
-U.S.A/Allies: M7 Priest
Or,you can do this: Since all the Heavy Tanks are tank hunters, you can re-classify them as Artillery and create new heavy tanks,for example the M26 Pershing, Tiger I(then the Advanced Medium Tank would be the Tiger II) and IS-4.
(PS: It's your call, I'm just suggesting)

*New ability for Engineers: "Dig a Trench". Adds armor/chance to block piercing attacks to nearby infantry.

*A passive ability for the Tiger Tank: A kind of ability that reduces incoming damage from light/medium tank. Dunno if is balanced but since it is a Advanced Medium Tank, maybe ;)

That's all for now,

EDIT: I've corrected some English errors :p
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Ok, i'll start at the back:

*The damage tables are set so that heavy armor (which is what the tiger has) takes much less damage from explosive attacks, which is the kind of weapon that light and medium tanks use. So that is already in the game.

*Nah, i don't like the engineer suggestion. But thanks for the idea.

*thanks for the suggestions, i really like the look of the M7 Priest. i might implement those, although that will propably be last since i am going to do lowpoly models of the loaders inside, which will require the skins from the respective standard models.
I would like to hear some suggestions on non-tank based artilleries too although, since my map is very tank-heavy as it is.
in that case, i think i will go for the tank based artilleries, howitzers are usually too similar to tank guns. Since they are so small, i don't want to get them confused.

By the way, i was playing with the idea of creating a custom UI for this map, here is how it turned out so far:


It takes up about 250kbs, although i think i am going to need to change more details, like the tooltip borders etc to get it to look proper.

What do you all think? Custom UI, or can we do without?


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Sep 4, 2008
It's looking good Fingolfin ;). Just fix the things you said and I'm sure it will be awesome. Vote for yes.

By the way, nice portrait for the soldier :D
@Khazmorian: The first type of ballistic missile you will obtain is the V2 rocket.
It is built on a ramp by engineers (so far), it's static, has an average range, and the ramp deconstructs once the missile is fired. It is a kind of minor harassment weapon.

I've been thinking of implementing nukes fired from a launch base aswell, in that case introduced somewhere around 1948-1950 (in order not to put everything back in 1945); other players will be warned of you developing it (perhaps development starts in 1945, and is finished in 1948?)
One suggestion was to show the nuke development process in a multiboard so that everyone can keep track, and that each player would revert a portion of their income (which they decide) to the development - the more money put into it, the faster it goes.
One of my friends suggested that you also have a 60 seconds countdown between when you order the nuke to be fired, and when it actually launches (the specific target of the nuke will not be given, just that it will be fired).

@Grievous: Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your project finished aswell :)
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Sep 4, 2008
Well here's my daily post:
-The German Flak 8.8cm was both Anti aircraft and Anti tank weapon. Maybe it's unbalanced, but you might want to add it. To balance, you could make it more expensive and slower than the Allied AA Guns.

-What's the current file size of the map, with all the models you got until now?
-So, that artillery stuff, are you going to add it?
-Any special ability which makes the tanks and ships with AA guns attack automatically while moving?

Also, if you want, you can ask Ham Ham for some of his systems. You might want to check his WW3 map. Maybe you find the systems interesting. You also should try his other map, Gulf War. Here, the links:
Ok, first:
when i animated the flak gun, i realized how great it would fit as an anti tank turret, and how awesome it would be as a unit.
My plan was although to give it a slightly different mesh and skin to make appear different than just the flak with a different gun angle. My idea was to make it like this.

As cool as it looks, i still don't think my map is in any need of such a unit (since the above mentioned large cover for anti-tank type untis), and it would take extra space for very little gain. Ofcourse, i could just go for an extra anim for the current flak model, but i'm not sure. I too am very fond of it, since i'm an old CoD:UO fan. ;)
It is a good suggestion though.

-The current compiled map space is 2,8mb. Imported material as shown in the import manager takes up about 3,5mb.

-Yes, i'm pretty sure i will. But i also noticed one fun thing - as i said, i've been worrying about the lack of siege units in the map, but i realized, there is one already. the flamethrower infantry.
it pretty much counts as a minor infantry siege unit, since it is good for clearing out fortifications, and even though it doesn't do siege damage, the shock damage is also very effective against structures, other than infantry. I love this, since it gives more importance to infantry squadrons.

-There is this nice system used in many maps as a kind of automatic attack, using a unit "attatched" to the subject which can attack freely. This is used for instance in "Battle Tanks". I'm not sure if i will use it though, since it won't synch properly with the units attack animation.

-Thank you for the links! i will try playing nuclear sunrise right away.


Updated the first post

Added an "AT-Gun" category to the unit features. it also contains an image of the new allied six-pounder gun.
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Sep 4, 2008
I'm glad to help anyways.

Nice work with the Qf 6 Pdr o// :D

EDIT: You should also upload some screenshots of the infantry, so the users can see your awesome work with infantry :D
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Sep 4, 2008
No suggestions, yet D:

Anyways, I just want to say that I became so inspired that I'm starting to make my first official maps which will be uploaded here, on Hive. It will be WW2 maps and I'll use your models ^^. The idea is to create famous WW2 Campaigns and Battles, for example the Battle of Berlin, Battle of Kursk, Battle of Iwo Jima, Omaha Assault, etc. I'd like to say thank you for the awesome models which greatly inspired me to start these maps. When you are finished with the models, I'll finish with the first campaign: The Battle of Omaha.
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Sep 4, 2008
Yes, that would be really great ^^. So for Omaha, I'll need:

-German Soldier
-Panzer IV
-Panzer VI Tiger I
-M4A1 Sherman
-Pak 40

I'll just use these for test and other stuff. When I finish the terrain and triggering, you will probably finished the Sdkfz. 251 and the M3 Stuart ;)