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  • Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

    . . . ., ., ., .,. . . . .
    . . .__|__|__|__|__ . . .
    . . .|~~::~~~~::~~| . . .
    . . .|~!!~~~~~~!!~| . . .
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    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is your present.</span>

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    Poxa hugo, nem fala mais cozamigo :(
    Fala com o mac ou o andre pra pegar meu nick no escaipe, q eu não lembro o login agora, deixa de ser moleque transante.
    Happy Birthday!

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

    . . . . , . ., . ., . ,. . . . .
    . . .__|__|__|__|__ . . .
    . . .|~~::~~~~~::~~| . . .
    . . .|~!!~~~~~~~!!~| . . .
    . . .|<(><)>^<(><)>| . . .
    . . .|}{}{}{'}{'}{'}{}{}{| . . .
    Ah, well that's ok! Too bad for you, but at the same time fun going to festival :)
    We will let you know, for sure.
    Hi Hugo, i just wanted to tell you, that due to exams we may be a bit short on beta testers tonight, and in that case, we could consider hosting a test on garena if we have thread followers (like yourself) there willing to join.
    Let me know if you are interrested, and try to log on to hive chat at about 20.00 CET (in 3 hours) so that we can communicate.
    ahh blz, depois eu te mando um template beta do company of heroes pra ver o q tu acha :)
    Nao, só to fazendo propaganda mesmo, mas o que eu quero realmente é os modelos do mapa dele, ele disse q quando o mapa tiver acabando ele vai enviar pra nos alguns modelos da segunda guerra mundial pra bota no mapa do company of heroes :)
    e é ,eles nao me mandaram o beta u..u
    Hey pal, just reading your message Today (I know really really late huh?). Are you still up for the translation? Just tell me, I'm gonna get working on the map again.
    Thanks Hugomath!

    Hmm... it does look better, but I really wished you would have used my map I had uploaded on the Hive to make it as I have not been updating it lately and I really feel way too lazy to go through and transfer all of the data from my old map to the new one again. But, I guess I'll try to find time sometime to do it.
    Hey again. Sorry, but -Kobas- doesn't really like the terrain. Myself, I think it looks fine.

    Gold mines are close to each other, player who first take 1 or 2 of them will soon take all of them and he will pwn others, why not to add some cliffs and rivers to make important locations on map :)
    So player fight for them :)
    Hey, Hugomath. Any chance you could the improved terrain done by my birthday? I don't know if you celebrate St. Patricks Day, but that's when my birthday is. March 17.

    Getting my map approved would be an awesome birthday present. :)
    Excellent! You can just DL the map that's already up on THW and pastebin it to me when you're done.
    Hey... Hugomath...

    Trying to get Modern War approved, but a mod said I need improve the terrain a little, so... yeah. Just wondering if you could edit it and maybe improve it somehow.

    A few suggestions that were given:

    -Add a river
    -More mountains

    He said I could do anything I want to improve it though.
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) Thanks for working on the terrain for my map! I've already updated it and you are most definitely mentioned in the credits!
    Thanks man! I appreciate your time and effort on making my terrain. If only I could give you more than one rep!
    Wow, man! Nice terrain! I gotta say, it looks really natural!

    The only thing I must say is that the starting positions should be a little lower and more centered on the mountain because the bottom of the map has nothing down there. Or, you could have the starting positions set up where the four of them are at the top and the other are at the bottom. What do you think?
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