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  • Brilliant!
    I started a fresh new thread for the project, check it out to catch up on all the awesome modeling progress i've been doing. :)
    I got a bit impatient once i lost the map, so i decided to make a replica of it myself in order to continue. I hope this is okay with you.
    Hey there, James! :]
    Just a question, when it's going to be released the new version of WW2: WiF? I just can't wait :p. Your awesome map combined with Fingolfin's awesome models just make me crazy!! :p
    Hello james, nice to see you again!
    I assume you have read about what's happened. I have been searching through my backup drive, but it appears the map is not there. This is not the biggest of my probmels, since the models are what have taken the most of the job, but just incase you might have to paste me the map for me again.
    I forgot to say in my PM that the timer in 1938? doesn't work, it stops, so 1941 and Operation Barbarossa is Impossible...
    I already noticed your map but I never played it. Really looks like Europe Diplomacy, first map I inspired of for LoE.

    But if you want we can play together.
    Long outdated, I'm afraid. I did some work on polishing up WW2 Storm Over Europe to make it more playable about a year ago, but I never got the map past development. :<
    Oh, yeah! I haven't worked on it lately, but i guess i can fix it soon, after all it's only 3-4 animations left. I checked out your napoleon map btw, it looks pretty nice!
    I like the way it seems historically correct, but i think you should fix some better trees for the terrain (and some more detailed terrain in general). Also, i didn't really understand how you recieved new units, is it spawn based?
    Nice map anyway.
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    You mean i should swap?
    Perhaps, tho i don't see how it would be comfortable riding with an open jacket. ;)
    otherwise than the buttons, there's barely no difference in the textures.
    Actually i think the warlord horse is worse. ;)
    I too love the chestnut horse, though it shares animations with the archmage, the animations also tend to get a bit disorted when you import them to max. Once my model is done i will make a captain version of it with a brown horse instead (rouge wizard texture) and a hat similar to the normal captain's, except with a little more details. :)
    I will retexture it later, this was just temporarily.
    It's been pretty dificult synchronizing everything since the archmage horse animations were epic crap from the start.
    I can send you the beta model if you want, it's a heavy dragoon (mounted rifleman), but it will have a morph animation later on in wich he draws his sabre. Atm all animations except the morph and stand alternate ones are done.
    Age of Napoleon is a sick map, the division system kinda drew in people. I think every country should have "special units" like europa and Lord of Europe.

    I hate the fact that theres no snow in russia though. That's how russians beat Napoleons in first place. Out of all the ppl out there, I expected you to know that better.

    I hope you continue the project though it's alsome.

    <span style="font-size: 9px">p.s. I still want the WW2 terrain</span>
    James . . . I want your mom. I'll start preparing the populace for the awesomeness, eh?

    On a side note, reply in my profile, then I get a notification.
    Well my mom purchased a vBulletin liscence for me so she's gonna install it on Rawrcraft AND convert all the SMF forums data to the new one.
    I probably can.

    I assume that your PM'ing me now, but I'm egotistical like that. I can see your current activity.

    Tommorow, seeing as it's past midnight for me.
    Well I'm not 100% sure what happened with the huxx but apparently it took a shit and Raven can't salvage it and he wants my cPanel info on Rawrcraft. H/o I haven't been able to contact him for like a 2 weeks.

    Can you install the latest phpBB on rawrcraft if I sent you the cPanel? If not I MIGHT be able to but it would be much easier if you could.
    James, talk to me. Do we know what happened?

    Stop the re-direct, and get RawrCraft functioning with phpBB. Then we can start again.

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