[Campaign] Warcraft® IV: Crown of Quel'Thalas™ [RELEASE]

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Mar 16, 2018
A sequel of Warcraft III. This campaign ignores all World of Warcraft lore-including the Chronicle-and uses the RTS lore. Command Kael's forces as they face their enemies...


1) For patches 1.26/1.27 or older move the campaign into your Warcraft III/Campaigns folder.
2) For later patches move the campaign into your My Documents/Warcraft 3/Campaigns folder.
3) Play the campaign!


After the terrible duel with Arthas ended: Lord Illidan fell--but this is unknown to his followers except for the Naga due to their adept scouting skills. Following Illidan's fall, Arthas successfully merged with his predecessor to form: the ultimate hand of death and decay. Further to this--for an unknown reason, the naga have vanished.
Eight hours later, Prince Kael was still waiting for the scout he sent in order to find the wretched fate of Lord Illidan...


-> Blizzard style campaign.
-> 12 epic maps; 5 cinematics.
-> Play with 3 unique heroes.
-> New spells, items and units.
-> A unique story-line, you have never seen a similar one before in any custom campaign.
-> Infinite custom models, icons, skins and effects.
-> Easter eggs.
-> An unofficial sequel of Warcraft III where you witness the origin of the Fourth War.


Prince Kael'thas is the Patriarch of the Blood Elves. Kael's primary aim is to locate the Sunwell's alternative. His magical spells are more destructive than floods, volcanoes and plagues.
Sylvanas Windrunner is the Banshee Queen of the Forsaken...Sylvanas once used a single arrow to stun Arthas. She is perhaps one of the strongest undead on Azeroth.
Kel'Thuzad is the Second-in-Command of the Undead Scourge. It's unknown where he was while Sylvanas was fighting the dreadlords. The moment for his return has arrived.
Varimathras is an elite Dreadlord--after killing Balnazzar his powers multiplied. With these powers will he still serve Sylvanas? Will he conquer Azeroth with these powers? Time will tell!
The Prophet is a powerful being accomplishing an unknown mission. He played a major role during the Third War. No one witnessed him after Archimonde's ascent. It is unknown where he is and what he is doing.








1.0.5 Patch Notes:
  • AI in chapter 1 will no longer move back.
  • In the first interlude, the blood effect appears when Sylvanas is injured. Can't find any better alternative than death animation. Tried to make her kneel but it looks worse.
  • The blood elf emissary had 5 lines in one of his dialogues. Decided to divide it into parts. Still, it's long, he speaks a lot. But this is not a problem because long dialogue exists in Macbeth, SC BW, Diablo 2 and also Warcraft 3.
1.0.4 Patch Notes:
  • In Chapter 2, I have added a new easter egg.
  • Shi'Raaj's buff will no longer say 'tooltip missing'.
  • Loading screen text for the last interlude updated.
1.0.3 Patch Notes:
  • In Chapter 3 "Torment of the Forsaken", the ending cutscene now shows the content which I forgot to implement.
  • In Chapter 4 "Reunion", the quest which asks you to build a base is no longer optional.
  • Power generator model changed.
  • Backpack upgrade tooltip will now say 'Blood Elves' instead of "Humans".
  • Flags for Trolls added in Chapter 4.
  • New unit: Bolt Thrower. More to come.

1.0.2 Patch Notes:
  • The player is shown a message at the beginning explaining the issues caused by patch 1.29+ widescreen support.
  • Gargoyle problem solved for "Day of the Dreadlord".
  • Quest requirement for the optional quest "Dreadlord" changed.
  • Bugfix: you no longer get two Blood Mages and Vashjs after skipping the cutscene in last mission.
  • Bugfix: Kael can get all his spells at level 10.
  • Blood Elf banner added.
  • Final boss nerfed.
  • Goldmine issues fixed.
  • Updated credits.
  • Upcoming: Techtree changes such as new units and changes to Chapter 1.

1.0.1 Patch Notes:
  • Chapter 1 loading screen will show the player that wc3 manual is the source of authority instead of WoW Chronicle for this campaign.
  • Grammer issue fixed: "Why will" -> "Why did"
v1.0.0 RELEASE
1.0.0 Release Patch Notes:
  • All missions are now available.
  • The campaign can be downloaded from the Hive Workshop's Maps section.
  • Key image added: Kael in Quel'Thalas.
  • Two new music tracks.
  • Kael's trusted servant will now have the classic model again.
  • Changes to terrain based on community feedback.
  • And some changes I don't remember.

Story - DONE
Direction - DONE
Custom Unit Data - DONE
Custom Ability Data - DONE
Custom Item Data - DONE
Custom Imports - DONE
Level Design - DONE
Alpha Testing - DONE
Beta Testing - DONE

Known Issues:

1) To make the campaign accessible I used patch 1.26. It is user-friendly but unfortunately, it may break some cinematics, for patches 1.29 or later, as areas that are not supposed to be shown may be visible due to widescreen support.
Why did I publish a Warcraft III custom campaign after Refunded release?

1) I want to make a one-man indie video game. A lot of the skills needed to make this game are needed to make a wc3 custom campaign so to improve these skills--eg story writing--I made this campaign. This will accumulate my chances of making a good game.

2) I always wanted to make a wc3 custom campaign after I played the "Rise of the Lich King" one. "Warcraft IV: Crown of Quel'Thalas" campaign made my dream a reality!

3) Its a tradition to make a Warcraft III map before making a video game. Examples include LoL, Dota 2 and GunGirl.

Please post any bugs, suggestions and tips!


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