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This skin can also be used over the night elf archer, but because it's portrait and model use different skins you will need to import this skin twice and write it to Units\NightElf\Archer\Ranger.blp as well as Textures\Ranger.blp

Started working on this skin after I finished the face for my Blood Elf Sentry skin. I don't think the arrows from this skin effect any missile skins, the standard arrow missile the archers (both night elf and high elf) fire seems to be taken from the human towers, sad :(

If you want to use this skin as well as another skin for the high elf archer, check this Tutorial out :D (Not sure why you would want to use the default high elf archer skin and this one though, as this is essentially a re-vamp of said skin, except blood elf style :D)

Anyways, if you use this skin give credits to me, 67chrome :)

Archer, Ranger, Blood, Elf, Blood Elf, Marksman, Sharpshooter, Sniper, Bowskills, Arrows, Fletcher, Smexy, 67chrome

BloodElfArcher_by67chrome.blp (Texture)

10:24, 18th Jan 2010 THE_END: Another great skin chrome, keep up the nice work




10:24, 18th Jan 2010
THE_END: Another great skin chrome, keep up the nice work
Level 13
Feb 8, 2009
U just thought instead of some leather underwear you would add a more revealing drape but nice anyways.
Level 10
Dec 26, 2009
Yay! A skin other than the Sentry has been completely pwnd by 67Chrome! Once again, 5/5 and +rep from me once it is possible (I've done it too recently). Just one thing; while the teal armor is used by starting Blood Elves, this skin would fit the Blood Elven theme with red and black armor, like the FT priest and sorcoress. It is, however, perfectly usable right now, and I intend todo so every time an opportunity presents itsef.
Level 2
Jul 29, 2009
Just yesterday I saw this in your Current Projects and I was like "I cantwait for that skin" and then it came! =D

Deleted member 157129


Deleted member 157129

You seem to have a very precise idea of how the unwrap is wrapped, looking at the black parts where the original skin actually just continues - do you use a tool or do you just experiment your way to find out where it is used and where it is not? I had a period where I was making coloured lines in the unwrap to see how it wrapped around the model, but that takes a lot of time.

Anyhow, nice work, not really thinking of a Blood Elf when I see it, apart from the eyes, but it sure is nice anyway. Especially like the arrows, so yeah; too bad it's not being used for any of the arrow-missiles.
Level 28
Jan 10, 2009
do you use a tool or do you just experiment your way to find out where it is used and where it is not?

I use these ;)
I can't stress how helpful they are, having the UV maps of every model is really nifty in finding what parts of the skin I should modify. Thanks to A.R., you can see what part of any skin is used and what parts simply are not 8)

Also, about the arrows, I checked the skin they use. Turns out the skin is pretty small and specifically for the arrows (it's named textures\arrow_missile or something like that). If one were to use the method of making one model use multiple skins it wouldn't be to hard to use the arrow from this skin as a projectile :)
Meh, maybe I'll do that and release the arrows for this skin in the models section.

Also, thanks for all the comments on this skin everyone, and thanks for downloading it :)
Hope it winds up in some awesome maps :D
Level 11
Jan 23, 2009
Yet another excellent skin! Damn it, you had better keep producing these, chrome. In all seriousness, I find this one to be good and clean, with a convincing texture and a good deal of interesting facial features (as is usual with your skins, it seems.) The transition between cloth and skin on the loincloth on this one seemed to me a tad cheap, but that was mostly in Editor, anyway. During gameplay, it operated smoothly, although there was still a bit of that. Anyhow, this is still good enough to warrant a 5/5 Highly Recommended