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  • Were you able to use the previous version of Bone Armor?
    Hey Devalut,

    Actually yes, I just tested and the old version works just fine for me!

    Thank you so much for your help :)
    I was worried when I didn't hear back, i'm so pleased to hear.

    Could I ask that you rate the resource at your earliest convenience?
    Of course, done, 5/5!
    that's your opinion dude:p
    HoN and Dota 2 are sooo confusing, i tried HoN once, i had no idea what to do o.o
    pretty much it works like this:
    you like what you played first and what i played first was LoL so im sticking with it;D
    The fallen can be made from footman, the shaman one is a guldan edit, will you accept that?, or should i make these from scratch?, the guldan edit will not having all the mesh of the model, also the footman is the same, the head probably is from gargoyle's head edit
    Nice, but can you tell me a time on bnet so we can talk just for 10 min or something? or are you schedule so full that you can't? I got summer break so i can at anytime :)
    Hey catch, i was wondering if we could like decide a time so we both could be on wc3 and then we could discuss the map :)
    Like who should do what, and if we should put our maps together, i got more terrain on mine so it would've been better if everything got copied over to my map :) Lets discuss it later then!
    Okay, everything went like crap... Could you send me your terraining map instead? I really don't know what I didn't place already, it's confusing seeing all those imported files in front of my eyes...

    Sorry for bothering you...
    Yo, I've downloaded B2M's pack, but every model I've imported into my map isn't loading. At all. I've restarted JNGP twice already. It doesn't seem to work.
    First off, let me apologize for speaking to you so late. I've been on vacation for the past week and haven't been active on the hive much.

    I have finished both bases on the terrain and am working on the lanes. I'll send out a copy once I have basic lanes set up. At which point i'm going to iron out some design ideas and then we can start on implementation. I'll contact you once we're ready to do this.

    I have added your name to the project board and will be active on the hive on a daily basis now; message me any questions you have.

    Welcome to the project mate
    nah u didnt offend me ^^. its just that ppl who have felt that there isnt enough money in their family (especially if that feelin is when at a child), they are obsessed with money and believe it solves all problems and are jealous of those who statistically live better. and i wouldnt want to have a car, but there isnt much other options. ppl here think that the more cars you have the richer you are. well kinda. ofc it also matter how expensive they are and how expensive your house is etc etc. its so awesome that you guys have free university education in denmark :p.
    sry. i dont think that everyone in welfare countries are swimming in money. ^^"
    most ppl live real good (accordin to their standards) here too, but e.g. estonia isnt a country of social benefits. ofc a family with 4 children gets some money, but it isnt anything compared to that of sweden. we cant get ourselves even fed for that money.
    main thing is that although prices are higher in a welfare country such as sweden or denmark, the wages are a lot higher too. it is just easier to live normally in a welfare country. i know im being a whiner here for nothing, but thats the way of forum trolls from not-that-rich countries. estonia isnt that bad, just like finland except a few steps behind.
    Don't you have other problems?
    I may give my rep to who ever I want, if I think they were helpful, made a useful post.
    Nope, Ralle doesn't care about such things. He posted a code into the chat and I was the first one who got the correct order.
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