Various Anime Winds/Dust 1.1

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Here's yet another anime style sfx's. Use or edit in anyway you want, just dont forget to give credits.

I plan to add more wind effects to this pack as I create more of it. As of now, there are only two types of anime wind models included.

Use the exact position variant of spiral wind for a special effect with exact position to be set with triggers or stuff.

I will add requests and stuff soon.

-Added first set of winds
-Added "Weak Wind" Variants

Ground Circular Wind (Model)

Spiral Wind (Model)

Spiral Wind (Exact Position) (Model)

Weak Circular Wind (Large) (Model)

Weak Circular Wind (Large, Thick) (Model)

Weak Circular Wind (Small) (Model)

General Frank
Good looking effects and surely useful for many people. Great work!
Level 19
Feb 9, 2009
Could you do a version of "GustWindFaster.mdx" rotated *180 degress?
I've got this spell called Gust, for a caster unit that can push enemy units away.
I want to make it look like wind is pushing forward instead of pressuring backwards from the force.

If you make it on cast you can manipulate it to set it in the direction you wish,
  • Special Effect - Set Yaw of (Last created special effect) to: (Radians(((Facing of (Triggering unit)) x -1.00)))
Edit: Radians in the trigger editor is "Conversion - Convert Degrees to Radians"
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Jun 22, 2019
Hello friend, I already know how to import them but would you tell me how to make it work? thank you very much and hopefully you help me