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V-Wing Fighter/Bomber

Submitted by Fingolfin
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
The V-Wing, also known as the Alpha-3 Nimbus, was a short-range fighter used by the republic during the clone wars. Although primarily used as a fighter, it could also be equipped with proton bombs in order to combat capital ships. This ship would later develop into the A-Wing starfighter used by the rebel alliance.

I made this model to be used in dogfighting maps, so it includes animations for rolling and looping. It also has a morph and alternate set for when the fighter folds its wings and lands. Other features include tail particles for the engines and sprite attachment points for damage effects. The texture was made to match that of Illidan(Evil)x's ARC-170 model.

Bomber, Star Wars, Republic, Clone, Battlefront, Jedi, Space, Ship

V-Wing Fighter/Bomber (Model)

01:39, 19th May 2015 BlinkBoy: Well the model is pretty good, even though some animations could use some work like Attack and Stand Alternate. 3/5.
  1. darwin


    Aug 30, 2004
    I made a test map showing how you can combine this with unit rotations for some cool maneuvers. It leaks to high heaven, but it's just an illustration:


    EDIT: press UP, LEFT & RIGHT Arrows (one at a time please) to see some cool stuff. Keep in mind this is without speed change and mid-animation animation speed changes, which could do really cool stuff as well. e.g. You could fly backwards and upside down for a second and then come back down behind an enemy.
    Last edited: May 18, 2015
  2. kellym0


    Nov 28, 2009
    ''Perhaps i'll do the buzz droid next!''


    ''The Hyena-class is not really part of star wars canon,''

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaat. well it is in the clone wars. just not the movies.

    ''and i don't think it is distinguishable enough from the regular vulture for it to be recognized in game''



    fair enough, I suppose that could be sorta true, depending on how big or small you made it in game, which would depend on if its a ground or space map, I thought it seemed pretty cool looking with the 2 heads and under carriage turret. matches the vulture droids shape and texture better then the Belbullab-24 bomber does in my opinion. the Belbullab always seemed so ugly to me, mostly because it looks like it needs a pilot, doesn't have that 100% ''droid'' feeling. at least not like the hyena does. i'd personally love to see both a Hyena and a Belbullab, serving different purposes. I just like the Hyena more so im ultra Biased. (I really super duper dislike the Belbullab)

    but that's just my personal opinion.

    ''The bottom guns don't have flashes simply because it wouldn't be seen from a top-down perspective,''

    not every body is using it this way, If they wanted it as a large air unit to do bombing runs on ground maps, dual lights would be cool. especially if they were out of sync the same way I showed you on you're Droid Gunship model, with top flashes and bottom flashes taking turns.

    ''and i wanted to save a couple of polygons''

    this made me a sad panda to read

    ''I refuse to do any models from the expanded universe''

    so did that.

    ''Because of the way they scale, they can't share the same bone.''

    Fair enough I can under stand cutting corners I do it often =)

    this clone craft is very cool beans 8.5/10