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Last Activity:
Nov 22, 2017 at 12:08 PM
Aug 30, 2004
University Lecturer


User, Male, from Australia

darwin was last seen:
Nov 22, 2017 at 12:08 PM
    1. deepstrasz
      I could help you with a voice or two.
    2. deepstrasz
    3. Kyrbi0
      Ah, one of the ancient elders, arisen from his slumber. What brings ye back? : )
    4. General Frank
      General Frank
      You're welcome, buddy.
    5. Zunariel
    6. HerrDave
      Many thanks, good sir Darwin.
    7. Spinns
      Hi Darwin. I'm working on Star Wars maps for myself and I was wondering how you'd get that TIE fighter model and that AT-AT walker model. Can I still get them or they were taken out of Hive?
    8. deepstrasz
    9. deepstrasz
      You mean, you've used a a Game Cache that triggers when players Save and Load the game? I thought of that too but it seems harder to do than what came up to my mind this morning which is using invisible unis that cast either life/mana drain on them or finger of death/chain lightning. I'll see if I can do it my way first. Your way is the best I think but this trigger I'm working on has so many conditions. For instance if some items are in a said place the lightning activates between them and if they are not in said place some parts of the lightning must fall.
      Thanks for letting me know of your idea, anyways!
    10. deepstrasz
      Hello. How did you fix your lightning crash after loading a game? I have the same problem and I don't really know how to fix it yet. Will you please tell me?
    11. Dat-C3
    12. kellym0
      LOL I ONLY JUST SAW the shark eating thrall that was funny as hell
    13. Fingolfin
      I've been unavailable for a few days, but i'll get working on your roll animation this week. I'll throw in some bank animations too, it's a very simple thing to add.
    14. Fingolfin
      I could fix some rolls, sure. Any other combat animations while i'm at it?
    15. Flux
      You're welcome dude. I'm glad I prevented you in doing that tedious alternative solution.
    16. Fingolfin
      Well, i don't know any other solutions than increasing extents, though there are more kinds of extends used by the model than just the global ones. For instance, you can go to window>geoset manager, open each geoset one by one and give them huge extents aswell. At window>sequence manager, you can also give each animation sequence extents. Can't tell if it's gonna work, i'm kinda grasping at straws here. You can also look and see if there are any options related to rendering in the "art" field of units in the object editor (propably not).
    17. Fingolfin
      I think the concept sounds fine, having a space map does not necessarily mean that it will have to be empty. In the event that you add collision for asteroids, asteroid fields will provide natural obstractles which have to be cleared up before you can pass them with capital ships. Just be wary that depending on how you check collision, having too many asteroids could be heavy on performance. As for other space doodads, i can probably provide some, if you have something particular in mind. The way i usually make my space maps is that i use alpha tile for the ground, and then just use either a space skybox, or some different doodads which i have "sunk" through the ground to make them appear beneath the ships. It can provide some pretty cool effects. Perhaps the planet you are fighting over can be seen in the distant, underneath the battlefield?

      As for gameplay, these are my advice:
      - Have a map that is symmetrical in the existence of bases and objectives. Three stations per team would make it easy to keep track of a teams progress, by seeing how many stations you've killed. It could look nice to have a diagonal battlefield.
      - If you are to have both RTS and TPS elements, make sure that the RTS is not too micro intensive, and that it can be left unattended for some periods without losing you the game. Basically, you could narrow it down to placing target points for individual squadrons, and have them manage the fighting themselves through AI. Perhaps the largest ships would spawn fighters, to add some strategic importance.
      - Use hyperspace sparsely. Perhaps have it as a special ability wich you can unlock through points, or give it a long cooldown and only allow capital ships to use it. Having too many units hyperspacing around will be confusing and frustrating for players.
      - Make sure the gameplay is very goal oriented, but also somewhat casual. If every player needs to have a lot of background knowledge, or do things in a very specific way, the game will not be very fun for new players. One of the issues i noticed with Battle for Tatooine was, that whenever you went off to do side missions (which weren't very fun), you would lose too much ground in the battle to win the game.
    18. Fingolfin
      That sounds like a very ambitious project. I just hope that the scope is not too large for you to handle. Remember that when looking through a slanted camera (i.e. TPS perspective), larger maps will cause a larger framerate drop due to the distance of the horizon (the far Z clipping only seems to limit the impact of models on this). But if you can make it work, then it sounds awesome. I can share with you all my private star wars models, such as my planets (i have skins for Naboo, Geonosis, Mygeeto, Felucia and Mustafar). I am also working on doodads for Felucia, Mygeeto and Coruscant.

      About the clipping issue - this can indeed be fixed through manipulating the model. Just open the model in Magos Model Editor, and go to edit>model properties. There you will find minimum and maximum extents. Set the minimum ones to something very low, like -1000, and the maximum ones to 1000. You can experiment with this, but remember that you only want them as high as you need, because rendering models despite being outside of camera bounds is obviously a waste of performance. Another thing to note is that destructables have hardcoded maximum bounds, so don't use them for massive objects (use doodads instead). If there's any coding related business you need help with, just ask.

      EDIT: by the way, i'm not sure whether this is interesting to you, but i made an airplane movement system here which is similar to how units move in your map. It has the option of manipulating air friction, and stuff like speed and turn speed can be manipulated from the object editor. Might be worth checking out.
    19. Fingolfin
      A clone wars map would be awesome!! Especially from someone with your coding skills. I am making practically all units from the prequel series. Currently i am working on an MTT, LA-AT (republic gunship), AT-AP, and an AT-TE. There will also be some structures, like factories and barracks.
    20. deepstrasz
      Make a video, don't wall-text the map. It's better that players get to see not only read.
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    University Lecturer
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    I am finishing a Talislanta campaign that's been 14 years in the making.
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    US West
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    Modding, Evolution, Libertarianism


    Reviews for Battle for Tatooine
    "This may be one of the best maps I have ever played" - Vengeancekael
    "so good I just can't stop playing it" - Miss Foxy
    "this is like thirty-five different kinds of awesome" - cleavinghammer
    "Fantastic map! May the five out of five stars be with you!" - StoPCampinGn00b
    "omg! this is awesome, I'm so in to this!!!" - mckill2009
    Battle for Tatooine - GOLD
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