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TWIF - Custom Chat Icon Contest #1 - Concept Art

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The World Is Flat
Custom Icon Contest # 1
- Concept Art -



Contestants are required to create concept art related to the up-and-coming project Wc4: Sc2: LoTD. This can include units, buildings, heroes, and whatever you can come up with. you can find some information HERE and HERE.

Rules & Information:

  • [*]The Concept art must be 100% freehand.
    [*]The Concept art must be 100% your artwork.
    [*]If you use a reference image, you MUST post it with your submission.
    [*]No WoW-Related Artwork will be Evaluated.
    [*]Your art must be of a reasonably viewable size.
    [*]Your submitted artwork may or may not be used by the LoTD project team.
    [*]Your Artwork must be submitted as a .png file format.
    [*]Your Artwork must not violate any of the Hive's Rules.
    [*]Your artwork must not contain any Nudity. (or atleast your hive submission must have it censcored.)
    [*]Blood, gore, intense violence, and extreme visions of the grotesque are allowed as long as they follow site rules and are appropriate for the concept.
    [*]At least 75% of the creature(s) must be shown, this is a concept.
    [*]Backgrounds are allowed so long as they do not detract from the concept.
    [*]Photomanipulation, paintovers, tracing, and so on are not allowed in this contest.

Your Concept will be judged upon:
  1. Originality - How original is your concept?
  2. Colour - How was your use of colors? too bight? not enough contast?
  3. Shading - Does your art have detailed shading?
  4. Details - Is your art detailed? is your art just a smudge?
  5. Theme - How well did you follow the theme?


- Twif
- Grey Nightmare
- Army-of-Pandas


- WherewolfTherewolf
- Anarchianbedlam
- pyramidhe@d
- shiiK
- dead-man-walking


1st place: Custom user chat Icon.

Starts - June 2, 2010
Ends - July 6th
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Deleted member 157129

I guess I'll join up for the competition, a custom icon doesn't really tempt me a lot.

Just to clarify, are we designing units that are not already planned, but that suits the storyline/age/theme of the mod?

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Deleted member 157129

ummm.... isn't the point of concept art to make new concepts? .... Why the hell would you want to draw a pre-existing unit? That isn't concept art, that's fanart

I was more thinking of a description of a unit, that it is already in the techtree for instance, not that the concept art is already done. Either way, it's been clarified, and I'll be drawing something new, hopefully original and suitable for the storyline.

Started early sketch just to get my concept down using pencil - this picture was taken via cell phone camera so as you can see the quality (and lighting) are pretty bad. I think I'm going to draw out my picture, then scan it, then trace it in gimp and color it via comp, hopefully that method should work.

(also it seems like the image was "bent" when the picture was taken, my lines are straighter then that in a few places)

My idea is an Orcish (or Goblin, whatever works) Airship - literally Air Ship.
It's supposed to be a war cruiser repurposed for aerial combat and would function like an aerial aircraft carrier, carrying smaller ships in it which would fly out via opening slots in the hull.

eh, not very good drawing but it's a start

(I'm assuming tracing your own image is fine)
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Feb 18, 2009
Could you allow me to be a judge?
This is merely a subscribing if you don't, because I have to see what the icons will look like.
I'm in... that will actually push me to make a complete digital art for once..

now tell me. I've read your thread http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/starcraft-ii-408/wc4-sc2-165515/

basicly when you are talking about Concept, you are looking for new look of possible units/heros/buildings after the ending of warcraft3 ? sooo... basicly every race looks the same, we just need to find new ''looks'' ?
Mostly, yeah. of course theres more information at www.wc4sc2.tk (the threads a bit outdated atm.

there are some new races the outland (naga, belfs, and (mainly 'eredar' draenai))
and the demons... not to sure about them yet. recently scrapped their techtree. but some concepts will remain. (e.g. the 'nodes' and somesuch for buildings.) and the 'Dhom'Kavosh' (think warhammer 'bloodletters' with wings and fire coming out of their bodies)

Thats rly about all you need to know atm... i guess...
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