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give concept art ideas to wormskull! (monster,armor,weapons)

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Level 13
Jul 28, 2004
hello today i made this thread so i can beg for ideas. for a while i've been begging ideas on the irc channel #wc3search, and i took some ideas and threw em on paper ( literally ).

(above is king fern)

(above is thanatos' armor)

(above is thanatos)

(above is my best work, an arch demon)

Above are the finished concept arts so far, it's for my campaign, if it ever gets developed.
can be monsta, objects, items, weapons, weapons all in a medieval theme. try to be most original possible, if not, i will only pick chunks of your ideas.

Say a lot of poor quality ideas or say few good ideas, it's all the same. very nice thread to increase your post count.
Level 11
Aug 4, 2004
Wow, you really are desperate for ideas. Well, the only good idea I think of off the top of my head is:

The Sword of Judgement. A sword forged centuries ago by the most powerful metal smiths ever to walk the earth. It was made with such skill that it can actually think for itself, but it is a sword of holyness(or darkness whichever you prefer) that passes judgement on those who would dare wield it. If someone with purity in their heart wields it, then the wielder will have great success in battle(or some similar positive effect), but if one who is evil tries to wield it, then a curse is set upon them, that some great doom will befall them in their lifetime-however short it may be.(or some other random negative effect)

And that's all I got right now. Hope it can help you somehow. Perhaps you can get some ideas of your own from it?

Now about that art...I would love to critique it so I will. The arch-demon looks more like an undead creature than a demon. And that King Fern and Thanatos in armour really resemble Nightmare...are you sure you didn't get some inspiration from Soul Calibur 2?

Anyway, good luck with your campaign.
Level 25
Mar 31, 2004
Nightmare looks like every generic knight in existance, just with blue armor and a badass sword

Anywho, ideas? Ever seen my Avian idea? (In this http://www.wc3sear.ch/viewtopic.php?t=5882 topic somewhere)

Try drawing up one of them. They normaly wear full suits of chainmail (With holes for the wings obviously, they need light armor to be able to have short ammounts of flight) and wield twin short swords

More ideas:

Illithid Experiment: An Illithid (Mind Flayer, Faceless One, Unbroken) with numerous grafts or modifications on him. It might have a wolf leg for an arm, a tauren and demon horn sticking out of its head, a Nerubian leg instead of another one and other such wierd attachments

Reaper Wyrm: A long dragonic creature with two legs. Each leg has a single claw on it, and each claw is huge and hooked. The tail also has a hooked claw on the end of it
the blindfolded warrior. royal gaurdsmen who revolted against the evil king who had tried to exterminate those who were useless in battle(eg. their families). they had thier eyes burned out and deep wounds enbeded into thier forearms for signs treason. now taking revenge agains the kingdom who hurt them so. now blindfolded and trained highly in hearing, smelling, and feeling vibrations through the ground. carries a metal or wooden staff as a weapon.

another idea- reaper of the grove: a corrupt kotg who had been exiled from the forests for neglecting them badly. suffered from harsh burnt wounds and mutilation. now he has his hind segment cut off, so now he only has 2 legs. much of his body is of wooden material but charred and burned. the fleshly segments of his body is covered in deep scars and bloody wounds. he wears the soot hooves of haze which causes a smokesceen wherever he walks and pevents anyone nearby from breathing properly. his weapon in the greaper's scythe. a flaming scythe that slices and burnes any groves or forestland neaby. thats greaper's scythe, not reapers scythe.

last idea: hell/shadow/magma lich. a lich who has died from higher tempuratures but a curse was put upon him so that his spirit would retun form the volcano. similar features to a lich but comletely shrouded in ash (thus shadow lich) with small openings and cracks of not yet cooled down magma.
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