Tidal Guardian But Seriously

This bundle is marked as lacking. It fails to meet the standard requirements and may only have minor use.
This is the Tidal Guardian But Seriously, which is a modified version of the Tidal Guardian model so that it renders correctly on the latest patch 1.36 of Warcraft III, unlike the one that is included in the game. The model was created by exploiting the design of the MDX version 1100 model format and is probably unstable and will probably stop working or become broken in a future patch of Warcraft III, but last time that I checked it appeared to work on the current patch.

I expect a moderator might tag this model upload as Restricted or Simple/Useful or whatever they want and it might disappear from the view of users, but by uploading this model I will also see if the model breaks the Hive Viewer and the "View in 3D" function because it looked kind of like it might break that when I was reading the code by @ThompZon and @twilac in their viewer update. But since the game honors this model (at least currently) we probably should honor it in the third party tools because there are going to be people tempted to start making hacks like this if we get to the 1 year mark before Activision Blizzard can fix the classic games assets bugs.


Tidal Guardian But Seriously (Model)

General Frank
This model served its purpose and is no longer needed. Some people might find use for it.
exotic edits to show a situation where the model viewer does not currently work
The reason for the exotic edits was to make the model appear ingame as it was intended, because Blizzard's renderer in Warcraft III also broke in the August 17th, 2022 patch. I just happened to reuse the same file to point out how the viewer doesn't work for this case.

If you watch the 10 minute video included in the model description, by the end of the video you would probably understand. [But the video was made for Blizzard and not for you, in case they would ever see it, because their pipeline for this format is also broken now after the MDX1100 change, but in a different way.]
This model served its purpose
Why do you say this? Warcraft III no longer renders this kind of model correctly and continues to be incorrect.

There was a PTR that attempted a fix but the fix was incomplete and caused even more weird bugs and we complained that they should fix it for real and then they just canceled the halfway done fix entirely.

General Frank

Model Moderator
Level 80
Nov 19, 2005
Why do you say this? Warcraft III no longer renders this kind of model correctly and continues to be incorrect.
Because it is just a 'tech' showcase. That's all.
This section is for resource assets and not just 'oh look this thing is weird' things.
Also, there is not really much custom work for even being 'simple/useful'.
Sorry to burst that bubble Retera.
Because it is just a 'tech' showcase. That's all.
From one standpoint it's also a holdover for people who need a quick fix to a problem in the interim while they wait for Blizzard to fix it, but I guess it's better for them to use that forum post with a bunch of models attached for that case.

So, I guess you're right, I just wanted to make sure you didn't know something I didn't, such as if the game got fixed and I didn't know it, etc.