Tidal Wyrm (Tidal Guardian)

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This is basically an edit of Onix by Zerox and Lord_T. I couldn't get their permission to edit it since both of them haven't been active for a long time. So, it is entirely within moderator's discretion whether this will be allowed.

The mesh is obviously the standard Tidal Guardian with a few minor modifications (tapering tail, eyelids).

Most of the animations were made by Lord_T and some of them were made or edited by me, but since I'm not much of an expert on animating a few turned out kinda derpy.

I made two new stand animations; made a corpse geoset for the decay animations; made a portrait animation and added a proper portrait backdrop; made a set of swim animations; made submerge animations out of the existing burrow animations; added attachment points, blood splats and a collision sphere.

I also made a new walk animation and made the old one into some kind of Easter egg by renaming it to 'Walk Ready'; now it is used instead of 'Walk' while the unit is chasing a fleeing target.

I wanted the Wyrm to match the Tidal Guardian building, so I made a new attack animation out of the original Stand 2 animation by making the movement a bit faster and more aggressive (showing teeth, distending neck). The original melee attack animation (in which the Wyrm attacks with its nasal horn) is still there ('Attack Two') in case anyone needs it.

Recommended unit settings:
Art - Animation - Cast Backswing: 0.833
Art - Animation - Cast Point: 0.625
Art - Animation - Run Speed: 150
Art - Animation - Walk Speed: 150
Art - Death Time: 1.67
Art - Projectile Launch - X: 0
Art - Projectile Launch - Y: 115
Art - Projectile Launch - Z: 85
Art - Scaling Value: 1.3
Art - Selection Scale: 1
* Ranged Attack
Combat - Attack 1 - Animation Backswing Point: 0.833
Combat - Attack 1 - Animation Damage Point: 0.625
* Melee Attack
Combat - Attack 2 - Animation Backswing Point: 0.667
Combat - Attack 2 - Animation Damage Point: 0.5
Movement - Speed Base: 220

If you use the model in your map/campaign, don't forget to give credits to its original creators, Zerox and Lord_T.

tidal, guardian, wyrm, naga, water, sea, snake, serpent, tube, onix

BTNTidalWyrm (Icon)

Tidal Wyrm (Tidal Guardian) (Model)

General Frank
Works in-game, performs appropriately and is a good addition to the model section.