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Submitted by meatfactory
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.

A turn-based, tactical board game similar to chess.
Each player starts with 11 units, which move in unique patterns.
The goal is to vanquish the enemy king.

Each turn last 40 seconds in which the player must make a move.
During the opponent's turn your controls are disabled, but camera angles can be changed by hitting the Esc key.
There is a neutral unit on the play field which changes location every 20 seconds - when attacked it gives a bonus swordsman to the attacker's faction.
When a player's unit reaches the three squares (left/right) closest to the throne his King unit is given a bonus item which provides it with an extra life.

Supports 2 Players and up to 10 Spectators. (no AI)

Tranquil for the Mounted Knight and King models.

Author's Notes

The idea behind this project was inspired by chess. Unlike the Warcraft classic game there is no room for luck, only pure tactical thought(example: the damage of units varies to some degree min-max) .
Every hit on an enemy unit is an instant kill. I know this type of maps are not that popular due to their speed and logical restrictions. I have thought of other updates which would be implemented at a later point, but for now I wish to leave it to a basic level of play without items, abilities,terrain or changes in number of moves or movement grid of units. Version 1.01 has been tested in multiplayer mode and shows no signs of bugs. The problem with the Cooldown timer and the multiboard overlaying is caused by the version of the game. In version 1.30 this issue is no longer a problem.

Version Log

Version 1.01

Fixed cammera issues
Now user control is not disable during enemy player's turn instead move and attack abilities are disabled.
Amulet of Immortality now is only give to the 1st player to reach 1 of 6 near center squares.
Selection issues fixed.
Spirit of Fortune function fixed.

Throne (Map)

You cannot communicate during the other player's turn because user control is disabled. You can use the attack command on wisps multiple times in one turn and nothing seems to happen. Sometimes units don't respond to commands. Even had to use attack...
ReviewThrone [IMG] Key ConceptMinigame - You based the map on a nice concept, although I played this and it's really not ready for approval. Deepstrasz and I played together and unlike in chess, where you can make actually normal moves, here units are...
Tested it right now with @deepstrasz . The same impression I've made is exactly his. The chat is now available while playing, good thing. Feels a bit different but not a lot from the previous version. The game is at least 10% faster but, units have...
Alright, we had another take on it and well, movement is fixed. Sometimes the spell breaker doesn't want to kill but only uses the attack animation. Problem is that engagement is slow in that the units move more lots in front than on the sides. It...
  1. Alexen


    Map Reviewer

    Aug 6, 2015