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I don't think it's very important to ask or to know that. What would be the reason admins to ensure or to guaranteed this? The only answer can be that yes, it's for sure possible, but likewise it's never guaranteed. Have you maybe intended to ask something else specific? .. because then you could use Staff Contact, if it's about a certain reviewer. If it's some things overall about such things you for sure might give a shot here Ask the Hive Staff.
Level 19
Jul 2, 2011
Can I be promoted to a special title of map rejector?

I'll just go around rejecting maps that do not apply to the map submission rules

It will give me a chance to test out my program and its application as a real hive moding tool

Or I could just leave comments on pending maps, pointing out flaws
Level 19
Jul 2, 2011

just thought I would let you guys know that my spell checker program is complete.

Warcraft Spelling Checker

it also has the added function of generating a report of map specs.

it can at least be used to move some pending maps to rejected or pending updates based on the report. which will make reviewer jobs easier since now they won't need to open the map to find errors.

there are actually enough tools available to make a full moderation assistance tool.

you have ralle's trig error checker
my spelling checker, swear words and percentage of flat terrain...etc.
then you have you get @Retera model tool which allows you to see map models outside of the world editor.

that leaves only spells and icons out of the reviewing tools abilities
As of Jan 24, @Sir Moriarty is a Spell Reviewer.
Ah yes, I'll update that tomorrow.

I think the changelog year fields should be under spoiler/hidden tags. Also, no 2019 or are we waiting for the the year to pass first?

There are some users in the history who have no known information.
I think it's fine as is for now. Forgot to update that. I'll just simplify things up. Ain't filling the half year gap though.

Full History is no longer used after the team had a talk about it.
Level 16
May 2, 2011
There is discrepancy on the first page.

dr. Super Good is not listed in either moderators or reviewers. However, in the changelog, it says that he/she transferred to spell Reviewing, which means he should be in the Reviewers table.

Could this be fixed please?

while we are at it, there is probably more discrepancies of @Dr Super Good in full history tab

Shar Dundred

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May 6, 2009

That is when the recruitment progress had begun!