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  • I'm seeing many Maze of Shortness maps on your Resources tab. I hope they're not the same map but on different versions. I'll check it out and if they are I will restrict the older ones.
    No I just deleted those other ones (The one I just downloaded is completely different)
    But I told you not to multi-upload X_X You should've updated your rejected map, notified me then I would've set it back to pending. It is against the General Resource Rules re-uploading rejected resources and you already did that once...
    Oh sorry for the late reply. Yesterday I received several messages and I forgot to reply to you :p
    So yes, you need to fix a continuous leak. If it's just a leak that will occur once and never again, it's not a big problem removing it because it will not affect the game (but one on one build up to so it's wise to remove it anyway).
    If you wanna mute sounds, try playing with this trigger Set Volume Channel:

    Sound - Set Animation and Spell Sounds to 0.00%
    No need to feel dumb, I was like you the first time I found out about leaks. You have to storethe "center of region" as a point variable then destroy it after using such poing (for example for spawning a glaive).
    That's awesome! About the sound, you should use things like "MetalMediumSlice". It is in Sound ---> Units ---> Combat.
    Hey there, I tested your map and I've got a few things to say:

    1- It's really awkward to hear a footman dying every half second. It's like the background music of the game. How about *removing* footmen instead of killing them? How about using the glaive of the glaive thrower as the patrolling units? It gives more the feeling of something to avoid (sharp edges hehe) and when a unit dies, you can play a "slice" sound as if the unit was cut into two

    2- What about making each torch a checkpoint? If you die and you just passed the first part, it's really bad to be revived at the very beginning of the whole maze. Don't make your game insanely hard otherwise you may unwittingly persuade players to stop playing because the game becomes tedious. Your game should be enjoyable and funny instead.

    3- Your triggers leak. (Whenever you use "Center of Region" functions, you create a memory leak. Read this tutorial and fix all your leaks because in your game they can cause lag in multiplayer with so many spawnings. Lag is inconvenient because in some parts of the maze it is essential to be able to move quickly.

    4- The terrain needs improvements. Simply putting the tiles for the maze won't do it. Let the eye receive its pleasure too! I suggest you add decorations to your terrain with some ornamental doodads.

    5- Don't give passive skills an active icon (yes, I'm talking about "Have intense training"). You should give a passive icon instead just as for "Learn to be an experienced mazer". Also, why do the three skills boost movement speed? You lack variation withing spells. You could add a skill that provides temporary invulnerabilty from footmen (2-3 seconds let's say) or a skill that will block the next footman engaging you. If all skills have the same purpose, you make your game more boring.

    That's all I can say for now. Good luck with your map :D
    Oh lol you replied on your own profile :p You should open my profile and write there the message so that I get notified (don't worry, I also fell in this trick on my first day in Hive).
    Gonna test the map later, now I'll go to sleep! It's late here in my country.
    Yeah, I will definitely work on the description and I would love it if you tested it out :) Make sure you test out the (9:38 am rejected version because that one includes the updated description and is a slightly different map). Thanks!
    I've rechecked your description and it's still insufficient. You should really have a look at the description of approved maps. I want you to give as much information as possible on the gameplay, any little notice, even any petty detail you consider insignificant because it will not only make your description longer but also provide more info that some people may find useful.
    However, I can always test your map as if it is a beta which means that I just give you a review of the map through a PM but I do not approve it. This will ensure that when you'll have a proper description I may instantly approve the map if it is good enough.
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