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Restricted Complex 601 2.83

Submitted by jk2pach
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Host map Arrange game

Top // Please Note // Key Points // General Information // Features // Videos // Quest Tree // Map Overview // Screenshots // Credits // Bottom // Website

This map can NOT be played in solo.
This since they are more and more hackers.
To test or play the map, play online.

Top // Please Note // Key Points // General Information // Features // Videos // Quest Tree // Map Overview // Screenshots // Credits // Bottom // Website

Key Points

[r] [+] [c] Diversity [c]
Hundreds custom objects
Random factors everywhere​

[r] [+] [c] Survivor,RPG/Hack&Slash [c]
Save/load experience and medals,
Progressive unlock of all hero class
Permanent spawn of hundred creeps ​

[r] [+] [c] Zombie background [c]
Custom models/skins
Retro-futurist elements
Marines vs zombies universe
Forest, villages, cities... ​

[r] [-] [c] Hard game [c]
for unskilled players​

[r] [-] [c] Brain needed [c]
you can not play alone and just camp. ​
[r] [-] [c] Patience [c]

do not except to fully understand the map within your first game. ​

General Information

Official homepage jk2pach.com
You are welcome on the website to see complete

information and/or talk about the map.
You will be able to report bugs, write suggestions, organize clans, speak about the bot, etc...
This website is the official homepage of the game clans:
RC @ Europe - lead by Dark_Warlock
RRTF @ Us East - lead by jk2pach
I upload main system codes and some spells example there. Feel free to ask some questions.
I read the board, and I answer to all suggestions and bug reports, so you are welcome!
For example, I accept suggestions for Heroes, spells or any other things.
You can also request to be admin of the official bot.
To end this, the forum will you give the links for open-source version.​

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=158677050837453
There is a Facebook


Official Host Bot jk2pach-host5
There is a host bot I rent to host the map.
All realms are available
It is called jk2pach-host5; add him as a friend on BattleNet to know what is the map number.
To get it: enter /whois jk2pach-host5 on BattleNet
Go on the board if you want to get admin.​

Update Log Click there
I just write any changes between each version.
Because the file is quite long now, the update log remains in my own website.​

Open source Click there
The current open source is the 1.91
Open source just gets medal system and save/load system disabled to prevent noob hackers to generate codes.​

Protection W3 Map Optimizer
If you do have any question about this map, register on the official homepage.
I share everything I do, through map open source or systems posted on the board.
The reason the map file is protected is only because of the optimisation which grants a lighter map and, overall, a faster loading time.
As a consequence, this prevent noob-hackers to generate codes. ​

The map
This map is between a Hero Survivor and an ORPG.
Pick your Hero class, do the quests and try to survive. You may be able to save your experience and the medals earned during the game.
Experience gives you bonus and grants access to more Hero classes.
The story of the map is about the Restricted Complex 601, a private giant-laboratory owned by the Thanatos Industries. It's a global firm leading researches on weapons,

biology, physic...
The RC601 is an underground complex [The first version ever I made was in that complex, but for many reason, I changed it to a game happening on the surface]
Players will be requested to take care of a zombie threat and to follow the orders of their employers. ​

Top // Please Note // Key Points // General Information // Features // Videos // Quest Tree // Map Overview // Screenshots // Credits // Bottom // Website


Game Modes
A mode with more than 50 quests, randomly generated or depending on the success the last quest the team did. Through a game up to 16 quests are playable.
Missions will alternate between base or unit defence, scout, escort, protection, search and destroy...
There are 3 chapters, each one with a final boss (added to the several boss spawned each quest end).

The team will have to survive to several waves of creeps with an increasing difficulty. Basically, this is a pure survival mode without any other thing to do than survive.

Last stand
The objective is to defend a database in a random base until the army arrives to fight a last boss.

The objective is to search and destroy NPC bases; there, the players will fight against creeps and NPC.

Team Deathmatch
Same than deathmatch, but players are divided into 2 teams.

Trophy Hunt
The objective is to keep a flag and prevent the opposite team to keep its own flag

A Bridge Too Far
Mode removed.

Not available at the moment

The basic settings. Normal creeps.

It is like Normal mode with harder creeps (+10 damage and +50% health points, +20% chances to spawn special waves etc.)

Harder than nightmare; a lot of special waves, more boss or miniboss, creeps with a second upgrade... ​

-Complete Quest Trees with random/conditions to make each game different
-Each quest has its own universe of creeps (combinations several unit types)
-Each quest get its own boss
-Each quest success brings experience. If the quest can be failed, and that players fail it, you will not get experience but get an other quest.
-Efficient AI for creeps, allied units and non-hero units to avoid micro-manage. Creeps are able to act with some intelligence (heal, dodge-jump etc).
A part of the creeps will patrol into the direction of the current quest objective, and the other will directly follow the living heroes.
-Proportional difficulty: the more the experience average between players, the harder the game is (Creeps statistic will be improved and chance to get special waves will be

raised) ​

-several heroes with many spells and a different gameplay for each one.
-Each hero has a spellbook with shared abilities
-Each hero has its specific spell tree with up to 16 skills
-Each hero has a different role and gameplay
-Heroes are unlocked if the loaded code provides a rank enough high.

Save System

-Save and load your experience. This allows you to change of hero each game (and avoid a boring unique character).
-Experience brings up to 20 ranks.
-Each rank provides a general bonus (health, mana regeneration, move and attack speed)
-Ranks unlock hero class.
-There is a medal system (since 1.27) for the best players (which also adds little bonus); medals are granted through the achievements of some special stuffs during the game.

Realistic Equipment
Since 1.09 there is no more one weapon/unit and one ammo-type per unit. NPC no longer have limited ammo, excepted they need to reload.
This mean the weapon is "hidden" (no more item to stock in the inventory) for Heroes, and all units have the same ammo-type (item type) they can load or drop from their weapon.
It is less realistic but after a lot of tests, it makes the game less complicated.
Units can carry up equipment, grenades, explosives, weapons...​

Dozen systems
-A weather changing during the game
-A story displayed through texts with various speakers
-The possibility to drive a lot of vehicles
-Dozen items which can be combined, consumed, some being class-restricted etc
-Various kinds of explosives
-Various grenades and rockets
-Various abilities for NPCs and Creeps
-(see more on the open source)



Quest Tree

Restricted Complex 601 is organized around a quest trees: you will not play all quests in a game, but only some of them.
Then, the quest you will get will change depending your last quest was a success, a fail, or, sometimes, an other random choice.

Map Overview


In-editor basic overviews

External outpost
RC601's main entrance
Barracks and Container storage
Aviary; Ship Facilities and Sand ruins
Old bunker, hangar and town
Old Teleporter
Refinery, Com Center, Energetic Factory
Mechanoids Facilities
Village, fields


Entire map
This map is made by jk2pach.

Special thanks
Special thanks to Troll-Brain for his advices and suggestions on VJass

Models not listed there are from me and are available in the map open source . Feel free to send me a private message if I forget someone.

[r] Author [c] Model [c] Link [c]
Used for ​

[r] Anarcahianbedlam [c] Minicopter [c] Click [c]
AW-Big Bee ​

[r] Anarcahianbedlam [c] Prowler [c] Click [c]
GW-Hurricane, GW-Gust ​

[r] Anarcahianbedlam [c] SHIVA Nuclear Warhead v6 [c] Click [c]
high explosive rocket ​

[r] Callahan [c] NerubianGuard [c] Click [c]
Animal - Bug ​

[r] DonDustin [c] CryptQueen [c] Click [c]
Animal - Crusher, Evolved Bug ​

[r] donut3.5 [c] HookHorror [c] Click [c]
Undead - Horror ​

[r] Epsilon [c] Container [c] Click [c]
Building - Container 2 ​

[r] Epsilon [c] M249 [c] Click [c]
FN-Minime attachment ​

[r] Epsilon [c] M4 [c] Click [c]
Colt M4 attachment ​

[r] Epsilon [c] PulseBuff [c] Click [c]
Buff - hero about to die ​

[r] Epsilon [c] SG550 [c] Click [c]
Sig SG550 attachement ​

[r] Erius [c] AGreySmoke [c] Click [c]
Smoke grenade ​

[r] Feleer [c] StrikerVFX [c] Click [c]
GW-Tornado ​

[r] Fingolfin [c] ISA M82 Assault Rifle [c] Click [c]
Barret M82 attachement ​

[r] Fingolfin [c] Mauler [c] Click [c]
Mauler attachement ​

[r] Fingolfin [c] Sta-52 Assault Rifle [c] Click [c]
Sta-52 LAR attachement ​

[r] GeneralFrank [c] SpaceOrc_APSV_Badge [c] Click [c]
ACV-Transport ​

[r] GeneralFrank [c] Space Orc Condor [c] Click [c]
AW-Falling Star ​

[r] GeneralFrank [c] Space Orc 'Hedgehog' AT-AAV [c] Click [c]
ACV-Shiva ​

[r] GeneralFrank [c] M2 A3 Grizzly - Main Battle Tank [c] Click [c]
ACV-Iron Turtle ​

[r] GeneralFrank [c] M3 A1 'Kodiak' Super Heavy Tank [c] Click [c]
ACV-Goliath ​

[r] GeneralFrank [c] Metal Fox - Anti-Air Artillery [c] Click [c]
ACV-Rolling Thunder ​

[r] Ice [c] Sandbags1 [c] Click [c]
Sand Bag ​

[r] Illidan(evil)x [c] A10 Thunderbolt II [c] Click [c]
A10 Thunderbolt ​

[r] Illidan(evil)x [c] Cobra Attack Helicopter [c] Click [c]
Cobra ​

[r] Illidan(evil)x [c] F22 Raptor [c] Click [c]
F22 Raptor, Raptor Pilot ​

[r] Illidan(evil)x [c] Orca Fighter [c] Click [c]
UAV, Supply Plane ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Animated Marine [c] Click [c]
Most marines and NPCs ​

[r] jk2pach [c] AW-Rising Sun [c] Click [c]
AW-Rising Sun ​

[r] jk2pach [c] AW-Sentry [c] Click [c]
AW-Sentry, AW-Storm ​

[r] jk2pach [c] AW-Titan [c] Click [c]
AW-Titan ​

[r] jk2pach [c] GW-Beef [c] Click [c]
GW-Beef ​

[r] jk2pach [c] GW-Frog [c] Click [c]
GW-Frog ​

[r] jk2pach [c] GW-Fury [c] Click [c]
GW-Fury ​

[r] jk2pach [c] GW-Iron Turrtle [c] Click [c]
Hero selector ​

[r] jk2pach [c] GW-Hurricane [c] Click [c]
GW-Hurricane ​

[r] jk2pach [c] GW-Pepper Shaker [c] Click [c]
GW-Pepper Shaker ​

[r] jk2pach [c] GW-Twin Gun [c] Click [c]
GW-Typhoon ​

[r] jk2pach [c] GW-Worker [c] Click [c]
GW-Worker ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Scout Tower [c] Click [c]
Primary Observatory Tower ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Turret-Artillery [c] Click [c]
Artillery Turret ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Turret-Base [c] Click [c]
Turret base, Mine Thrower turret, Energetic Turret, Medical Turret ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Turret-Light Radar [c] Click [c]
Primary Radar Tower ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Turret-Machinegun [c] Click [c]
Machinegun Turret ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Turret-Micromissile Thrower [c] Click [c]
Missile Thrower ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Turret-Rocket [c] Click [c]
Rocket Pod ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Turret-Tesla [c] Click [c]
Tesla Turret, AA Railgun Turret ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Turret-Twin Gun [c] Click [c]
Primary Defensive Tower ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Unit-Marine Cyborg [c] Click [c]
Cyborg ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Unit-Marine Engineer [c] Click [c]
Mecanist, Builder, Drone Master, Engineer, ... ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Unit-Marine Recon [c] Click [c]
Force Recon ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Unit-Marine Scientist [c] Click [c]
Most scientist units (Biologist, Physicist...) ​

[r] jk2pach [c] Unit-Marine Sniper [c] Click [c]
Polyvalent Sniper, Lighning Sniper, Special Ops... ​

[r] Ket [c] Villager Zombie pack [c] .... [c]
Zombie - Decomposition, Zombie - Excressence, Living Dead - Degenerescence, Living Dead - Reaper ​

[r] Kitabatake [c] Porcupine [c] Click [c]
Living Dead - Reborn ​

[r] Klarnetist [c] Barrels [c] Click [c]
Barrels ​

[r] Klarnetist [c] Bradley [c] Click [c]
M2 Bradley ​

[r] Klarnetist [c] Bus Stop [c] Click [c]
Bus Stop ​

[r] Klarnetist [c] Dead Car [c] Click [c]
Car. ​

[r] Klarnetist [c] Dead Corpses [c] Click [c]
Living Dead - Corpse Chest, Living Dead - Corpse Skull, Living Dead - Corpse Legs ​

[r] Klarnetist [c] TurretTrap [c] Click [c]
Turret Trap ​

[r] Klarnetist [c] Windmill [c] Click [c]
Building - Windmill 2 ​

[r] Kolbosa [c] Skeletal wolf [c] Click [c]
Mutation - Theta ​

[r] Knet [c] Workbot [c] Click [c]
GW-Bot ​

[r] Kofi_Banan [c] Black Hawk [c] Click [c]
... ​

[r] Kofi_Banan [c] bud2 [c] Click [c]
Blackhawk ​

[r] Kofi_Banan [c] BuildingsNew [c] Click [c]
Building - City Factory ​

[r] Kofi_Banan [c] gfdh [c] Click [c]
Medical Post, Building - City Post ​

[r] Kofi_Banan [c] Humvee [c] Click [c]
Humvee ​

[r] Kofi_Banan [c] M 113 APC [c] Click [c]
Mobile HQ ​

[r] Kofi_Banan [c] Town10 [c] Click [c]
Building - Cirty Building 5 ​

[r] Kofi_Banan [c] TownHall [c] Click [c]
Building - City Great House ​

[r] Kofi_Banan [c] TownHall(1) [c] Click [c]
Building - City Workhouse ​

[r] Kofi_Banan [c] zfcxzf [c] Click [c]
Crane 1 ​

[r] Kofi_Banan [c] ZSU-23-4 "Shilka"[c] Click [c]
Shilka ​

[r] Mechanical Man [c] Barracks [c] Click [c]
Military Building - Warehouse ​

[r] Mechanical Man [c] Com Center [c] Click [c]
Military Building - Com Center ​

[r] Mechanical Man [c] Factory [c] Click [c]
Military Building - Factory ​

[r] Mechanical Man [c] Refinery [c] Click [c]
Military Building - Refinery ​

[r] Mr. Bob [c] Barracks [c] Click [c]
Military Building - Barracks ​

[r] Mr. Bob [c] Helipad [c] Click [c]
Military Building - Helipad ​

[r] Mr. Bob [c] Metal Mine [c] Click [c]
Military Building - Mine ​

[r] Mr. Bob [c] Power Generator [c] Click [c]
Military Building - Power Generators ​

[r] Mr. Bob [c] Radar Tower [c] Click [c]
Military Building - Radar Tower ​

[r] Mr. Bob [c] Tank Factory [c] Click [c]
Military Building - Tank Factory ​

[r] Mr. Bob [c] Tech Center [c] Click [c]
Military Building - Com Station ​

[r] oGre_ [c] Decoration Hopper [c] Click [c]
Building - Hangar, Old Bunker, Bunker walls... ​

[r] Pyramidhe@d [c] Butcher Girl [c] Click [c]
Undead - Butcher ​

[r] Pyramidhe@d [c] Carrion Crow [c] Click [c]
Animal - Dead Crow ​

[r] Pyramidhe@d [c] Dessicator [c] Click [c]
Living Dead - Devourer ​

[r] Pyramidhe@d [c] Enslave Worker [c] Click [c]
Experiment - Typhoid ​

[r] Pyramidhe@d [c] Magot [c] Click [c]
Animal - Worm ​

[r] Pyramidhe@d [c] Ripper_PH09 [c] Click [c]
Evolved Parasite ​

[r] Pyramidhe@d [c] VampireBat [c] Click [c]
Undead - Blood Bat ​

[r] Sakh_badboy [c] Greenhouse [c] Click [c]
Aviary Entrance ​

[r] SataX [c] OldFactory [c] Click [c]
Old Factory ​

[r] shamanyouranus [c] Installation Foundry [c] Click [c]
Building - City Foundry, Supply Structure ​

[r] skrab [c] NuclearReactor [c] Click [c]
Nuke Reactor ​

[r] Scythy Dervish [c] Virus Vial Orange [c] Click [c]
Health charged items ​

[r] Scythy Dervish [c] Virus Vial Purple [c] Click [c]
Health/Mana charged items ​

[r] Scythy Dervish [c] Virus Vial Teal [c] Click [c]
Mana charged items ​

[r] Thrikodius [c] Blink [c] Click [c]
... ​

[r] Unwirklich [c] Starcraft Interface [c] Click [c]
Effect - Antivenom ​

[r] Vuormalainen [c] Barbed Wire [c] Click [c]
Barbed Wire ​

[r] Vuormalainen [c] Sea Obstacle [c] Click [c]
Sea Obstacle ​

[r] Virysru [c] C300 [c] Click [c]
ACV-Plede Lips ​

[r] WebSter [c] Modern Warfare Pack VĂ©hicules [c] Click [c]
ACV Destiny, ACV Inferno ​

[r] WebSter [c] Thunderhawk [c] Click [c]
AW-Wrath ​

[r] WILL THE ALMIGHTY [c] Artillery Strike [c] Click [c]
Effect ​

[r] WILL THE ALMIGHTY [c] Dirt Explosion [c] Click [c]
Effect ​

[r] WILL THE ALMIGHTY [c] Explosion Big [c] Click [c]
Effect ​

[r] WILL THE ALMIGHTY [c] Ground Explosion [c] Click [c]
Effect ​

[r] WILL THE ALMIGHTY [c] Ion Canon [c] Click [c]
Plasma Strike ​

[r] WILL THE ALMIGHTY [c] Nuclear Explosion [c] Click [c]
Effect ​

[r] WILL THE ALMIGHTY [c] Ultimate Explosion --- Ground-based explosion [c] Click [c]
Effect ​

[r] WILL THE ALMIGHTY [c] Ultimate Explosion --- Massive Explosion [c] Click [c]
Effect ​

Icons are Blizzard basic icons, from me or images taken from Google converted to Icons.

Music and Sounds
No imported music at the moment
Non-Blizzard sounds all come from the video game Counter Strike 1.5 or from free sound databases.

General Libraries, spells and triggers
Codes used for the map which are not from me

[r] Author [c] Model [c] Link [c]
Information ​

[r] Anitarf [c] Stack [c] Click [c]
... ​

[r] Dangerb0y [c] Easy Item Stack 'n Split [c] Click [c]
... ​

[r] grim001 [c] AutoIndex [c] Click [c]
... ​

[r] grim001 [c] UnitListModule [c] Click [c]
... ​

[r] Patio_111 [c] Clock [c] Click [c]
Cerberus - Plasma Clock ​

[r] Rising_Dusk [c] GroupUtils [c] Click [c]
... ​

[r] Rising_Dusk [c] SoundUtils [c] Click [c]
... ​

[r] Rising_Dusk [c] TerrainPathability [c] Click [c]
... ​

[r] Vexorian [c] Bound Sentinel [c] Click [c]
... ​

[r] Vexorian [c] Independant Summon [c] Click [c]
Autoindex version by MoCo, modified for the needs of Restricted Complex 601 by jk2pach ​

[r] Vexorian [c] PowedUpSentinel [c] Click [c]
... ​

[r] Vexorian [c]Table [c] Click [c]
... ​

[r] Vexorian [c] TimerUtils [c] Click [c]
... ​

[r] Prince.Zero [c] Organic Bomb [c] Click [c]
Strike Force - Organic Bomb ​

[r] Prince.Zero [c] Wrath of Zeus [c] Click [c]
Lightning Sniper - Wrath of Zeus ​

[r] The Witcher [c] Advanced Camera, Keyboard & Movement System [c] Click [c]
for FPS mode ​


[r] Author [c] Model [c] Link [c]
Information ​

[r] Alex [c] Mdlvis [c] Click [c]
The most simple and powerfull tool about models: create models, apply textures,optimize them and, more than all, animate them. Used for ALL my models ​

[r] Guesst [c] Mdlx Squisher [c] Click [c]
Reduce the size of the models once they are inside the map ​

[r] Magos [c] Warcraft 3 Model Editor [c] Click [c]
To watch models, work on nodes, particles and textures... ​

[r] PitzerMike [c] Widgetizer [c] Click [c]
Reduces the loading time. Does not work for RC601 (bug) ​

[r] Spec [c] W3 Button Manager [c] Click [c]
The easiest tool I have tested to transform pictures into W3 Icons ​

[r] Tim [c] Oinkerwinkle Tools [c] Click [c]
A complete pack of tools. I use at 95% the Vertex Modifier to edit models of the first version of Stars. All of my ships were made with this tool ​

[r] Tim [c] W3 Viewer [c] Click [c]
I use it to convert skin files (*.BLP <=> *.TGA, *.BMP, *.JPEG ​

[r] Vexorian [c] JassNewGenPack [c] Click [c]
Because the VJass from Vexorian is incredibly powerfull and the JNPG allows a lot of things, the map is edited with this editor hack. ​

[r] Vexorian [c] W3 Map Optimizer [c] Click [c]
It grantly reduces the size of the map and the map loading, as well as improve the scripts ​

Players who helped me a lot through reports, suggestions or back-office such as loading screens

Top // Please Note // Key Points // General Information // Features // Videos // Quest Tree // Map Overview // Screenshots // Credits // Bottom // Website

restricted, complex, 601, warfare, modern, weapon, research, zombie, quests, orpg, science, horror, abomination, technology, military, marine, tank

Restricted Complex 601 2.83 (Map)

22:57, 6th Jul 2010 ap0calypse: Approved 25:22, 1st Feb 2011 Cweener: Approved Highly Recommended - Director's Cut! Re-reviewed on request.
  1. 22:57, 6th Jul 2010
    ap0calypse: Approved

    25:22, 1st Feb 2011
    Cweener: Approved
    Highly Recommended - Director's Cut!

    Re-reviewed on request.
  2. miq112dk


    Oct 9, 2009
    Cool map :D 4/5
  3. Cpt.ZnacK


    Oct 11, 2009
    This map..... is Cool.. lol one thing though... the missions maybe they can ping the locations lol... terrian is awesome... 4/5
  4. jk2pach


    Mar 19, 2009
  5. EvilForce


    Aug 4, 2009
    The Best map type i like > > Survival ORPG, But Like Everybody, I Like -save/-load System too will you add it ? it would be good...
  6. jk2pach


    Mar 19, 2009
    There is already a save/load :)
  7. Newominus


    Jan 7, 2010
    This is a good game but you might want to proof read everything you wrote in there. I see some spelling mistakes made. And you might want to make something that tells us how to play the game, such as how to level up (i played for a while but i didn't know how to level).
  8. jk2pach


    Mar 19, 2009
    I will make a new version with a lot of updates as soon as I have time (since I only released 300 Blast Them, that Stars is not stable etc.)
  9. Ultimate_MapCreator


    Jul 9, 2006
    Could we have some gameplay screenshots too, please? The terrain doesn't look really interesting...
  10. jk2pach


    Mar 19, 2009
    Updated with more screenshots.

    Actually, the "terrain" are already gameplay screenshots since they are commands to rotate camera. I go through W3 Editor cause it"s easier to do than in game (in order not to be killed :p)

    Probleme with screenshots: i'm not able to screenshot the bullets: they are too fast.
  11. Hugomath


    Sep 4, 2008
    Awesome map. Good units,nice terrain,good quests,good gameplay. 4/5
  12. jk2pach


    Mar 19, 2009
    Thanks a lot.

    By the way: at the moment the bot described on the map topic is not activated (I'm waiting for my generous bot renter to do it).

    So I use an other bot, used before for my map Stars. So you can play with the bot called stars-host (/whois it). As soon as RC601 bot is on, stars-host will host Stars again.
  13. Rodny


    Aug 18, 2008
    Hey is there anyreason for it not to save my codes? It constantly says they are from a old versiON or new version!
  14. jk2pach


    Mar 19, 2009
    oO. I will check this. I have to debug minor other things (5 pickable units at start instead of 10 if all are new players, there will be a probleme)
    Ok , fixed (and other things to)

    RC601 bot is activated; name : RC601
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2010
  15. thedarkproject


    Mar 10, 2010
    Hi there, i played as a Scientist - Biologist and for some reason i couldnt get defibrilate to work - i couldnt target the cross when a hero dies - is that a bug or am i doing something wrong :p?, other than that great map 4/5.
  16. jk2pach


    Mar 19, 2009
    May be a bug. I will check it for the next version :)
  17. Rodny


    Aug 18, 2008
    Hey i want to ask one thing... Can you put in a section in witch you tell us what scores the ranks start working? A friend of mine has 330 score and it aint working for him yet... Thank you in advance.
  18. jk2pach


    Mar 19, 2009
    Hello. I have no time for the website at the moment, this is why :/

    TO answer you:

  19. Rodny


    Aug 18, 2008
    Erh................................................ You might wanna lower some of em.... Why? Because NO ONE would go to all the trouble to become a general ;-;