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Mar 17, 2012
Feb 12, 2007

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User, from France

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Mar 17, 2012
    1. Grantuu
      hm.. well
      there are two ways i can imagine how race pick could work:
      1st tavern just the standard way^^

      2nd dialog:
      when klicking on the button for a race there appear another window with infos about the selected race and the buttons "OK" and "Back"

      bouth have advantages and disadvantages....

      I guess you'll do a good job pick witch one you prefer.

      I'll send you the map soon (PC crash have to search and find it again -.-)

      Greetz Grantuu
    2. Grantuu
      oh OK that's cool help is really needed^^

      there are two main things to do choice is yours^^

      you can check what's wrong with that f***ing Troop move system I just don't get orking since many weks now. Or....

      you can create a simple race pick system with space for 8 races and the possibility for random race pick.

      please tell me what you prefer and thanks again for help^^

      Gretz Grantuu
    3. -Kobas-
      Well if you want to help I have something for you!
      I am creating items now so I need descriptions:
      1 type for recipes and 1 type for completed item

      If you want to help send me example(s) of each one! Because I can't decide how will it look -.-

      Btw Thanks once again for comment!
    4. Rices
      First, hello and thanks for the upgrads some really nice :)
      if i get it right you stopped updating it or not?
      mhh maybe you will come back to H&ER, so i mean in updating some errors so one...

      i can tell you, that the smith by the hero builder is buggy, because you can't forge something in it. i think it's because the stack system but can't confirm it actually but working on it.
      i can post more thing if you want :)

      ps: sry for the broken english but i give my best.
    5. Illidan_Hunter
    6. Illidan_Hunter
      I'm gonna be most offline these weeks since School began and I soon got Exams.
      If you want my help/suggestion (or others) find me on Mess., Skype or Here :D
    7. Illidan_Hunter
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