Hanging Gardens of Babylon

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The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World as listed by Hellenic culture. It was described as a remarkable feat of engineering with an ascending series of tiered gardens containing a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and vines, resembling a large green mountain constructed of mud bricks.

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Hanging Gardens of Babylon (Model)

General Frank
A wonderful and yet simple model that is perfect for AOE/EE style of maps. Great job.
pretty neat idea. feel like you could add more plants to it, how ever, these ones seem hard to see from a distance, [a bit ''thin'']

my personal favorite vines textures come from what is called the ruins archway doodad, which you could add if you wanted too, there is also the ''ruins plants'' textures which could add grass or shrubs to your structure, the last good plant textures/models that comes to mind for me, is the ashenvale doodads, such as the shrooms, and trees labled ''canopy''

still a neat building regardless


Map Reviewer
Level 55
Jun 4, 2009
It's quite difficult to use the regular flowers. Their transparency make them hard to see far away. I need some dense bushes. I manage something quite visible with this.
Sweet. Now try more plant variety. There are only four palm trees and the rest is the same bush spam.

Also maybe Stand Work should use rain drops instead of falling leaves?