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Hanged Pirate on Gallow

The corpse of a pirate hanging on a gallow. Can be used in sea maps, pirate maps and such. Feel free to use and edit it!

corpse, sailor corpse, pirate corpse, pirate, corsair, punished, hanged,

Hanged Pirate on Gallow (Model)

16:32, 26th May 2011 anarchianbedlam: Might be a useful doodad, works well ingame. (but he sure is moving a lot for a dead guy) *shrugs* approved




16:32, 26th May 2011
anarchianbedlam: Might be a useful doodad, works well ingame. (but he sure is moving a lot for a dead guy) *shrugs* approved
Level 14
Jul 28, 2009
looks nice, but he really is just standing in the air with his head a little down.
Could look WAY more realistic with the feeds looking down,
fingers stretched, and legs more closer to eachother.

And please change the clothes, he doesnt look like a Pirate.
Level 4
Mar 7, 2010
the clothes doesnt fit with a pirate, besides this the clothes look way to "fresh". i mean, his head is decayed as if he is hanging there for at least a few months, his clothes look rather clean and in good shape.
Yeah, you really need to use a different texture for the body. You just stuck a skelly head and hat onto the villager and hung him into the sky. If you were going for a hung villager that'd be fine, but this is not supposed to look like a villager! I suggest wrapping some undead clothing textures to his clothes. If you don't want to do that, at least wrap a bandit texture to his clothes, that will be fairly easy.
Also, this could easily be done in world editor using a resized support column and a floating unit of any type with it's head faced downwards and stopped animation. Or it could be done using various posts, as your model uses a post. (post as in woodpost)
I give this a 2/5. If you swap some textures to make it look DIFFERENT than any in-game doodads, or move some vertices around, then it will suddenly be useful.
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