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Hanging Cage Models

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Hanging Cage_Revamped

Submitted by StonemaulMidget

Tags: Doodad, Destructible, Decoration

File Size:
- CageEmpty_Destructible.mdx
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- BlackCage.mdx
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- BlackCage.blp
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Description: A revamped version of the typical destructible cage. I've worked on this using pre-existing meshes from the Empty Cage and the Trashed Cage, so the whole post moves forward carrying the cage with, not just the main post acting like an arm piston while the other wooden brace holding the cage by the chain doesn't move. Also, the chain does not move with the swinging cage on the old model, which was a problem I fixed. Essentially, I killed two problematic birds with one stone.

I've also just added the Black Cage, which is a reskin of the original cage skin.

Unfortunately, both cage meshes are cocked instead of lying flat on the ground when the doodad "dies." Feel free to fix this slight problem.

All credits to Blizzard, and due credit to biridius for his help.

UPDATE: I have made this brand new Gribbet model for the Undead. I figured that in between the gruesomeness of the medieval gibbet and the ribcage being used as a jail, I thought, "Why not? An ogre's torso is large, so you could fit a whole man inside!" :)
To digress, I also saw Halloween props stocked at stores.
I used the Bone and Skeletal Archer meshes for the entire model. No custom texture.
Credits ado to Blizzard Entertainment for the resources provided. Updates are expected.

Black Cage (Model)

Gribbet: a.k.a. "The Rib Cage" (Model)

Hanging Cage_Revamped (Model)

General Frank
Not much of a huge edit, but some people might find this quite useful.
Level 18
Feb 19, 2009
Hmmm, needs a birth animation so people can use it as a building. It might seem unnecessary but if we're going for a definitively better version we need to keep our options open, right?